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15 Tips to buy used car or new car! See what you need to check before purchasing!

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To buy a used car or new car it is important that the buyer check some items in the car. So in this matter check out some tips that will keep you on the lookout when buying your used car or new car. The second largest investment in a person’s life is the To buy a used car or new car of their own; and for this reason, this is a decision that should not be taken lightly and several aspects should be analyzed to choose the best available in a market where options abound.

Visual inspection of used car or new car

buy used car or new car

At the time of purchase the visual inspection is a great tool that the buyer must know how to use not to fall into a trap to the point of buying a car with serious problems. We’ll show you what to inspect visually from now on!

#1. Inspect Car Paint and Bodywork

used car or new car

We know that Aesthetics Automotive counts a lot these days, why not go after a used car or new car with the paint all stained, so consequently the Automotive Aesthetics will be an important factor for you buyer to inspect.

In order to inspect the paint it is necessary to take the vehicle to a clear, open place and preferably with natural light, as it will be easier to detect scratches or some kind of damage to the paintwork or the car bodywork.

#2. Inspect Tires and Wheels

Tips to buy used car or new car

It is very important to check if there is uneven tire wear on the tires, as there may be a sign that the car is without alignment and balancing . Also check that there are no bubbles in the tire profile and that you are in the correct taxiing position. It is also important to check the wheels, see if they are not scratched or wrinkled. If the used car or new car have alloy wheels  then redouble attention on visual inspection.

#3. Inspect Brakes and Suspension

How to check Brakes and Suspension without tools? do not need tools or disassemble anything. With stopped car and walking we will give tips on how to check the system of Brakes and Suspension.

#4. Inspect the Engine

best buy used car or new car

Take a look at the aspect of the engine if it is clean, but do not be fooled by the cleaning, because in many cases the seller always applies a super cleaning up to Marquita the problem in the engine, especially hiding leaks.

#5. Inspect the car battery

Check if there is no finale mark, corrosion or if there is any dirt in the car battery connectors, if it will be a sign of carelessness of the owner, because even the car battery is important everything is ok.

#6. Inspect the Vehicle Interior

In the used car or new it is important that it is sanitized, because regardless of whether the car is used or new, who does not like to have that car with “new car smell”, therefore the internal hygiene also counts as something to be inspected, there is no secret of what should be checked inside the vehicle. And many advantages to owning a car with leather seats. Well formerly having leather seat was sign of luxury because it really enhances appearance inside the vehicle be used car or new car, leather seat is a differential that values ​​the car. Think about hygiene, too? It’s easier to clean!

#7. Inspect the Air Conditioner

top used car or new car

Having air conditioning in the vehicle is great, but we have to be careful with the cleaning of this component, be careful in the filter changes, because when we do not do the hygiene of the air conditioning all kinds of fungus and external impurities will enter your car! It is important to  clean the air conditioner , because for people who have a respiratory problem using the air conditioning without proper cleaning of the air conditioning filter will cause serious damage to health, because with the accumulation of dirt in the filters of the air conditioning without doing the hygiene it will automatically get a bad odor inside the car.

#8. Inspect Direction

If car is hydraulic or electric steering, then start the vehicle and with the car on, dump the steering wheel on both sides and stay tuned if any noise is heard.

#9. Inspect the engine sound and if it is smoking

the buy used car or new car

Turn on the car and open the hood and evaluate the sound of the engine, it may happen that the engine is burning oil or the internal parts are worn out, then ask someone to give some acceleration and see if they are releasing smoke, if that is not a good signal.

#10. Take the car on a precautionary basis.

They are specialist companies that have access to the Retrain database and will do a general checkup of all the documentation of the car and will see if there are pending, fines, if the car came from auction, etc.

#11. Take the car in a trustworthy workshop

discover  used car or new car

If the seller allows you to take the used car or new car to a workshop, then do not miss this opportunity because the workshop will go through a more technical inspection, maybe the money you will spend taking in the workshop is what will prevent you from spending a greater contain in a used car or semi nova with serious problems of mechanics

#12. Depreciation

Buy a used car or new car lose 70% of their value in the first four years of use. So that you have a better idea of ​​what happens financially when you buy a new vehicle, I invite you to do the following exercise: drive your current car and while you do it, lower the window and repeatedly throw $ 100.00 dollars bills. Try to do this every Friday. It seems crazy, right? This is exactly what we do when buying a beautiful new vehicle. The reality is that 98% of people simply do not have the ability to waste this amount of money on buy a used car or new car.

#13. Price

Another advantage of buying a slightly used vehicle is that the first owner already absorbed the cost of depreciation. You get an excellent price for the vehicle that only has four years of use and whose price is well below the cost of a new one.

#14. Possibilities

Car dealerships have a large number of used vehicles, especially those whose lease or rental agreements have expired. However, the best deals are with private sellers, who are eager to get rid of their vehicle. These will have a better disposition to negotiate with you and thus you will be able to obtain a car at an excellent price. You can also call the banks and ask where they sell the vehicles that have been repossessed or seized.

#15.What is better to buy a used cars or new car?

buy used car or new car check before purchasing!

Buying used cars or new car has its advantages and disadvantages, in the end the only person who can decide is you. You must take into account what best suits your specific needs so that the purchase is as effective as possible.

Advantages of buying a new car

inspection of used car and new car

The outstanding advantage between buying a new or used car is the guarantee offered by the dealers, a benefit that can vary between 3 and 5 years or up to 100,000 kilometers, depending on the dealer and the brand.

Another point in favor of buying vehicles “zero kilometers” is that you are acquiring the latest technology and that can mean greater security for you and your companions. Additionally, some latest model vehicles are configured to optimize gasoline, which would mean significant savings for your pocket.

Generally, the cars of last generation emit less gases that pollute and deteriorate the environment. Turning them into an alternative to generate the least possible environmental impact with a car that runs on gasoline.

Sometimes, the legal origin or pending issues in transit can become a headache and the best way to get rid of that “pork rind” is to buy a new car, because being 0 kilometers these messes are completely avoided.

Aside from the savings that can represent in gasoline, a new car should not be reviewed annually to obtain the certificate of the technical-mechanical revision required by law in Colombia. The first revision for a vehicle 0 kilometers model 2017 could be given from 2023, leaving that process for later and forget about it for a good time, your pocket will thank you. Buy car not only has advantages and like everything in life, there are points in favor and points against when deciding on a car 0 kilometers.

Disadvantages of buying a new car

New or used car At the moment when the car leaves the dealership, it begins to lose value because it is an object that has a high depreciation; As the time and kilometers pass, the car will be worth less.

Currently, in Colombia, we have a dollar shot that is close to $ 3,000 and the high price of the currency, affects the cost of vehicles.

Not only the value is affected with a high dollar, the imports of some models can be slowed down due to the high costs that must be incurred by the assemblers and warehouses for sale.

On occasion, car manufacturers emphasize the warranty and require the new owner to follow the recommendations so as not to lose coverage of this benefit. What triggers high costs, because you must follow the entire maintenance process to keep the guarantee. It is a vicious circle in which the owner falls.

Advantages of buying a used car

What is better to buy a used cars or new car

Buying a used car can have great advantages, especially for your pocket; Because it is a car with taxi, its value depreciates over time, so the first benefit is clearly linked to costs, because you can find used cars on the market with very little use and at an excellent price.

Not only the cost related to the value of the vehicle is lower, when compared to a new car also the expenses related to insurance and maintenance tend to be lower.

When a used car is bought that has already run out of warranty, it will not be necessary to take it to the dealer’s workshop to maintain it, so this cost tends to decrease because the range of maintenance services is high and can choose one that fits your needs props with the car and the situation of your pocket.

As a result, at a high dollar like the one we have today, buying used cars sounds attractive, because it can mean savings of up to 15% per year. (the value that a car loses annually on average).

The market for used cars is wide and offers different brands, types and prices, so the choice will be easier. You only have to define the available budget and the type of car to start the search of what would be your next car.

Disadvantages of buying a used car

The first aspect to take into account when buying a used car is given with the history of the vehicle because it is very complicated to know if the car had a significant crash or a major repair. Additionally, it must also be taken into account that with a used car the potential buyer does not have to know how they treated the vehicle in question.

Because it is a used vehicle, it must be taken into account that the technology with which they were manufactured is not the last and that may have repercussions on aspects such as gasoline optimization, safety advances, among others.

Finally, at some point in our lives we have faced the dilemma of acquiring a used car or new car, whether it is the unforgettable acquisition of our first vehicle, which for young people, represents a great step in life, or whether it is for replace the one we already have, since it is already in the last miles of life. In case you did not know, the second largest and most important purchase we will make in our lives, after that of a house, will be the purchase of a car. But unlike the houses, which increase their value over the years, the vehicles are losing it. This is a difficult question to answer and one that is frequently repeated among users when used car or new car. The complexity of choosing a particular vehicle is mainly due to the wide variety of models, prices, offers and discounts that are seen in the market. Acquiring a new vehicle should be an increasingly rational action, due to the great impact that a decision like this can have on the family nucleus; so it is advisable to take into account functional and comfort aspects.

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