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What types of roofs are there

If you take a look at the different properties that you can see across the UK, you will probably notice that there are almost as many different roof types as there are building types. The kind of roof that is installed on a building will depend very much on the style of building and the area of the country (there are some places in the UK that like to use certain roofing materials). Any good Hereford Roofers like R Richards and sons will tell you that there are lots of different roof types to choose from.

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Flat roofs – these styles of roofs tend to be used on extensions and they are not actually flat. The name refers more to the fact that they appear to look flat when you compare them to a traditionally slanted roof. They do actually have a very small sloped angle to help rainwater run away from the centre of the roof.

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Gable roofs – these are some of the more traditional styles of roofs and have two sides that are angled down the side or front and back of the building and meet in the middle at the apex of the roof.

Hip roof – these are similar to gable roofs in that they have two sides that meet at the apex of the roof, but they also have a front and back part of the roof that overhangs the building. These meet the top apex of the roof to create a solid seal.

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