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The thrills of working on the Pony Express

When we want to get a parcel delivered to someone in the UK, we are lucky to be able to use a number of delivery methods to do this, including using a Same Day Courier like https://uk-tdl.com/. These companies not only operate in the UK but have colleagues that will be working in countries across the world.

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In the past one of the most famous delivery systems in the United States was that of the Pony Express. There have been many films based around the concept of these delivery workers and the challenges and issues that they found themselves confronted with on a daily basis.

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If you aren’t fully aware of what the Pony Express was, here are a few interesting facts for you.

  • It was the fastest delivery option around. In most cases, parcels and post items could take anywhere up to 25 days to reach someone as it was sent via a stagecoach. But the Pony Express could deliver these items in as little as 10 days.
  • Although it was much faster than other delivery methods, the Pony Express was actually only in existence for around 18 months and at no point during that time did the company make a profit from its work.
  • The riders were young. In some cases, they were as young as 14. This was in part due to the fact that the riders had to be relatively lightweight to allow the horses to go at speed.

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