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Why Harrier car? I apparently did not play enough in childhood in toys. And having obtained the rights 5 years ago, all this time I was trying to catch up.

So, having traveled on wonderful Harrier car minivans and Rav4, I realized that I wanted to complete my children’s games with something more prestigious and significant. And the primary desire was to transfer to a new left-handed Japanese crossover. In particular. I looked and rolled on the gray Mazda CX-7 from America. Moreover, not only enrolled, but also made an advance for it in Block-Mazda and a year ago had to sit in a white CX-7 worth about 1.1 million. But there would be no happiness, but the misfortune helped. Keep reading Spanish Car Brands.

The Harrier Car


Further, in the beginning of 2008 I saw the announcements of Coo gee. I followed the info for a long time and was disappointed that only 2-liter mechanics were announced.

Therefore, I climbed again into Japanese auctions. I even looked for the BMW X3 … Once again, the idea was to purchase a cross-over for USA. And most importantly, a small one (up to 4.5 m). But I did not find anything. And in the end, the desire to “manage the dream” won … on Harrier car …



Having decided on the choice of model, the next question arose – which one. Well, of course, 3.3 HIBRID. For USA with traffic jams – the most it! Plus, from March 2008, he became a three-year. And a year old! And during the month I made bets, limiting the upper limit to bets at $3,000 thousand.

But after losing several times and considering the cost of a car upon arrival in USA. I realized that at least 55,000 greens could be counted on. It seemed to me very expensive, especially since it was possible to bring the same machine from America with the same money.

And since life managed to teach not to be wasteful, I decided to follow the path of least resistance. That is, to bathe not a HYBRID and not 4-everywhere and not AIRS. But the usual 2WD … Moreover, I had the experience and the possibility of comparison. The first 2 cars were 4WD, and the last 2 years went by the front-wheel-drive RAV4, of 2003.

So, I decided not to bother, but to take the maximum configuration for the minimum money, with an engine of 3.0, minimum mileage. And the freshest car of those that will be traded. And, oh, horror. The very first bet won! April 2005, mileage 16000, leather interior. But worried about the 4AA rating, and dark gray cool.

Total, in green – approx. 20,000, and with the ferry, customs. And the railway to USA = approx. 36,000. Having transferred the money. I asked to buy winter tires in Japan at the same time and began to languish in anticipation. Moreover, in May there was a traffic jam at the Vladivostok customs. But nevertheless at the end of June. A call from the railway station and the first drive.



By the first meeting with Hair, I decided to get better prepared, but instead of carpet paths and a company of Kremlin cadets. I decided to provoke the Forum old-timers about the Harrier car to the section: Did you buy Harrier, what next?

Of the private questions that I additionally asked Mikhail, were the following:

  • Installation of the alarm – which one, where?
  • I did not put anything – it was enough, the best anti-theft system – the right wheel
  • to refuel 95 or 98?
  • I refuel 95th
  • Do I need to go to the diagnosis and acc. change all or not all consumables?
  • Special diagnostics do not need to change the oil and be sure to coolant ….
  • adaptation of radio, TV and DVD – what and where?
  • To adapt, you need to change the TV tuner in the Harrier car – they will come to USA time only in August, so wait.
  • it turned out to be bald tires, apparently they need to be changed …
  • You can buy tires anywhere, 235-55-18
  • For some reason, all the windows do not open / close from the driver’s seat.
  • They removed the battery. Need to learn glass doors. It is done this way: on the door where the glass does not open from the driver’s panel, you run the glass down 2 times with the button upwards. After that, the driver’s button starts to work.
  • ashtrays, as well as the glove box the driver does not have as a class?
  • There are no ashtrays by default, but Lexus dealers offer Ash tray kit – $ 69 – a beautiful silver cup. I bought it myself. It is put in post students.
  • Radio and TV adaptation are two different procedures (or one)?
  • Adapt Japanese radio in Russia do not know how. With TV, everything is fine.
  • in which position you need to put the “light”, does it turn off automatically when you take out the ignition key?


  • I turn off. There is a procedure for registering personal settings for the RX, but I have never done it and do not know if it works for Harrier.
  • changing the wheel to the spare is this some kind of clever, but simple procedure?
  • The dock is hanging under the bottom. It is fastened with a cunning rope, I will not explain it on the fingers, it is necessary to show how to loosen it.
  • fleecy mats are not for USA, is it possible to find rubber analogues?
  • There are analogues – from the RX in the new body fit, you just need to change the left-right in places
  • for some reason there were no plastic covers over the windows?
  • This thing does not go well – you have to install it yourself. In USA time a dime a dozen of them.
  • D-S + – – when should they be used?
  • Convenient feature, you can turn on at any time drive if you want to pozazhigat – in the mood I use. Forced gear shift.
  • Similarly: Shift lock, Ect snow, AFS off
  • Shift lock – unlock automatic transmission. To move the car with an unfinished engine – will roll.
  • ES – start in the winter with second gear.
  • AFS off – switching off the adaptive lighting system – dipped beam does not follow the steering wheel position but just shines straight.

Does it work like Auto-P and TEXT?

  • Auto-p searches radio stations with their automatic recording by numbers. Text works on CDs if they support this function, it always works on MD. I recommend using MD – provides the best sound.
  • where it is worth changing the chilled fluid and oil and what?



The appearance of the Harrier car can appreciate the highest score. Swift, purposeful silhouette. Full face serious, impressive. From my point of view, both Acura and Infiniti are losing the exterior of Harrier car. True silhouette of the Mazda CX-7 is also good. Is that the priest seems to be hard and if I were a designer, I would have done a little more compact.

Nevertheless, the thing that most worried about did not cause any problems at all. Parking and reversing has become comfortable  and this is thanks to the rear view camera. Respectful, sometimes with fanaticism, the attitude of other cars on the road to Hair, at first even embarrassed. But over time added confidence in the dense USA stream. Also liked the xenon, turning after the wheel, as well as for the forgetful,


Compared with previous machines, this is of course the highest class. At first I was amused that when the ignition key was inserted, the steering wheel automatically lowered, and when removed it rises, but now I gratefully accept this comfortable stray. The front seats shake the possibility of manipulation with them (and even with the ignition off). Today (on the street in the morning it was +2) for the first time heated up his ass.

Pleases also the armrest and a large wardrobe trunk, which has the ability to move. The steering wheel is not very big, but not small, but easy to drive. In motion, if you evaluate the steering and perestaivaem – at 5. Pleases control the entire music buttons on the steering wheel. On the rear seats there is absolute space, as well as the possibility of quick unfolding of the rear seats including. and in parts. The trunk is just huge what even worries when bags or boxes are lying there – no matter how lost they are. The trunk floor is also unmeasured. And the main disadvantage an absolute misunderstanding.

All 3 mirrors are quite satisfactory and visibility is excellent. At first I was upset by the absence of an ashtray, but then I put two metal cups into the niches under water, which I brought from India, one of which I filled with sand, so that it was possible to put and set fire to Indian incenses … But the most effective and useful turned out to be touch-screen. A display with climate control, all music and TV with one touch. What has not been achieved so far is to reconfigure the radio. Yes, I like Radio Jazz, but I also want Echo of USA. They say that you can buy not for 200 dollars, but more expensive than a certain converter that provides good quality radio reception.


After the 1.8 liter RAVIK, 3-liter Harrier car was extremely pleased with his agility and grip. Natural right-handedness Havirov allows you to attack from the far right row, and 220 hp – Almost always win such a race with a traffic light. On the way to Sheremetyevo, I clocked up to 175 km / h. And I do not regret at all that Harrier car 2WD. The undeniable advantage of 4WD is a trip to the village or on shit. But if you drive around the city, then you can talk about three advantages of 2WD – lighter weight, less fuel consumption, less chance of breakage. And for the curbs and overcome the USA obstacles of the fact that there is more than enough.

There is an interesting characteristic of engines – power density. This means – how many kilograms of the car accounts for 1 hp. In Toyota it is: Rav4 (2.0 l) = 8.8 kg / hp, Prado (2.7 l) = 11.8 kg / hp, LC100 (4.7 l) = 10.0 kg / l. c, Harrier (3.0 l) = 7.7 kg / hp. That is, Harrier car has the best indicator.


During this time, hitting approx. 7000 km. All the while, I filled the 95th with an ordinary full tank and reset the counter. In the city-hero and the capital of our Motherland, with almost always aggressive driving style, it turns out from 14 to 16 l / 100 km. And only on Sundays – approx. 12 l. Memories of the flow rate of 10-11 liters on RAVIK and 7-8 liters – on bB, the soul does not stir up at all.


I liked Harrier car suspension more than all of my 4 Toyotas. On the Harrier car track behaves confidently, at the speed of 150-160 km for the first time I felt relaxed and comfortable. Harrier car is not embarrassed by a wheel track or “old” asphalt. Separately cars pleased on the primer. Never in the city or outside it was possible to “cling to the belly. At first he braked in front of the “police” and tram tracks, then he realized that the tram tracks, especially in USA traffic jams, were the best way to travel for Hair.

In comparison with a low speed, on the big one – the bumps in the road are practically not felt. Now I want to meet winter with dignity, which I did yesterday, changing the tires. For this, I used my native disks and purchased new non-studded Nubian 235/60 R 18 107V WR G2 SUV XL  at 5900 dollars per piece. By the way, yesterday, changing tires for winter, I received a recommendation that with 2WD there are not 4 identical wheels, but 2 pairs of different manufacturers are possible. I hope that in the winter front-wheel drive and suspension will not bring disappointment.

About The Harrier Car


  • I bought a set of rubber floor mats in the Lexus salon = 3850 dollars
  • I set an alarm = 5000 dollars
  • ND-TN TV tuner 2001 = 5900 dollars

I don’t even know – I need to list everything – the expectations were more than justified. Car head and shoulders above all my previous. And if the RAV4, in which the drive over the past 2 years was the sensation of something like slippers, then Hair is the model shoes from a famous brand.

MINUSES: So far, only one has not expanded to the domestic radio band.


Once I taught at the university and went to the professor, but 13 years ago I first came to India. It was such a landmark event for me that I left the institute and opened a travel agency that sends everyone to one place – to India … I wrote 3 guides, became an expert on this country …

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