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What is tobacco and where does it come from

Tobacco is a naturally occurring plant in nature. Known by its other name, Nicotiana, it is a very decorative shrub and produces a beautiful flower. It is mainly found in Africa and the Americans, but it is possible to grow it here in the UK.  They like full sun and a little shade. Most importantly, they need to have well-drained soil.

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It was the meso-America people who first decided to dry the leaves of the plant, roll them up and then smoke them. Why they did this is unclear, but it appears that it was a part of some ritual. The calming effect that the smoke seemed to bring to the person inhaling it led to it being used as part of the peace discussions between tribes to avert war.

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Come the Western powers of France, Spain and Britain to the new world, and it seemed that a unique opportunity was at hand. Sold as a cure-all for ailments, including chest complaints like Tuberculosis, it soon became the fashion. The use of tobacco has dramatically decreased in the Western world, but it has seen significant expansion in the Asian markets. In the UK, cigarettes and Cigars still have to be stored in a bonded warehouse and subject to Bonded Warehouse Management Software to ensure its slow release out to shops. The best type used is Gaina Bonded Warehouse Management Software. This gives total control to the warehouse manager in organising releases and shipments.

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