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When did accounting begin?

Keeping track on how something is performing financially has been with us forever. It’s not much of a stretch of the imagination to say that the creation of Stonehenge must have required some kind of purchase and order system from other tribes to secure the stones and wood.  Or maybe not, perhaps it was built on a basis of mutual cooperation. Even so the logistics of such a project must have entailed planning and analysis. This is where we need companies like Randall and Payne Cheltenham Accountants. They can help a business grow by ensuring that the business is operating smoothly and working well plus keeping to its tax requirements. When the first examples of Accountants Cheltenham, Gloucester or Swindon wherever they may be, started to be needed.

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Accountancy has its roots in the Arabic world, or at least there are examples that we have found. The civilisations of the Babylon, Hittites and Persians all have archaeological evidence, from stone tablets, of examples of bookkeeping and accounting. For the most part these are very simple profit and loss statements in simple cuneiform. They relate to business and to public office. It seems like our ancestors wanted to know what was going on. They even invented the concept of negative numbers.

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In terms of modern accounting the name we need to look to is Luca Pacioil. This Italian gentleman rediscovered the arabic work and created the double entry system that we have today.

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