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How To Set Up A Laundry Business

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A laundry business is an excellent way to make money due to the flexibility of setting your own schedule. Today we will see one of the best business ideas that exist today, it is about how to set up a laundry. Formerly this idea had been one of the great successes in business, becoming a luxury service and essential for any family. Today, although many families already have their own washing machines, it is still one of the most consumed services. This is because most housewives work and no longer have time for housework.

That is why automatic laundry laundries are presented as a good option for those who want to start a business that guarantees a return on investment to consider. If you are interested in this idea you should prepare a business plan according to the business project. Pay attention to the following lines, where we explain how to develop the business plan of a laundry of clothes.

So, if you really want to start a small business, then this can be your big project. As I said, people do not have time to wash their clothes, so they look for these types of services. So you must offer a service that includes picking up the laundry, washing, drying, folding and delivery of the clothes at home. If you can offer this service with great efficiency and good service, you can obtain one of the best new  profitable businesses of today.

 Laundry business

 Laundry Business

The good thing about this endeavor is that it can be undertaken in a family way. Because you do not need a lot of staff for this. Although if you want you can hire people to accelerate the process of washing or folding (ironing). Also, depending on the numbers of your customers, you can choose to do the work from home, using your own washing machine. Although if you want to build a laundry on a large scale, you must buy industrial equipment, which will allow you to wash several kilos of clothes at a time. You will also have to take into account that your main customers will be entrepreneurs, so you should associate with a dry cleaning business (if you do not do it) so that you can speed up the processes.

Other important factors for this laundry business idea will be advertising. Therefore, it is best to plot your vehicles with the brand of your company. Undoubtedly, with this method you will get much more clients, although you can also choose to publicize their services on the Internet.

How to start a Laundry Business

best laundry business

Other options that exist when setting up your business, is to hire a laundry franchise. This option will facilitate everything at the time of undertaking this micro enterprise, in addition the different franchises that exist will advise you in everything.

The first point of the business plan of a laundry company is to define the business, taking into account the legal aspects to be taken into account for the specific sector in which the new company will operate, as well as defining the profile of the entrepreneur.

At a subsequent point, an in-depth market study has to be carried out to warn of the opportunities and threats of the competition, as well as the weaknesses of the business and the strengths in this environment.

Special attention should be paid to the section of the competition analysis , because depending on the results, the aspirations of the company can be reoriented to attract more customers. In fact, the target audience is another of the sections that are part of the laundry business plan, since it is essential which are going to be our potential customers and focus the lines of action in capturing their attention and meeting their needs.

Once the sector, the competition and the target audience have been studied, the strategic lines can be drawn to achieve the objectives set, with concrete actions that are feasible and measurable . In this section you should work on the quality of the service, which must be achieved and maintained; the guidelines for customer service, in addition to contemplating everything related to the training of personnel and the management of the establishment.

The next section of a dry cleaning business plan is the commercial plan, which must detail the services offered by the premises, the pricing policy, and the marketing actions   that will be carried out to attract and retain customers. customers.

Next, the section related to the organization and human resources plan should be included , where the tasks entrusted to each position and the training needs of each member of the staff should be specified.

How much does it cost to open a Laundromat?

laundry business idea

It is estimated that the initial investment in this type of business amounts to 120,000 dollar. Of this amount, about 25,000 dollar are allocated to cover the section of adequacy of the premises, about 50,000 dollars are reserved to other equipment machinery, around 3,000 dollar  to furniture.

On the other hand, about 1,600 are for the computer equipment and approximately the same amount for the expenses of constitution . For finances are reserved about 2,600 dollar and for the initial stock is considered to provide about 2,500 dollar. Approximately 18,500 dollar  can be reserved for treasury expenses and VAT can amount to more than 13,000 dollar.

Now that you know how to make the business plan of a laundry , you can get down to work and design a business that is viable in the future and that allows you to get enough benefits. Learn more about how to start a business so you do not have unforeseen events in the future.

One day In The Laundry Business

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In this step, you have already been able to set up a laundry, so we will talk about your first day in business. Your day will begin by checking the orders you have for that day. For which you or some staff, will pass through the homes of customers to pick up dirty clothes. Once the orders arrive at your business, you must wash, dry, iron (fold) and package for delivery. Keep in mind that in a laundry, you will receive calls all day from current and new customers, so the most advisable is to have a PC to organize orders and avoid forgetting.

Your Main Customers

the laundry business

Your main customers in this business will be people who seek high-quality washing, so it is very important that you use good products, to avoid spoiling the garments. In addition, you must learn how to clean suits, because 50% of customers tend to be entrepreneurs.

What you need to start:

  • The business plan for your laundry service.
  • Plan marketing
  • Skills with the treatment of people and organization.
  • Vehicles).
  • Staff (optional)
  • Website (optional).
  • Finance computer.

The good thing about this business:

  • The investment in this type of business is minimal.
  • The business can be undertaken partially.
  • You can start this micro-enterprise in your home.
  • It is a booming business and it is very easy to grow.
  • It is a luxury service, where customers pay a lot of money for it.

The downside of this business:

  • It has to be very organized, to avoid mixing the clothes of the customers.
  • It takes time to build a large list of clients.

Finally, this plan must have a financial plan, detailing the investments needed to start up the business and the possible sources of financing to obtain the necessary capital to start up. And where, in addition, the costs derived from the operation of the business are detailed.

Likewise, this section must include a realistic estimate of the expenses and the forecast of sales that will be made in an exercise, contemplating the most positive and the most negative scenarios.

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