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What happens in a lab?

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Have you ever wondered what exactly happens behind closed doors at a laboratory? Wonder what the people in white coats are up to? Well, as tempting as it is to believe they are all carrying out exciting experiments over bubbling test tubes, most of the work can be quite mundane.

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Labs are full of machines and equipment that are primarily used for measuring things. Powerful microscopes are used to carefully examine tiny objects and many different pieces of equipment are used by scientists as part of their experiments. Whilst labs are mainly used for experimentation and even production of substances, they are also places where academics spend time writing about their work.

Storage is another main aspect of the equipment found in labs. The storing of chemicals, biological samples and tissue often involves specialist storage that can reach very low temperatures. When help is needed for Lab Relocation Services, consider APort Global.

There can be a lot of different staff members who access labs. These could include students, researchers, doctors and academics. They may have to wear specialist protective equipment in order to keep the area sterile where they are conducting experiments. Tissue culture hoods protect lab workers when working with dangerous chemicals or pathogens that could make them ill, like flu viruses or types of bacteria.

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There are many different types of labs and what happens inside is very dependent on their purpose. There are virology labs who work with viruses towards a better understanding of how they work and how to prevent them. There are pathology labs that examine patient samples and then there are electronics labs. There is a lab for literally every field of science you can imagine!

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