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What is Vaccum Conveying?

Vacuum conveying is a popular way of moving items from one part of an industrial or manufacturing plant to another. It helps to fully contain the materials inside the system which means that they are less likely to become contaminated with foreign materials, will be maintained in a hygienic way and won’t contaminate the outside environment.

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They are often used for materials like grains, granules and powders. These are loaded into the vacuum conveyor and are transported from the loading area to the manufacturing area, or destination through a network of pipes. These closed pipes are what enables the vacuum to be created within the system. It also ensures that the powders and granules are not emitted into the manufacturing plant environment where they may be hazardous to health.

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These conveying systems are cost-effective and in some cases help to satisfy health and safety regulations both for the employees and for the manufacturing of the products. This is especially true in the cases of food items and pharmaceutical products. The loading container can act as a storage area for the products before they need to be moved around the plant.

The systems that can be utilised across short and long distances are much more efficient than alternatives such as manually moving ingredients, which can be more problematic and open to issues and accidents occurring.

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