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Five things you must take if you travel around the world

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It is always a dilemma to know what to pack before a travel around the world. It is very common, especially when you are traveling ‘lightning’ without much preparation in advance, you end up keeping inside the suitcase half house and the most important things you end up forgetting. Let’s see what happens with travel around the world.

To give us advice on what to take if you travel around the world what better Gunnar Garfors, one of the people with the life that more countries have visited (198 to be exact). He in his blog comments 5 things you have to take if you want to travel around the planet. It is true that there are certain elements that he does not mention, such as a passport or money; but the comments that it is of more enlisting them because “without them, simply you could not get on the plane”.

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Carry a backup of your passport and important documentstravel around the world

When you travel around the world, your most important document will always be your passport. Without him, you will practically stay stuck on the site since you will not be able to leave or be in another country. To avoid any mishap it is always advisable to take a photocopy of your passport and also take it in your scanned email. In the event that you get to lose, it is much easier and faster the process of replacement. This also for other important documents, for example, insurance policy, driver’s license and medical history.

A notebook to take notes or a computer/laptoptravel around the world

When you travel around the world you will have to communicate with locals. Many times they will not speak the language or languages that you speak so you can draw to make you understand better. Taking notes is also a good habit that every traveler should try at least some time. It will help you to keep all the memories of the places you have visited, and it can be a useful guide the next time you visit that site. If you are interested, check our post on how to make a travel around the world.

Mini-medical kit for travel around the world travel around the world

We are really referring to a “mini medical kit”. That is adhesive strips, aspirin, some over-the-counter analgesic, antidiarrheic, etc. That is, in this kit, you will only take things that you would really use and not all the complete kit you have in the bathroom.

Printed itinerary for travel around the world travel around the world

See the word ‘itinerary’ as reservations for plane tickets, hotel rooms, events, etc. In many places, it is still necessary to take reservations in the physical format so it is always advisable to print them even if you do not need them. For example, airports usually only give your reservation number to give you the boarding pass, however many times when there is no system the rows at the counter become endless. These delays happen mainly because they have to corroborate the reservation manually, something that could be expedited if you had it printed.

 Pen (ballpoint)for travel around the world travel around the world

The pen in hand will be an indispensable tool for any traveler. To have an idea, having a pen can accelerate your way through customs in an impressive way. Besides, this is one of the most versatile objects and that you will use more frequently in your travel around the world.

Surely, we have ever wondered about the nature of time and if it will ever be possible to travel around the world. For a classical theory, it will be impossible; Time is absolute, infinite and independent of speed and gravity, in addition to the three spatial dimensions that we know. But in quantum physics, things are different, because at these scales everything is possible: disappear from one place and appear in another, as well as time can have multiple directions.

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