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The best route around Dubai 2020 and Summer surprises

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Around Dubai-Hearing the name of Dubai always generates in us the idea and the intention of being able to travel and get to know that emblematic tourist destination in recent years. One of the really young destinations because if we remember in the 1960s it has nothing of similarity to what this wonderful destination is now.

Dubai currently holds multiple Guinness World Records, from the world’s tallest building Burj Khalifa . The world’s most expensive hotel Burj Al Arabwith a cost of at least 2,300 dollaros per night, up to the record for the highest number of people parachuting in a hot air balloon. Dubai has become a place that mixes Arab customs and history with technology. And the modern world. Being the Emirate of tourism, there is a lot of tolerance. And freedom for tourists so you can surely feel very comfortable and dedicate yourself to enjoying without worries.

One of the favorite activities of all of us is shopping and once again Dubai has managed to position itself as a perfect place to carry out many purchases and from the best brands. It is the best place where we can take out our compulsive buyer that we all have inside. We can find as an example the Dubai Mall which is the largest shopping center in the world.

From the most avant-garde fashion designs, Gold markets and everything on your mind. Many of these sites can be found open 24 hours a day.

What to see in Dubai – The best route around Dubai 2020

 around Dubai 2020

What to see in Dubai

Welcome to around Dubai! Cosmopolitan city with its own life and incredible skyscrapers. With our route around Dubai you will enjoy its gastronomic, cultural, architectural diversity and many more. There are many options to see in Dubai, but on our route through Dubai you will see the essentials of Dubai to better enjoy the city. It takes 4 days to visit the city of Dubai, but to enjoy it at least 6 days.

It is difficult to organize a specific route to go to all corners, but depending on where you stay you can start from one place or another.

Dubai is very considerate of tourists and is that if something happens to you that you should go to the emergency room of a Hospital, even with an ambulance, they will bear all the costs. To call the ambulance is very easy, 998.

A very good recommendation when visiting Dubai is to use the Dubai tourist bus. It has 3 routes of approximately 1 hour and you get a quick idea of ​​what is there. If you take the 3-day package, in addition to being able to calmly go down through the different sites, you have access to other interesting places where interesting discounts have been applied.

Day through Dubai

We will start the route through Dubai at the Dubai Mall metro stop, since it is very hot during the day and what better than visiting the malls in the hottest hours of the day.

Dubai Mall

Huge shopping center, one of the largest in the world, where you will find among others:

Dubai Aquarium, with more than 140 marine species, sharks and mantas among others (paying you can go through its tunnels, get on a glass-bottom boat or even dive into a cage)

Throughout the complex there are many restaurants to eat and not all are expensive.

Fountain of Dubai

It is located in the same Dubai Mall. Opened in 2009, it is It is in the same Dubai Mall. Opened in 2009, it is one of the most beautiful free shows to see in Dubai and they are the largest fountains in the world and were designed by the same company that made the Bellagio fountains in Las Vegas, but 25% larger. The jets of water reach a surprising height of 275 meters.

From 6pm every 30 minutes there is a light show and in between a light show at the Burj Khalifa tower until 11pm. He has several performances for the fountains and 2 for the one of lights in Burj Khalifa.

It is in the Downtown Dubai complex and is the tallest tower in the world with a height of 829.8 meters and which can be seen more than 100km away if conditions allow. It also has the highest observatory in the world, located at 587 meters.

For those who suffer from vertigo, there is also a lower viewpoint, 124 meters high and also cheaper. It was designed and created by architect Adrian Smith and completed in early 2010. It was previously known to Burj Dubai, but upon receiving help from its neighboring emirate of Abu Dhabi, it was renamed.

Go at noon so that the sun does not hinder the views in any direction and you can take photos from all directions. Another good option is to climb type 17h to be able to see the views by day, its sunset and the views at night. Although they tell you that it can be 2h at most, there is no control today.

The tower, in addition to having offices, is a residential building and where the Armani hotel is on the first floors. It has two viewpoints. On the 124th floor to 442 meters high is the first viewpoint. The second, recently opened, is located on the 148th floor at 555 meters high and offers spectacular views.

Burj Al Arab

The most luxurious hotel in the world, the only one with 7 stars, and the tallest in the world as well, at 321 meters high. It is built on an artificial island and to visit it it is necessary to make a reservation in one of its luxurious rooms or in one of its restaurants. Once booked, take the panoramic elevator to the Sky Bar, located 200 meters high. The best and cheapest option to visit the hotel is the Afternoon Tea at the Burj al Arab Sky Bar. Another more expensive option is to book for breakfast or take in the views while enjoying a succulent and expensive lunch or dinner.

The best public beaches in Dubai

  • Umm Suqeim Beach. At the end of the Jumeirah area. The most famous beach in Dubai for having the views of the Burj Al Arab hotel. You should not miss a sunset from this beach.
  • Open Beach. Also known as Russian Beach. Located on Jumeirah Beach Avenue in Dubai Downtown. It is usually crowded, so it is better to go very early.
  • Jumeirah Beach Park. Close to Jumeirah Avenue in the Dubai Downtown area and it is especially recommended on days when the sun is very bright as it has shady spaces.
  • Al Mamzar Beach Park. Another beach in Jumeirah. Beautiful fine sand beach, calm waters and has all kinds of necessary facilities. In addition, ideal to go with children since it has children’s play area and beach bars.
  • Riva Beach Club. It is one of the most distinguished private beaches due to its location in the Jumeirah Palm.
  • Sheraton Jumeirah Beach Club. Located on Al Sufouh Road, it is a beach highly recommended by tourists.

Desert safari

A desert excursion from 3pm where you will visit the desert dunes where they are just 30 minutes from the city. The first optional activity is to go quad or buggy through the dunes in a kind of open circuit. At the end of the 20 minutes that they usually give time, they deflate the jeeps’ wheels and drive through higher and steeper dunes for about 30 minutes where it is sure to scare more than one. There is a technical stop to watch the sunset where the red dunes change color and make the moment magical.

For this excursion we recommend wearing sunglasses or a scarf to cover your face if you take quads or buggies and put on sun protection. As for clothing, there is nothing special to wear; you can also go in shorts, since at night for the barbecue it does not cool.

Emirates Mall. Huge shopping center that was the largest in Dubai with a more traditional and elegant style. It stands out for the Sky Dubai, a ski slope with capacity for 1,500 skiers with 5 routes of different difficulties. They also have sleds and ice slides. All this next to some penguins that perform a show for the little ones.

Al Fahidi

It is the most traditional neighborhood in Dubai. Built in the late s. XIX and Persian merchants lived where they traded pearls and fabrics and with easy access to Dubai Creek, the nerve center of the area. It perfectly preserves the Arab-style plaster and coral buildings of that time and it is possible to enter many of them. It also has some small museums, such as the XVA Gallery of Contemporary Art.

Dubai Creek

In the old part it was where 1 girl drowned and a man was arrested for trying to revive her, since her father previously refused to have anyone touch her.

Boat tour

The prices are quite cheap and it gives you very nice night views of the areas. The journey takes about two hours and you get dinner and you have a show on the boat, a tanoura show, a dance based on the whirling dervishes of Turkey. Buy your boat trip here.

What to see in Abu Dhabi

The must- see in Abu Dhabi is the Sheikh Zayed Mosque, the contemporary museum, and the waterfront area. You can rent a car or through an organized excursion to Abu Dhabi.

Tourist bus in Dubai

It is a very good option if you have little time and want to visit the essentials of Dubai and then dedicate the time you have left in what most has impressed you. Very good option to go through the Palm or approach the Burj Al Arab and see the mansions of the emirs. Buy here the ticket for the best tourist bus in Dubai.

Jumeirah palm

One of the three artificial islands that Dubai has in the shape of a palm tree made up of a trunk, 17 branches and a semicircle that acts as a breakwater. It is a city within a city, a residential area full of hotels, including the luxurious Hotel Atlantis, which has the largest water park in the Middle East, Aquaventure Water Park.

Getting around Dubai

You can get around Dubai by bus, subway, taxi or uber and in Marina Bay by tram. What is not very thought about is to move on foot, first because of the heat during the day and because there are not many sidewalks to easily go on foot. Another very good option to move around Dubai is renting a car, since there is a lot of parking and you can access wherever you want whenever you want.

There are several zones, so look first where you go in the automatic machines and it will put the zone, if not, you can always queue and buy it at the box office. At peak times it is usually crowded.

It is usually at the ends of the wagon and the women and children have their space, colored in pink. They are usually the second wagons.

Where to sleep in Dubai

Sleeping in the center is always somewhat more expensive but there are prices for all tastes. There are so many areas to sleep in Dubai and so varied that it is better to first know the areas that exist in Dubai and from there you decide where to sleep.

Nightclubs in Dubai

Dubai has plenty of bars, pubs and clubs. And now that you’ve relaxed with the alcohol restriction, it seems like people are getting more excited than ever since you can go out every holiday. Also, in many pubs there are escort girls.

Other famous nightclubs in Dubai that there are currently is the Budha Bar, Boa, White Club, Solace. The Blue Marlin Ibiza is also in fashion, from 11am to 11pm.

How to get to Dubai

To get to Dubai to your hotel from Dubai airport there are several transportation options: train, bus, metro, taxi or Uber or you can book the transfer in Dubai direct to the hotel, the most comfortable and fastest way.

Eating in Dubai

If Dubai has something, it is the infinity of restaurants it has, in any mall and neighborhood. In addition, there are many chains in case you have little time or want to go safely to the known.

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