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Social networks for restaurants: in which we should be?

Social networks are one of the best allies to reach potential customers, as well as being indispensable tools to make your business known. Today we talk about the most common. And analyze what we should be yes or yes. Keep reading…

Social networks have transformed the world of catering into a showcase of appetizing culinary trends, fusion and exhibition, where bars, restaurants. Or after works choose to become a place of reference in a certain place.

So, even if you are little anti-networks … you should not allow yourself the luxury of avoiding them. Because it is proven that they are the indispensable ally in restoration.

Although there are numerous platforms, the most used are known by all. Although the truth is that being in one of them is not something highly recommended.

Hence, we must know in detail the advantages of each of these networks. And squeeze out those utilities that may come better for our strategy.

The key is to publish the best gastronomic and leisure moments of the restaurant in those social networks that really attract the target audience, that attract potential clients. And that, therefore, report succulent benefits in the medium term.

Social networks for restaurants

Social networks for restaurants

Let’s start with Facebook

For a few years, and more intensely since Mark Zuckerberg’s team launched the Fanpages and the wonderful discovery of Facebook Business. The platform became one of the social networks for more gourmet restaurants.

Consider that in any marketing strategy that we trace, on Facebook we must be.

It is ideal for those managers and managers with little time, but we must take into account that we must publish periodically to avoid being forgotten, and also, that we have to do it properly.

In addition, we have to count on that in recent years Facebook asks us to go through the box. And to be visible we should make a minimal investment in advertising through Facebook Ads. Or launch offers or promotions so that the social giant of the like reward with new fans. And help us generate greater visibility.

The other great challenge is to have an instant response service, because many questions and opinions are included on Facebook that we must know how to manage tactfully. Keep in mind that the opinions of our customers are the best reference for future visits.

The furor for the gastro is on Instagram

With the Instagram app, the real visual showcase has arrived, where all the entertainment venues and restaurants struggle daily. All for taking the largest number of followers with your last snapshot.

It is difficult to count the millions of images that are uploaded to Instagram daily about dishes, drinks, desserts, places, moments and everything that has to do with the coolest and most attractive image.

Any restaurant can take advantage of Instagram by uploading photos of their best creations. At the end of the day, customers increasingly demand more to see the dish before eating it.

Here we can expand by uploading stories with live moments that give much more visibility, or publish with popular industry hashtags.

Pinterest, one hundred percent inspiration

Although Instagram has banished it for a long time, it is still a reference of style and trends for foodies and users.

If we have a good strategy, a team of professionals or specialists in Social Media for restaurants, or even if we have time for it, take advantage of the content generated by your business and upload it to the Pinterest boards .


A social network essential in the sector. So much so, that being the epicenter of the opinions of users of restaurants and hotels among other things, has finally become a social network, or at least, something very similar, and that is what their owners claim.

A few months ago he went around his interface and his mobile version with recommendations from friends and influencers.

Here the key is to know and have the ability to manage with solvency the opinions of users, very valuable for potential customers.

The Fork, the payment network for restaurants

The fork comes from the hand of Trip Advisor as a portal where people make reviews of the places where they eat and book online.

Unlike other social networks, this is a payment network for restaurants, but it is worth investing in it because of the number of potential customers who use it as a reference, since it works very well to be in the first results of Google search.

You tube, the video is king

Do we have several cool videos or an executive chef worth mentioning on Youtube? If so, we must be.

On the contrary, if we lack very interesting content for our audience, let’s discard it.

The reality is that there are few restaurants that upload their content here, mostly because making good videos and uploading them is expensive and takes time.

Twitter to be or not to be?

Should we be part of Twitter? Within social networks for restaurants, Twitter is the most immediate.

Therefore, two things can happen: that it suits us to publish the evolution of live events (if we have them from time to time), or we should also say that many opinions and mentions, both good and bad, are leaked through this platform.

Think then about those advantages or disadvantages that Twitter can cause for our restaurant and depending on whether we decide whether or not to be.

Google My Business

Of the social networks for restaurants, it is possible that Google My Business is the least attractive. However, for a restaurant it is very important to have her presence, because from there you can create and manage the Google Maps tab.

When someone searches for a restaurant in the area, the results appear on the Google map, including our local. Thus, if it does not appear, it is as if we did not exist.

Foursquare, the last minute social network

Foursquare is the app where users look for any restaurant or bar at the moment. It is the relocation network par excellence. It works very well, especially because it is very reliable, as it shows with the score and opinions of the users about each location, and at the same time allows the restaurants to promote them.

Yelp, with the most complete information about restaurants in an area

Finally, we should also have Yelp, since people recommend and find the detailed information of the restaurants in a certain area through this platform.

In short, these are the best social networks for restaurants. How many is your restaurant?

Remember that it is preferable to participate only in one or two actively, to be in several carelessly … Is there any other social network for restaurants that you find interesting and that we have not included? Do not hesitate to comment.

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