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Bridal Makeup for Oily Skin

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It might not seem like it, but oily skin is a blessing. once you get past the problems with breakouts and open pores, the one thing to remember is that you’ll stay younger looking for longer!

There are lots of skin care products out there to help you balance your skin, I’m not going to go into skin care on this page, I like to leave that to the beauticians and dermatologists.

My job as a wedding makeup artist is to work with your skin on the wedding day and create a bridal makeup that won’t look shiny or greasy and to make sure that your wedding makeup will last all day.

Wedding Make up for Oily Skin Oily Skin

On your wedding day, you want your makeup to last all day. My advice – unless you’re going to have your makeup artist with you all day – avoid the dewy look, full stop. Read more: Wedding in Russian style: ideas for decoration

Oily skin has a tendency to shine, particularly on the T-zone, and depending on how oily your skin is sometimes the eyelids, cheek, and chin can also become oily over the length of the day.

Your best friend will be either a loose or compact powder to retouch your makeup or blotting sheets. We’ll get onto which powder to use later, but for now, as far as blotting papers are concerned there really is no need to spend a fortune, you can get them from Superdrug or Boots for under £5.

They’ll help to keep any shine at bay without any build up of product – which you’ll be glad about if you get married on a hot sunny day.

Bridal makeup-get ready-set-go! Oily Skin

You want your skin to be perfect on the wedding day! So if you don’t have facials regularly – don’t have one the week before the wedding – if there are any spots hiding under the skin –  best to leave them there. Read more: Wedding suits in 5 styles: what is yours?

Primers should be light and oil free – your makeup artists will have her favorite product, but I love Laura Mercier Oil Free Primer, this light, oil-free product will start the mattifying process. Rich, creamy products will make the foundation slip and slide.

Mattifying products – usually light gels, that smooth over the skin and absorb any excess oil. Best applied before you put your makeup on. I love matte miracle by a la carte, it is light and easy to apply and does the job.

Open pores: Benefit Porefessional is amazing, it’s easy to apply and does a great job when it comes to minimizing pores and even fine lines. Apply just before the foundation.

Some of my favorite products are manufactured by a London based company, a la carte, they have a fabulous selection of products for oily skin.

Each of these products can be used in combination. e.g. Sheer Balancing all over, Velvet Tint on the T zone and Cover Tint as touch up throughout the day.

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Bridal Makeup for oily skin – Finishing Touchesoily skin

When thinking about the foundation – you can choose between light. medium or full cover.

The key is to look for light, oil-free formulations or even a mineral powder. Avoid foundations sticks –  as they tend to be oily in their nature – it’s just the way they are made.

One thing to remember about foundation – whichever one you use – is that generally speaking the more expensive the base – the more pigment it will contain. So you will need to use less product to get a flawless finish.

The key with foundation is to make sure you set it. Don’t get me wrong, the foundation is important, but powder is the key to making your wedding makeup last all day.

I love MAC Prep & Prime, it is colorless and works on all skin tones. Avoid using under the eye – especially if you have a mature skin, as fine lines can end up looking like full-on wrinkles.

I like to apply with a large powder brush or a powder puff. If you have particularly oily skin apply generously and leave it to sit on the skin for a couple of minutes before brushing away any excess with a brush.

You actually want your makeup to start off looking a bit powdery and possibly a bit too matte – don’t worry, it takes around 30 minute -1hour for the makeup to settle on the skin, so by the time your ready to get dressed and have your photos taken your wedding makeup will look natural and flawless.

Wedding Makeup Quick Fixoily skin

Mineral powders are a great option e.g. cover tint by a la carte.

If you haven’t tried them before I would definitely recommend giving them a try. you can use them on their own or on top of your base if you want an exceptionally flawless finish.

They’re quick and easy to apply, and you can go for a light or full cover just by changing how much product you apply.

If you’re using your mineral powder on its own, just make sure to give your primer time to settle and dry on the face to make sure the powder glides effortlessly over the skin and doesn’t stick to the skin.

If you’re applying it over your foundation, set your foundation first with your translucent powder, then apply the mineral powder with a powder or clean blush brush, using small, gentle, circular movement to almost ‘push’ the product into the skin.

If you have any stubborn spots or blemishes that keep creeping through your makeup no matter what you do, apply a touch of mineral powder as a finishing touch once you’ve finished your makeup, leave it to settle for a few minutes before brushing off any excess. This is step is easy to repeat if needed throughout the day.

Avoid mineral powders with shimmer added as they will bring back the shine we’re working hard to get rid of.

Dewy wedding makeupoily skin

The key is to start matte. So definitely use a setting powder.

There are a couple of options when it comes to achieving a dewy finish when creating your perfect wedding day makeup.

Careful use of highlight. The last thing you want is to look greasy or sweaty in your photos, and this is definitely a risk if you opt for a ‘dewy all over’ finish. I would advise using a powder highlighter applying it carefully in the areas you want to shine. just above the cheekbone, and a touch below the brow, and that’s it.

Definitely not down the center of the nose or on your forehead, or you will undo all the good work you’ve put in with your primer, Mattifying products, foundation, and powder.

You have your own natural dewy glow, as the day turns to night you might find your self-using a touch more powder or a couple of the shine free papers I mentioned earlier, to make sure your makeup takes you effortlessly from day to evening.


Oily skin gives us additional problems when applying makeup – he keeps worse, and it is not usually possible to shine, only the first 20 minutes after, you akrasia. Well, and then what? Powder oneself is not the same every half hour … If all these cons oily skin you know, then read our stuff – we’ll show you, how to make a quality makeup without glare on the forehead. By cleansing, we do not mean simply washing the room temperature with water. If it is an important event and you want to get a lasting result without a fat shine, you ‘ll have to work hard. Your best friend can be a mild scrub or a special brush – the oily skin should be well shelled fresh and absolutely before, how did you take up the brush.

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