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Straight haircut

Straight haircut: a look that will succeed!

It will not be a straight haircut that makes you change radically, but it will guarantee that you will look good with everything. You can also take it short, medium height or very long.

This type of cut also gives a touch of elegance to any type of “look”. You can accompany it with blond highlights with chestnut trees, mahogany tints or balayage highlights.

Do you fancy a cut that feels good with everything? Dare with straight haircutStraight haircut

If you want to cut your hair but you do not know how, a straight haircut is your choice. It is a very risky cut and with which you will continue to keep your hair beautiful and healthy. You can wear it short, mid-height or even long, without having to go through a large cut. In all its forms it is ideal! It will give you a very elegant touch that will combine perfectly with any type of look.

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hair CuttingStraight haircut

Before cutting it, we recommend that you have spent enough time without shaping your hair since you will need to have it long enough and it is very important that it is not stamped. We tell you different ways so you can wear your hair straight and can continue combing easily. Attentive!

 Short, medium or long?Straight haircut

Short straight haircut: It is still a cut that does not go out of style and gives personality to the face that wears it. It is ideal to carry over the shoulders and with side bangs or stripe in between. Yes! If you wear it short, our recommendation is that you comb it with the iron. If you have curly hair, we recommend that you choose a straight with a little more length.

Straight hair cut at half height: It is an intermediate cut between those who dare not try the scissors but are not fans of the XXL hair. It is a relatively long hair but perfects to appreciate that it is healthy and care. The straight haircut will make the appearance of healthy hair even more. This option we love with straight bangs and curly side combs!

Straight hair XXL: If you are one of those who loves long hair, you can keep it with the straight hair cut. This cut will help you simply to clean those tips that give a fragile appearance, removing the peak shape, and that does not favor anything. Having long hair will allow you a greater diversity to combine with fringes or even the stripe to the side. It is also ideal for curly hairs!

Straight haircut for all facesStraight haircut

If you have a round face and you like to wear the stripe in the middle, we recommend that you wear it at chest height. On the other hand, short and with a side fringe that gives you more volume, will also feel great. Will not disappoint you!

If you have a square face, you can afford a short straight haircut. You can wear it both plain and wavy. It’s great, do not you think?

If you have an oval face, you are a great lucky one. Any type of height will suit you with straight hair. In addition, you can comb it at your whim. With bangs, without bangs, smooth or curly. How you prefer!

If you have a long face, our advice is to opt for straight hair at medium height. Yes! Try to comb curly or wavy to give more volume to your face. You dare?

And the color of Straight haircutStraight haircut

With bronze wicks, a mixture of blond highlights with chestnut, you will get a natural tone that will favor your square hair. If we talk about darker shades, we love the mahogany color. You will give your hair a lot of personalities! If you do not dare with the dyes, you can always opt for balayage or golden highlights. Very natural!

Do it yourselfStraight haircut

But if there is an advantage with which we remain from this court is with the ease of being able to cut it to oneself. It’s super simple! You just have to untangle your hair and divide it in half, then hold it in the front and grab it with a pigtail, do not move! Then place your fingers straight as a reference for the cut and put in scissors. And, voila! I would be ready for a Straight haircut.

Straight hair cut at homeStraight haircut

Today I bring you one step at a time to learn how to cut your straight hair at home. Do you cheer up? One option is to split the hair in half and tie it in the front. Above all, you have to look that is super well combed and tight. When you have it, tie it with a rubber band and cut trying to hold the hair firmly. And ready! Then you dry it and iron it. You will see that it looks great!

Finally, you can add fringe or a path in the middle. If you have wavy or straight haircut it is recommended that you use the iron, on the contrary, if you have very curly, this style is not for you.


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