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Tips for installing a new meter box

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Have you got a broken meter box? Not only are these unsightly, especially if they are located on the front of a property but they can also leave delicate and dangerous cables and parts exposed to the elements and tampering. It’s time for a new one but how to install it?

If the old door is still attached, you’ll need to remove that first. It is important to note that working with gas and electricity is very hazardous and if there’s any doubt over whether you can safely carry out the work of replacing the meter box door, the utility company should be called out on their emergency contact number.

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Some simple tools that will be required include a drill, drill bit, screw driver, screws, spirit level and some silicone for external use. For a replacement Gas Meter box, visit meterbox.co.uk

On opening up the new meter box door, unlock the door with the key provided. The new door should slide easily up into the existing frame. Mark one side of the door with a marker pen in the area where the screws are to be drilled. Drill the holes and then put the box up onto the frame again to screw into position.

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You can use the spirit level to ensure that the box is sitting flush and level against the frame. Put marks on the other side of the box where the screw positions need to be. Drill the holes and secure the two brackets which fasten to the internal part of the box. Close and lock the door and bond the unit with some external silicone to the wall.

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