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9 types of profitable businesses that can be done on a budget

The most profitable businesses in USA that require little budget are focused on gastronomy, tourism, application development, sale of products for children, beauty and cleaning services. Below you know the details of each of the businesses. And it is always a good time to start your own business. You only need to know the tools to make it a success.

Top 9 types of profitable businesses

 profitable businesses

Beauty centers (Spa)

To start an aesthetic business you don’t need a specific district, you can open in any district. You just have to be in a busy place. The minimum space you can occupy is 5 meters long and 5 meters wide. Space rental costs may vary by district from 600 to 1300 soles per month. In the equipment for the beauty salon the minimum investment is 1500 soles.

To this budget we add the rental of the premises and in total you must have 2800 soles of budget. Apart from that you must have a budget to get the permits from the municipality’s operating license. Star services of an aesthetic: The most profitable services of an aesthetic are makeup, pedicure, hair removal and massage.

Healthy food restaurants

First you must get a place close to companies that have more than 30 employees. The district does not matter but the proximity to the conglomeration of the companies. After getting the place you can sell the healthy food with the delivery service or the menu in the same place. To open this business you will need a minimum capital of approximately 4,000 soles. Apart from selling healthy food you can sell natural products in your restaurant. A showcase full of products with their respective prices will suffice.

Services and products for children’s parties

To provide the service and products for children’s parties you just need a Fan page and then make your designs. And show the services and products through the videos and images. Eye, the price you drive is important. To open this business you must first quote. You need to rent a deposit for the products. In the case of services you need speakers, microphones, a laptop, lights, one or two dancers, a clown and music for the crazy hour. The minimum investment is approximately 5,000 soles.

Photography service for newborns and / or pregnant women

You need a space of 6 square meters to enable a photography studio and you must also have your fixed outdoor locations, be it a beach or a park. The materials you need are a semi-professional camera, tripod, reflector screens, umbrellas, studio flash, external flash, photometer and continuous light.

Children’s clothing store

For this business you need a place near a busy market or place and as a bonus you must offer a gift for the purchase of a product. To boost the business you can give toys for children who do not claim a loss for the business. Promote the offers through social networks to reach your environment. Remember that online sales of products are trending in USA.

Gastronomic tourism

The first step to open this service is to select the best restaurants that offer the typical dishes of USA and contact the commercial area. Reach an agreement with the sales area or with restaurant owners to earn a percentage of commission for carrying customers. You can rent a bus according to the number of customers you have and take a gastronomic tour in Lima or in the interior of the country.

Sale of meals by car

You need a combi in good condition and adapt the kitchen grills and store the products in a mini bar. You can sell salchipapas, sandwiches, chicken broaster, wings or healthy foods. The places where you can have more clientele are universities and colleges.

Application Development

To start as a company with the development of applications, you must first develop an application for a niche that generates value and between it becomes known, your star product must come and then enter the formalization of your company, this step is important because it will serve you the Streamline contracts and payments with any type of company.

Make an important event in partnership with some universities on the development of the applications to improve the branding of the company. This type of company needs dedication in terms of time if you are a programmer or hire a person to execute your ideas.

House cleaning services

This type of business is for people who have regular capital, because the first step is to invest in administrative personnel and then in cleaning personnel. The service you must offer to large companies or houses, if you are starting with a low budget it is advisable to start with the house cleaning service.

The 10 most profitable types of business to invest in Colombia

If you are an entrepreneur, and you are looking for a way to make an investment and acquire an existing business, it would be good for you to know which the main most profitable businesses currently in Colombia are. Following is the list of the 10 most outstanding:

  • Diaper Bags or Toy Stores: All types of business focused on children, hairdressers, pinaterias or game rooms, will always be in sufficient demand to offer stability and profitability. Although it will depend a lot on your imagination, the high population growth is directly proportional to the consumption of items for babies or children.
  • Restaurants: Any type of business focused on offering food is aimed at success, since like other services on this list, food is necessary for all people, which is in great demand. Especially fast foods have taken great boom, but in any case, it will depend on good care, raw material and preparation.
  • Buy Sales: The versatility of this type of business offers you a high probability of recovering your investment quickly, and also the guarantees of frequent profits.
  • Cacharrerias: Every time you find more places of this type of business, and is that the easy access to the prices of the products offered, makes people visit them more frequently. Therefore, you would enter a business with high demand, and that requires a low investment. The location of the premises is important in this business.
  • Laundries: The lack of time in most Colombian families has allowed this business to grow, since people no longer have enough time to wash. And iron their own clothes for what they look for in laundries. The ease of this work. So, demand growth will offer you good dividends as long as you do a good job.
  • Bars or nightclubs: There is always money for a beer, so this type of business with a good administration. And a good location will stay afloat and surely give you good dividends.
  • Businesses dedicated to pets: Today pets are part of the family, and therefore are treated as such. Previously when thinking about pets, you only thought of veterinarians, something that was more complex to acquire, since you needed special training. Now in pet stores there are also sales of accessories, aesthetics, spas or nurseries, to 5-star hotels, among others. So a diversity of services guarantees you diversity of income.
  • Clothing and footwear: Not only one of the greatest passions of women, but the need of absolutely everyone. Clothing and footwear will always be necessary so a business of this type ensures stability. It is vitally important the location of the business and the inventory available.
  • Bakeries or Cafeterias: Although competition may seem strong, this type of business is profitable because of its variety of products. You should also take into account its location and prestige. In TratoContrato you will find the Bakeries and Cafes for Sale at the best prices.
  • Hairdressers and beauty salons: Personal and aesthetic care, cosmetics and perfumeries have taken great strength in the business field. Since the demand for consumption is quite high. In this case, the attention given to the client is of considerable importance for the growth of the business.

Although they are profitable and popular, you will not be guaranteed success in any type of business, everything will depend on your effort. And dedication to strengthen and grow your business. The location, the sector and the good service will be the most relevant factors in the trade. Therefore, when choosing, you must keep in mind your tastes, hobbies and availability, in terms of capital and time.

Remember that there is also the possibility of setting up a franchise, investing in the acquisition. Or purchase of a business that already has a recognized brand in the market and a defined, proven. And successful trade structure.

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