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Sphynx Cats – What are They Like and What sort of Care do They Need?

Cats come in many shapes and sizes, and as well as the standard moggies that we all know and love there are also many different breeds of cat. One of the most striking and unusual of all cat breeds is the Sphynx.

If you have never seen one of these, their most obvious feature is their complete lack of hair. So, they are certainly not a cat you are likely to see roaming around your neighbourhood very frequently, as being outdoors doesn’t only put them at risk of theft due to their obvious pedigree appearance, but they can also be prone to getting a little more chilly than most other cat breeds.

So, if you have decided that this is the cat for you and you want to have a hairless feline companion around what do you need to know about them?

Well of course the obvious is temperature. If your home tends to be on the chilly side it is not ideal as they do need to be kept warm – if your boiler is a little unreliable, you may want to give someone like this Evesham boilers company http://www.combi-man.com/boiler-finance/boiler-finance-evesham/ a call before you bring a Sphynx cat home. You can also get warm clothes to put on your cat to help keep it warm.

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Sphynx cats, being hairless, are also a popular choice for those who want a cat but have allergies. Due to the fact that cat allergies are caused by the fur and the dander, the lack of this in a Sphynx cat makes them the ideal match for someone who is allergic to cat hair. As well as this, the bonus is also that there is no hoovering up of large clumps of hair!

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Because of the lack of hair, you will need to care for the cat by bathing it regularly, usually around once a week. Most cats aren’t keen on bathing but as they have no fur to absorb the saliva from grooming it is an important part of their care and something that you should get them used to right from the beginning. Also be aware of the folds in the skin and clean the folds and wrinkles with a damp cloth as dirt and debris can become trapped in here that could lead to infection.

Personality wise, it is hard not to love a Sphynx cat. They have huge personalities and are very people orientated. So if you want to have a cat that adores you and follows you around, and loves to snuggle up with you at night this is definitely a breed to consider! Because of this they are also prone to becoming anxious when left alone for too long, so if you are out and about a lot you might want to consider a more independent type of cat.

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