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The importance of knowledge management in the company

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knowledge management in the company conditions of the business environment today, where high complexity and strong competitiveness are imposed, is turning knowledge management into the company, a key element of vital importance to ensure the sustainability over time of businesses and businesses world.

In fact, the globalization of trade relations, the global crisis, technological development and the emergence of fast-growing sectors are making the ability to obtain information and transform it into useful knowledge that can be quickly incorporated into the organization for later , put it into practice, is the best advantage with which to play against the competition and the challenge of better serving customers. Read more: How to write an absolutely irresistible business proposal

That is why the management of knowledge in the company is rising today in an element of great importance for those who know how to manage it. But better let’s see what this is for.

Reasons why knowledge management in the company is important:knowledge management

There is an important correlation between knowledge management in the company and its success.

The reasons that explain this correlation are due to the fact that a correct  knowledge management in the company facilitates a more efficient management of key elements such as:

  • internal and external information in the organization
  • business innovation
  • the creation of more efficient organizational routines
  • the coordination between the different organizational levels
  • the rapid incorporation and assimilation of new capabilities to the teams

All this contributes to creating more successful processes, products, and business models, establishing routines in the organization that allows:

  • Improve distribution channels
  • Best work teams
  • Better relations with customers, suppliers, employees etc …

But above all and the most important thing about knowledge management is that it allows us to have an adaptive organization to the changing circumstances of the environment. Something that I guarantee is permanent. Read more: How much is my company worth? Five methods to the value of a company

Introducing knowledge management in the company has the virtue of slowly transforming our rigid structures into more flexible elements, capable of providing the company with the necessary waist to transform threats into opportunities.

Do you really think you can go from knowledge management in the company?knowledge management

Maybe, yes, you may be one of the lucky few who can pass it, but even the simplest business has been forced to manage knowledge consciously or unconsciously, especially in the sectors where the base of the company is knowledge workers.

Having the ability to obtain information, transform it into knowledge and incorporate this into the organization is the best advantage with which we can provide our businesses

In most cases, these companies have gone ahead, incorporating new skills in a conscious way but not knowing how to make a real management of all this. If you think of something as traditional as hospitality and see how it has evolved to attract customers, as a result of the advent of Internet and applications such as Tripadvisor or Google Places, we would be surprised by the naturalness with which they have adapted to their reality. base to incorporate new knowledge.

Even so, when we put ourselves in the hands of management professionals and talk about managing knowledge in companies, we block ourselves.

And it is normal because until very recently almost all literature on the subject was focused on talking about tacit and explicit knowledge and on how to transfer the “knowledge” of one employee to another to not lose this knowledge and increase our “know how”.

But … What does knowledge management in companies really consist of?knowledge management

This is a good question. I think that in companies, knowledge management could not focus on how to transmit knowledge. I think it has to do a lot or almost everything with:

Ensure the constant generation of new knowledge to continue selling

This idea is not mine, it is  Bianka Hajdu … but can not synthesize the essence of any initiative related to knowledge management in the organization.

And this happens by managing the information or rather the overload of information in a practical, effective and cheap way. Because we are sincere, the Internet and the brutal access to information have transformed the practice and concept of knowledge management in the company.

It no longer has to do only with learning or human resources has to do with making our company more flexible and smart. SO THAT … so to sell more or the same. Hence all the commotion formed with:

  • the Big Data,
  • business intelligence,
  • management based on facts etc …
  • All this to get to develop intelligent organizations that are able to adapt to the competitive environment in which they have to develop.

Barriers to knowledge management in the company:knowledge management

Even so, the challenge remains in how to get to implement knowledge management in the company.

You may not know where to start and I do not blame you, because many of the barriers to implementing knowledge management in the company have to do with the management of change and the absence of a valid model to apply.

The main barriers to implement a knowledge management in the company are determined by:knowledge management

  • People and their resistance to changes derived from the organization culture
  • The lack of practical examples to guide other organizations
  • The size of the organization
  • Of course, overcoming the three barriers is not easy. But it can. Especially if your size is right. Because size is an advantage for small businesses.

It is precisely this type of company, where the structures are smaller and where the owners have greater control over their personal and structure, which can benefit most from this if:

  • They have a clear commitment to develop roles and encourage people to take responsibility
  • Create the necessary structure for this with resources
  • Think about how difficult it is to reform a skyscraper if we compare it with reforming a house of 200 square meters. That is the advantage of the little one. The change will make it faster and cheaper.

Some interesting readings on knowledge management in companies:knowledge management

  • To finish this entry I recommend you read also these two articles on knowledge management in companies:
  • Knowledge management in the SME | With Your Business
  • Integrating communities and personal learning environments …

The first article is by Bianka Hajdu and I recommend it to any company or SME. Explains very well that it should be understood by knowledge management in the company, providing a model and structure to something so complex.

The second one deals with what is necessary to learn and how. What should be learned inside and what should be learned outside the organization.

What do you think about this entry? Do you think that a small company plays with advantage to take advantage of and implement knowledge management in their daily management?



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