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How trees benefit us

Trees are all around us and are vital to our very existence. They benefit us in a number of different ways and many of these you might not even be aware of. The hundreds of different varieties of trees will all perform different functions in terms of whether they provide shelter and food for animals, but they will all have some functions in common.

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Air – the most well known function of trees is the fact that they produce the oxygen that we breathe. They do this by oxidising the water that they absorb through their roots.This then means that they release the oxygen that is connected to the hydrogen elements that make up water. They also remove carbon dioxide from our atmosphere and turn this into energy in the form of glucose that they can use for their growth. This helps to cleanse the atmosphere of carbon dioxide. Trees also absorb a lot of other gases that if left to multiply in our environment would become very toxic for us.

Shade – trees are incredibly important in providing us and animals with shade from the sun. They actually help to cool down the temperature in the area that surrounds them. When there are large areas of concrete and cement the temperatures can be significantly higher than other areas close by. This is one of the many reasons that trees are often planted in car parks.

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Water – trees need water to survive and they will send their root networks across vast areas to find this. It is important that when we have trees in our gardens that we maintain our drains and pipe works as trees will seek out any areas that contain water. If you have cracked drains you should work with a Drain Lining Company company Wilkinson Environmental to rectify this to help prevent tree roots from penetrating the pipes. In areas of high flooding, trees can be used to help prevent the water levels from getting so high that they overflow into our roads.

Food – trees produce flowers and fruits and these are important foods for a number of different animals, including birds and insects. They produce these in such a way as to attract these animals as it is through using these animals that they can spread their seeds and grow new trees. There are also a number of trees or shrubs that provide us with foods that we can enjoy.

Shelter – trees are places of shelter for animals as well as being a home for many animals such as birds and squirrels. They are also places of shelter for human beings and they have become safe havens for people throughout history. Famous examples include the great oak that is in Sherwood Forest that is said in the story of Robin Hood to have provided him and his Merry Men with shelter.

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