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Studying abroad

Studying Abroad: Reasons, Destinations, and Costs

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Studying abroad or leaving Erasmus is not a fad. As the data show, it is a growing trend that will continue for many years to come. In a global and widely interconnected world, both online and physically, students seek to enrich themselves personally and academically. This is the main reason why many young people choose to start this adventure of studying abroad.

Studying abroad is one of the most profitable investments for those who dare to do it. The cost of studying in a career or master’s degree abroad is variable and depends on the economic possibilities of each person, but in general, the fees are similar  or even more accessible than those of the main private universities in

Here we present 3 surprising data for  Studying Abroad: Reasons, Destinations, and Costs

In ExamTime we are aware of this, so we are preparing a series of articles about studying abroad, among which you will find how to choose your destination, how to prepare a letter of exposition of reasons for study and advice for the first days, among others. In addition, we are preparing a Guide to Learn Languages with ExamTime that will be very useful once you know your destination.

But before all this, we want to present some data that will help you decide if you still do not have insurance if you start to study abroad or not. Read more: 5 Reasons for Teaching Abroad

Studying Abroad: Reasons

After analyzing the reasons why students decide to leave the exchange, we find the following scenariostudying abroad

Studying Abroad: Most Popular Countriesstudying abroad

If we focus on specific countries, these are the 10 most popular destinations (in red):

Most popular destinations

  1. Spain


  1. Sweden


  1. Holland


  1. Switzerland


  1. France


  1. Australia


  1. Germany


Being the top 3:studying abroad

Another interesting fact is that of the countries that send the most students abroad. As expected, the two that lead this list are the giants China and India, far from the rest of the world’s countries:studying abroad

Studying Abroad: University Fees and Costsstudying abroad

When choosing the destination country, the cost of living in the country usually plays a key role. If we look at the cost of studying in different countries, we find the following:

For this reason, many students seeking a study experience abroad study hard throughout the year, to be eligible for scholarships from the Ministry of Education such as Erasmus scholarships or mobility grants, and thus finance part of their expenses.

More information about studies abroadstudying abroad

If you want to go further in the statistics related to the studies abroad, in these notes created with our Apuntes Online tool you will find all the information on which we have based.

Studying abroad is one of the most enriching experiences a student can have. Therefore, do not be afraid to leave your country, build your bag and get to know new places.

“I can not leave my friends and family”, “it’s too expensive for me” or “I have many responsibilities in the university the next semester”, are some of the obvious arguments by students who refuse to study abroad. So you miss out on a wonderful experience.

Studying abroad means experiencing a new way of teaching. The educational systems, the criteria and evaluation systems or the style of communication between students and teachers change in many countries. These slight variations help to open the mind to new ways of learning. Continue reading NECESSARY DOCUMENTS TO TRAVEL TO THE UNITED STATES! WITH FIVE WAY


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