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Useful apps for awareness practice (Android)

I collected several useful applications for awareness practice, which I either use constantly myself or checked how they work. Some of them are in Russian, some are not. However, they all have a fairly intuitive interface, and much knowledge of the language is not required. The list does not pretend to be some kind of completeness – it’s just those applications that seemed to me personally / proved to be convenient at different stages of life.

I will be happy if you tell me in the comments about the applications that you use in your awareness practice of awareness.

Awareness practice in life

Awareness practice in life

In addition to formal awareness practice, there are many ways to build awareness in our normal daily life. Recently I have prompted that an application appeared with a translation into Russian (which is rare and surprising), which sends simple reminders with exercises on developing awareness. Read more: 7 applications with which to practice meditation comfortably

The idea is very simple, you can set any reminder for random repetitions throughout the day, and assign any parameters for each of them: the days of the week when this reminder can be shown, the number of repetitions per day, and the time interval (for example, 7 times a day, from 8 am to 8 pm, only on working days).

The options for developing awareness in this sense are endless, here are a couple of options that I use myself (names can be made shorter, of course, I just decode):

  • What do you feel bodily at this moment?
  • What are you thinking about?
  • Make three conscious breaths.
  • What do you do?
  • Drink some water!
  • Do not do anything for one minute.
  • Do not change the pose, check if you can release any unnecessary tension in the body.
  • Call your parents.
  • What do you feel now?

And so on. Extremely simple and effective, and for this, you do not need any special application with someone else’s invented exercises – formulate what is relevant for you, and random reminders will allow you to embody it all.


best awareness practice

The best timer and tracker for the formal awareness practice of all that I used. * You can make sessions of any duration, with calls at any time intervals. For example, you can break 20 minutes of meditation with three bells so that the first 3 minutes are for preparation and adjustment, then 15 minutes for breathing, and 2 minutes for expressing gratitude and good wishes. * You can set it so that one gong blows in between, and the end of practice is two or three. * You can do the session without the completion time, but every bell, for example, 10 minutes. In general, there are many options for customization. Read more: Best virtual reality glasses

Next, from the “chips” of this timer in the process of meditation: * Automatically turns airplane mode with the beginning of practice – you will not be able to call and interrupt meditation. * Automatically cuts down notifications – a random reminder from the calendar or to-do list will not disturb you either. * All this after the end of the meditation, he himself turns back. * There is an option to leave the screen on to see the remaining time. For this, the program is made as ascetic as possible, the background color is black, that is, the battery is consumed as economically as possible.

And finally, * The program keeps track of all your sessions (date + duration). * You can set a daily limit, and it will remind you at the chosen time if you have not yet voted as much as planned (by the sum of all the sessions of the day). * There is a widget that shows the filling of the bar of the day, as well as two figures: how many days without a break you have meditated as much as planned, and the longest of continuous chains. For example, 3/17 means that you are already meditating 3 days without a break, but in general, the longest sequence of daily awareness practices was 17 days.

Audio Meditation

r awareness practice (Android)

As for the actual applications for the phone, the most famous (most untwisted) of all is Headspace. In the free version, it gives 10 tracks of 10 minutes, which is not bad. If you subscribe, then this is the most expensive application available.

He has interestingly done the function of tracking states (about specialized emotion trackers I’ll write below) when you choose a set of emotions that correspond to your state right now, and the program selects you an audio meditation. For example, if you are angry and irritated, she can give you an awareness practice of loving-kindness.

In addition, the program has a timer with the gong, and statistics: the most frequent emotions, progress and the total time for meditation, and the regularity of practice.

One more thing

apps for awareness practice

A small simple application called One-Moment Meditation, or OMM. It sends you periodic reminders about meditation and gives you to set the timer exactly for one minute – at that moment you just need to watch the breath.

Useful things for awareness practice

things for awareness practice

In most cases, the idea is not to find out the number (although in the case of the number of thoughts this can be interesting). The basic idea is that a press, supported by vibration and/or a sound signal, will give you feedback about the fact that the marking has happened. The counter button in this application is large, and if you like, you can do it with your eyes closed.

From the screenshot, in principle, everything is visible. It allows you to set the duration of inspiration, expiration, and gaps between them, and marks the transitions visually (the slider runs on schedule), or by vibration and/or a sound signal, that is, you can practice with your eyes closed.

For what? In order to learn how to breathe properly and regularly, so that the exhalations are longer than the breaths to form qualitative intervals of rest after each exhalation and before another inhalation, and so on.

Ritual and habit

the awareness practice

I already wrote about how rituals help to develop the habit of conscious life.

There are quite a few different English-speaking and Russian-speaking applications for forming a habit, from Russian-speaking I liked the simple and neat Trainer habits and Tatami.

All such applications have a checklist, reminders of the need for awareness practice, and visual statistics. Say, you can put a reminder for meditation at 7 am, push-ups at 13:00, and point about how to drink water, leave without a reminder. In principle, there is nothing more to say here.


the awareness practice

A very good way to increase awareness about your inner state is to keep a diary of emotions. There are a lot of applications for this, however, in Russian, there are practically none, and those that I have, I did not like.

In Mood Log, this is implemented a little differently. There is a scale of 11 points (from 0 to 10), and the ability to choose tags – any emotions. If there are no emotions in the set, you can add new ones. And then you can leave a comment (for example, again, what are you doing now, when you feel it all?). Total, for example, the following is obtained: “Status at 6/10, emotions: joy, fatigue, clarity, note: evening after productive day”.

In such emotion trackers, there are two positive aspects. First, they teach you to track your emotional state, which is already wonderful, and secondly, they show you statistics: your “favorite” states for a month, how they are related to the time of day or day of the week, then how they are related to what you do, and so on.

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