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What are the Features of an Accessible Bathroom?

An accessible bathroom has a few features to make it a more usable space for people with physical disabilities. A downstairs bathroom is more convenient for these individuals. Bathrooms located on the second floor may not be suitable for those with limited mobility. Disability-approved toilets and lever-handle taps are important for these individuals. An accessible bathroom should also be large enough to accommodate mobility devices like wheelchairs. For easy access and maneuverability, accessible bathrooms should be easy to maintain. For more details on Bathing Aids, go to https://www.abilitysuperstore.com/collections/bathing-aids

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Some accessible bathrooms have hand showers that can be adjusted to suit the height of users with physical disabilities. This means that a wheelchair user can roll right up to the sink. Another option is a pedestal sink. Taps with a long handle are easier to turn on and off. Mirrors should also be tilted for easier viewing. A medicine cabinet should also be easily accessible for wheelchair users. It should have a door that opens from both sides and a door that closes easily.

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The doorway should be wide enough to accommodate wheelchairs, and the threshold must be level. The door should also be lightweight and easy to operate, without requiring too much effort. It should also swing outward if necessary, so that it can be opened without difficulty from inside. Above all, an accessible bathroom should meet the needs of those who may be using mobility assistive devices. There must be ample room and ease of use of all facilities.

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