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5 tips to choose the best summer camp

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Parents always have doubts about the criteria to take into account to choose the best summer camp. The holidays are approaching, so it’s time to start this search. In summer it is almost mandatory to take the little ones to enjoy the programs designed for them.

For this reason, the offer has increased considerably. The thematic camps are in high demand, especially by the children themselves. To choose the right program, several aspects must be taken into account. To begin with, the first thing we must consider is the personality of our son.

When it comes to summer camps proposed by specialists in any subject, it is easier to make a decision. For example, if the child practices a sport or has a predilection for an activity, we choose what most appeals to him.

However, there are times that although we have a clear option, it is not always convenient. To help you make the best decision, here are some tips.

How to choose the ideal summer camp?summer camp

Sometimes the problem to decide the correct camp is not the activities. Doubts can come from anywhere. The purpose of enrolling our children is to nurture an experience that makes them grow emotionally and intellectually. However, how do you know if they are at the right age? What kind of programming is best for you? Is it a safe place? Read more:  The 5 best travel sites in Mexico

What is the appropriate age for the child to attend a summer camp?summer camp

According to some specialists, such as the teacher and director of the ASTEX Language Program, Verónica Gónzalez, this question is fundamental.

González affirms that the first thing we must take into account is the character of the child. Since each one is different, the precise age cannot be indicated. However, the normal thing is that between 7 and 8 years can begin to plan.

In that sense, we can begin to observe the degree of independence that our son expresses. For example, there are children who at 7 years old can perform quite well on their own. Meanwhile, others at age 12 are still very dependent and complicated when it comes to adapting. It is advisable to start the procedures up to three months before, in order to have more certainty when the day arrives.

Does the child choose or do the curricular value?summer camp

It is common for the child to decide which summer camp he wants to go to. However, sometimes we get into the controversy with what we want and with what is best. According to Verónica González, it is very important to take into account both. Keep reading Eight of the most beautiful village in the world

The idea of going to these programs is to live an experience that teaches and has utility. But we must not forget that the little one should want to do it, it is important that he have fun and it is a dream for him.

How to overcome the fear that you do not like summer camp?summer camp

One of the main questions that arise when choosing the ideal camp is that the child does not like it and wants to go home. However, the specialist proposes that we work on children’s weak points before they leave. We know that maybe they are afraid to sleep, or are complex to socialize.

Once we know what can fail, it is possible to focus on that to avoid it. The reasons why you want to return we will have identified them from before. For this reason, it is wise to choose carefully, taking into account that perhaps it may not be a good idea. Despite this, most programs have adaptation periods.

Is it recommended that the camp receive visits from parents?summer camp

The specialists do not recommend it at all. It is believed that visits from parents affect the integration process of the children. A visit in the period of adjustment can be counterproductive, especially if we consider that our child may find it difficult to adapt. Prudence is recommended and wait for the day of going to pick them up.

First of all, it is mandatory not to force the child to do something he does not want to do. It is not necessary that you go to summer camps now if you do not want to. There are hundreds of healthy alternatives for you to meet other children and unwind that does not involve having you away from home.

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