New Year's resolutions

New Year’s resolutions that you will never fulfill

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New Year’s resolutions- The life of a person who has no goals and objectives, can be compared to a blank canvas waiting to be decorated by its owner. The technique is important, the argument also, but more import antis to carry out the idea. Objectives, goals and decisions. The perfectionism and the equation that gives us the solution to succeed in life.

One element leads to the other and almost always the final journey allows us to realize our dreams. The purposes are only steps and our number of floors will depend on our ambition. The goal is not to be ambitious, it is to be realistic.

All at some time we have set goals that we have not been able to meet. However, a question that we should ask ourselves and that can help us understand what happened is: We could not or did not want?

Inventing pretexts is very simple, but creating solutions is much more useful. For this reason, we made a list of the New Year’s resolutions that are least met and add a couple of tips that can help you achieve them. Reading is a pleasure, not an obligation. Choose a topic that you like, an author that catches your attention or accepts the recommendation of a friend who is a fan of reading.

New Year’s resolutions of the first days of January, however, the daylight hours are scarce, we will continue to wear the same warm clothes of December (if we fit) and we have altered stomach and head of many celebrations in which to eat and drink for the sake of a certain or imposed fraternity are paramount.

New Year’s resolutions: more and better healthy habits 

the New Year's resolutions

The year 2016 kicks off for a new stage, and with your arrival, either mentally or by putting it in a notebook, all of us will make resolutions for the new year. One of the priorities of each one of us must be health, and we are not talking only about post-holiday diet or trying to lose weight as soon as possible, it is about improving our health with a set of new healthy habits and physical activity .

Give up smoking

If you’ve been smoking for a long time and you’re thinking about quitting, the most important thing is that you’re the main person convinced that you want to stop doing it and brainwash yourself.

Willpower will be your main weakness and your best ally if you really practice it. Whether you decide to leave it gradually or cut it, the important thing is not to deceive yourself.

Take it all more calmly

New Year's resolutions that you

If you are one of the people who wake up every morning in a bad mood, without energy and slightly stressed, it is likely that the key to your error is in the actions you take when you start your day. Think about the things you enjoy and look for the time to do them again. Breathe, relax and be happy.

Buy a car

best New Year's resolutions

If the car of your dreams has been living in your imagination for a long time, this may be the year it materializes. Currently it is very easy to have the opportunity to acquire one, but you need to create the conditions. Look to double shift, work as a freelancer, spend less and save more. Once you achieve it , make sure you hire  wipe  the auto insurance.

Be more ecological

A purpose that should be on the list of all people. Climate change is increasingly noticeable and actions to help reduce it are very easy. Make your home a greener place, use public transport more, eat less meat, promote the home office, and more. You can find more ways to contribute in the following link .


One of the most common purposes and least met. Dieting sounds very ugly. Instead of this you could think of it as “eating better”. When you eat well and balanced, you really do not need a rigorous and boring diet. Do not punish yourself, just use common sense.

Go daily to the gym

Exercising is the best medicine to achieve more energy and a better mood. Getting used to having an established routine and exercising in the morning is the best favor you can give your body. You do not need to get into a gym to exercise, there are many options, choose the best for you and have a lot of discipline.

Living alone

top New Year's resolutions

If the time has come to leave your parents’ house, you can consider yourself a very lucky person, because currently this is an objective that you can accomplish in a very short period of time thanks to technology. Forget the pretexts and start looking.

Go to a distant place

A purpose that is not impossible but for which you need to work and save a lot. If you want to fulfill this must be your mods dividend from now on, in addition to having to resist temptations such as: go out with your friends, boyfriend and squander money on clothes or other gusto.

If you look at the positive side, you will become a more responsible, healthy person and the rewards of your work will be materialized, unlike many people who spend their dreams in life. The important thing is to stay motivated.

Have a promising career

discover New Year's resolutions

There are few people who think about improving professionally, but if this idea is part of your purposes, you have already taken the first step on the road to success. If you want to take a master’s degree, a diploma or a workshop; do not stay with the desire. Do it!

Be more organized

It is common to feel that time does not perform as it should, especially when living in a city as large and populated as ours. Small actions can make our days better by saving us time to better take advantage of our days. You do not have to be a magician to fulfill this purpose. Prioritize, make a list of daily slopes and this will help you see more clearly and have a better organization.

Choose the readings

One of my best friends told me one day, half joking, half seriously, that I read it to myself”everything”, including in that “all” super sales slobs that do not contribute anything to a cultivated mind. As it would be pretentious to believe that my mind is one of those, but it is praiseworthy to pretend, I will select the books that I will take with me this year according to the reliability of who recommends it.

Collect exhibitions

I have Boneyard, Morales and Kandinsky, but I’m missing Munch and Max Bill (and they’re only until January 17 and 19, I have to hurry or I’ll be one of those who do not meet their purposes in the first week!). And I’d be crazy to get Calder.

Find time for friends and family

New Year's resolutions that you will never fulfill

Because the important things in life must be taken care of, and care implies dedication. And learn to let out of your life those with whom you no longer share smiles, or songs, or wine glasses, and perhaps there will be room for new additions, because surely one is about to arrive.

Enjoy my free time doing things of benefit

See a greyhound running on the beach, lifting fine sand while the hind legs take advantage of the rest of the body; look for a pearly shell among the thousands that the tide leaves on the shore; hear again and again the pole and the cane until being able to count theaters that fit in a compass.

Select the meals

If one is what you eat, I want tanning in my voice and bugaboo in the hips, iced nougat hands and heart burning in galleys soup. But nothing of industrial Michelin nor commitment canapes. I will take care of what I eat, and above all, with whom I do it.

Fill my room with wonders with sunsets

Of those that fire with the antennae of Tirane or stain violet Plaza de Colin. And negotiate with my husband the dawns: one of early morning in Chancellors by two of the Bay that will surprise us without having gone to bed.

Let me steal a kiss every day  

And if it’s getting dark and I have not gotten it yet, Thor is always more than willing. Because the love that is given, some return it to you.

Rituals of abundance and prosperity to receive the New Year resolutions

a New Year's resolutions

  • It is believed that if you wear a red shorts , you will attract love or passion and if you wear a yellow one , the money will come to you. You can combine them if you want both and there are people who wear panties of other colors to ask for other aspects such as luxury or tranquility.
  • It may interest you: The 5 sites where you can receive the new year 2019
  • It is believed that if you dance around a tree you will attract love during the following 365 days of the year.
  • You must eat 12 grapes , one for each of the last 12 strokes of the year and make a wish, which will be your 12 wishes for the new year.
  • Put on a new garment during the last day of the year will make you premiere throughout 2019.
  • Eat a fist of lentils to attract abundance to your home.
  • Open the doors during the last minutes of the Old Year to let go of all the bad things of this 2018 and that among all the good things of 2019.
  • It is recommended to burn papers and objects that leave you with a bad taste in the mouth this 2019.

Finally, New Year’s resolutions -there are 24 days in the year whence have the habit of spending some time thinking about what we want to do without lives and what the priorities will be: January because the year begins, and November, because the school year begins after the long vacations Of winter.Those of us who have spent more than half our lives studying prefer September:we are rested, our minds are clear, we have enjoyed long and idle days and nothing determines our choices. In addition, there is an imminent seasonal change that encourages us to renovate cabinets and habits.

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