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Most ideas to spend the new year 2019

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The end of the year is approaching and you are already looking for the perfect plan to receive the new year. Join us that we give you most ideas to spend the new year 2019. New Year has always been a special date for me. For some it’s very cliche, for others it’s just another date, but I’ve always liked to spend the New Year somewhere different from the world , because I feel that as you finish the year you start the new one. And so far they have not stopped travel for me, so I’m doing something right every December 31st.

A getaway in the new year

spend the new year 2019

If you are looking for a change of scenery and receive the new year with new energy, a small trip is the perfect plan. Find a nearby destination to qualify as a “getaway”. A different place that is special and where you can also celebrate the arrival of the new year.

In a hotel for the new year 2019

ideas to spend the new year

Another great idea is to spend the new year of 2019 in a hotel. It should be a nice hotel and have a special celebration for the end of the year, also where you can have fun and enjoy its facilities. And if you have promotions for new, even better.

Celebration among friends

Most ideas to spend the new year

Many times it is more important with “who”, what “where”. Another good idea is to spend the New Year’s party with friends and family. It can already be at home or make a plan to go out in a group to a special and fun place.

A special trip

If you are looking to receive the year with changes, what better to travel. Plan a trip to an unforgettable destination, perhaps as a couple, as a family or with friends. On this trip you can not miss a good hotel, celebration and lots of fun for the New Year’s party.

The relax of a cruise?

If you want to relax, sleep, eat like the gods, sunbathe and let yourself be numbed by the rolling waves, choose a cruise! In Disney, in Florida, you can take the children , but if you want, there are those who can take care of them. The same happens in the cruises that depart from San Juan and visit the Caribbean at its best time of the year ; the ones you take in Los Angeles and go down to the Mexican Pacific coast , and the many that go from Miami to the Bahamas, Cozumel, Jamaica, San Juan, etc., with a thousand travel options and at affordable prices.

Top companies, such as Royal Caribbean, Princess, Carnival, Renaissance, Celebrity Cruises, Canard, Norwegian Cruise Lines, Radisson Seven Seas, Holland America , etc. I have a group of 15 friends who go on a different cruise every year and have a great time! It is also an ideal option for women who travel alone, as they make many friendships on cruises, in which they feel safe and very spoiled. The idea is to find a site that goes well with your mood and your pocket.

Hotel Vines Queerly, the perfect idea of ​​a hotel for the new year

best spend the new year

If you are interested in any of our 4 ideas to spend the new year 2019, we present a place that can be used to make any of them and with lots of fun.

The Hotel Vines Queerly is a perfect place for a getaway, just 25 minutes from the center of Ica, in the heart of Valle de Ica, a great hotel built in the middle of a vineyard hotel. And this New Year’s Eve 2019 has prepared a great promotion for you and all your friends, to spend receiving the new year big. In addition you can enjoy the entire hotel, its swimming pools, landscapes and the best service; without forgetting the series of experiences that will make your celebration an unforgettable adventure.

A sophisticated week in a great city

the spend the new year

When we have left Christmas behind, why not pay more attention to your partner and yourself, and plan a week in a big city far from our everyday life? A place where we get lost and live seven days of pure sybarites? New York, Paris, San Francisco, Mexico City, Buenos Aires , Rome and London are ideal when they still have their beautiful Christmas decorations.

If you like the cold, wear elegant coats and a fur hat. If you are excited about seeing and feeling the snow, I suggest you travel to New York, Paris or London. Rome is always warmer and more fun. And if you want to go to a big city in the middle of summer, choose Buenos Aires, in Argentina, and enjoy a few days of beach in the very fashionable and nearby Punta del Este, in Uruguay.

Would you prefer to spend a week of tourism at a slow pace without pressure, taking walks through boutiques and fashion stores? You can also enjoy visiting museums and palaces, and making boat trips, such as the Seine River in Paris and the Hudson in New York.

New Year in New York, United States

top spend the new year

One million people attend this multitudinous and traditional event, which is in the middle of winter and that people arrive 12 or 18 hours before the drop of the giant ball. Imagine freezing from the cold and not being able to go to the bathroom in all that time. Too much sacrifice for an event that lasts 10 seconds but I definitely wanted to be there to live that great experience that I think everyone should live at least once in their life, so together with my family we decided to book a table in a restaurant in full Time Square that although it was a bit expensive and we did not get the best view, to be there and go down to the square in full countdown to receive the new year with a million people who with all their forces are screaming the countdown: five … four … three … two … one … HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!

New Year in Cartagena de Indies, Colombia

ideas to spend the new year

Spending the New Year in Cartagena de Indies is one of the most recommended plans if you are in the coffee country during those busy days. Colombians know how to celebrate as anyone and especially Cartagena puts on his best clothes to enjoy activities both day and night. Taking a crazy coconut along the shore of the Caribbean Sea, visiting the San Felipe Castle or getting lost in the colonial streets of one of the most fun and picturesque cities in Latin America is priceless. If you are also one of those who are going the march, in Cartagena de Indies you will be delighted with a year-end night full of festivals and highly recommended events. The terrace of Cafe del Mar, crowded Rooftop parties in luxury hotels, salsa, street performances and dinners at street level to welcome the new year with the best smile.

Personally, this was one of the most memorable end-of-year celebrations. Far from luxury accommodations and large dinners we had the pleasure of celebrating twice the year’s entry on our humble TV, one with the Spanish time in the hostel and another in the historic center of Cartagena. We enjoyed as dwarfs with Colombian hospitality and spent the day 1 surf between corals and dream beaches.

New Year in Sydney, Australia

If you like well-organized plans, then Sydney is the perfect place to spend the New Year. There are a lot of bars and restaurants that offer a special menu for New Year that for a certain price you get 3 dishes and even champagne. But, my friends decided to go with the flow and see where we ended up – and of course, it was in the purest South American style. We first went to The Scary Canary – which is great because it has good food (the burgers are always a must for me!) And live music. Can something go wrong with someone doing a cover of Britney Spears and Destiny’s Child? The answer is no.

Later we had to make our way through the crowd at the Cruise Bar in Sydney Harbor to enjoy the fireworks with the Opera House in the background. Unfortunately, the bar covered the Sydney Harbor Bridge so we actually missed the biggest fireworks show , and for what Sidney is known; but if you are like me and you care more about the company; Eating well and dancing are always the way to welcome the new year.

New Year in Chefchaouen, Morocco

best ideas to spend the new year 2019

We want to propose you a different destination to spend New Year, Chefchaouen in Morocco. This city is one of the best known in the country for its beautiful prints of houses with their unmistakable blue color. Unfortunately it is a little over-exploited but still deserves a lot to get lost in its medina looking for a quiet corner in which to have a tea. We really liked spending the end of the year there for a very peculiar reason, the total absence of it. In Morocco it is a totally normal day so by removing some parties organized by the hotels there was no atmosphere that was December 31st. We were hesitating to go to one of those parties but finally we decided to have dinner in a restaurant, call our family and just at 00:00 we kissed and slept. It was the end of the year that least we ate and drank, but one that we will remember all our lives.

New Year in Edinburgh, Scotland

discover spend the new year 2019

The end of the year celebration in Edinburgh or Hominy  is a gigantic party that takes place outdoors and has internationally renowned artists of all kinds in a final macro concert. Arrived on December 31st, I can say that with ease, half of the city will be enjoying the music and the festive atmosphere. However, within the celebrations of the Hominy there is one in particular that aroused my attention early on and that in the years I had the good fortune to live in Edinburgh I never missed: The Torchlight procession. On December 30, one night before the final celebrations, the city meets on the crowded Royal Mile, just in front of the cathedral, where the torches will be lit, accompanied by bagpipes and fireworks. From there the crowd will walk to the top of Colton Hill where it closes with even MORE bagpipes and fireworks. The geography of the Scottish city allows to see the river of torches moving through the streets giving a very particular medieval air. Anyone can join and in addition, the torches raise money for a humanitarian cause. Definitely one of my favorite celebrations!

New Year (Thai) in Chiang Mai, Thailand

discover spend the new year

And … not every New Year is celebrated on December 31st. It is the case of Thailand that does it in April following the Buddhist tradition. This festival known as Songkran is lived with special intensity in Chiang Mai where water is the main protagonist. Four intense days in which the city fills with people and in the streets of the Old City an authentic war of water is lived. In my case it is already the third time I start it that way and I recommend it especially for the good vibes that are breathed during these dates and to alleviate the high temperatures that hit the city during this time. In fact, it marks the beginning of the first monsoon rains. The Thai will throw you buckets of water as a symbol of blessing while screaming Sa-wat-di pi mai!. The rogues will put ice in the water. To enjoy this party, the ideal is to buy a Hawaiian shirt, a giant water gun or a cube and swimsuit-style pants. And very important: take a protector for the mobile or you will be without it.

New Year in Florianopolis, Brazil

top Most ideas to spend the new year 2019

Flor is from Argentina and is more in love with Brazil, where she has already been several times. My first long trip was to the neighboring country. I dreamed years of knowing Brazil and finally the time had come: what better way to do it in the New Year? I arrived just December 31 to celebrate Reveille in  the best Brazilian style: on the beach and dressed in white. If there is something super interesting to celebrate New Year in another country, it is to know its traditions. In Brazil, the previous year is dismissed and the new one is received in a very particular way. In Florida (as it is also known), everyone goes down to the beach, mainly with white clothes. Some people wear yellow or red. There I was, dressed in white among thousands of people, far from my family and my home, starting a great trip in another country, with another language, waiting for the fireworks, dancing wildly to the rhythm of drums. I jumped seven waves to “open the roads” and gave white flowers as an offering to Yamuna, the goddess of the sea. I tried to introduce myself to their culture, caipirinha in hand. Without a doubt it was an unforgettable experience, so much so, that 2014 was my first new year in Florianopolis and since then, I always come back. I already received my last three years in Ilea ad Magi. I think he managed to trap me as the legend says: S i the island chooses you, it does not let you go.

Finally, spend the new year 2019 between Christmas is one of my favorites and every time I enjoy it more and more … That’s why I always insist on a mini-escapade at that time of the year! If you plan it now, airlines and travel agencies offer wonderful packages to travel at that time of year, many of them) with great discounts. And maybe you can spend a few days at Le Maurice, in Paris , or at Coleridge’s, in London, for much less than what they would cost in high season! Check the possibilities today. After Christmas and the natural stress of the holidays, the body will ask you for a break and there is nothing like a short and charming trip to regain strength and start 2019 as it should be.

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