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How the mobile phone has changed

When it was first produced in the early 1970s, the mobile phone was seen as revolutionary. Before its invention, the only way to make a call was by using a landline-based wire and pole technology and was entirely analogue. At one point, you had to call through to a human being to connect you via a telephone exchange. This was done by physically and literally plugging in the phone lines to connect them. Unfortunately, as few people had a phone, it was not as busy as you might first think.

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As the use of landlines increased the technology moved with it and exchanges became automated and electronic. However, the ability to make a call anywhere without finding a phone box is a dream. The dream came true in 1971 when the first actual cellular mobile phone was created. The first thing that the inventor did was to ring his closest rival to tell him he’d done it.

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Back then, the only thing the phone could do was make calls and receive them. It stayed that way for the next 20 years or so. Apart from the addition of texting and essential apps like the calculator and games like Worm, it wasn’t until the addition of adding the internet, camera and music streaming services that it really became what we know it as today. New ones are available from any Vodafone Store Ireland way. Click this link for Vodafone stores near me

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