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7 chic cities to go shopping for little money this winter

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The metropolis is often a place to shop, but with a little preparation it can become a cheap shopping for little money getaway.

The following seven cities are not the cheapest in the world, but each one has parts in which you can save a lot of money and get real bargains.


little money this winter

Even in places as well known as Bond Street or King’s Road, the British capital offers many possibilities for shopping that are also good for your pocket. Fans of vintage clothing should approach Allies Antique Market – the largest covered market in London. There you can find unique pieces at ridiculous prices. Rotting Hill is a good place to buy classy gifts, clothes and books – it’s as easy as wandering the 1.5 kilometers of the Potbelly Road Market. Do you need a hotel in London ?


shopping for little money

From the Fashion Exchange, an event to exchange the latest fashion that takes place several times a year, to the large shopping center Galleries Lafayette – Berlin is full of shopping streets and shops. If you’re looking for a different gift, go to the Hackescher Market or stroll through Torstraße, as locals do. There you will find small and very authentic shops of Berlin designers among others, as well as excellent cafes and bars to rest after shopping. Here you can take a look at the hotels in Berlin .

New York

the little money

From Bloomingdale’s to Shoo, New York is connected to shopping in many ways, but you do not have to stay in Manhattan to spend your money. The Williamsburg area of ​​Brooklyn has been on the radar of trends for a couple of years and is full of vintage stores . At the flea market “Brooklyn Flea” – one of the best traces in the world – there are more than 100 stops. It sounds promising! And to complete the trip, you can see offers of accommodations in our hotel search engine in New York .


go shopping for little money this winter

Milan, LA metropolis of fashion, offers one of the best shopping experiences in the world. Assimilating the Italian city with brands and expensive design is wrong, because if there are fashion designers there are also outlets and stores with succulent discounts – from Levi’s to Dolce & Cabana, they all lower the prices of their collections and you can save up to 80 % of the original price. There are buses that connect the center of Milan with the various outlets in the area. After shopping so much, it’s best to rest in one of Milan’s elegant hotels .


discover little money

There is no other city in the world that has so many elegant shopping streets, thrilling markets and stylish second-hand stores like Paris. In the “Marché aux Puces de la Porte de Vances” there are more than 350 stops where you can find accessories, furniture, anything related to music … Do not miss the So-Pi area (abbreviation of South Piglet), a very fashionable neighborhood right now in Paris, right next to Montmartre. There, what abounds are the vintage clothing and music stores, although Pigalle is basically known as the red light district. Thanks to modern stores and trendy clubs, however, it is becoming increasingly interesting for shopping. And, of course, it’s central and it’s a good place to stay in a hotel .


chic cities to go shopping for little money

Anyone who knows Paris, Milan or New York well should give Tokyo a chance. It is one of the largest cities in the world and it is no surprise that it has some of the best shopping areas. The Shinjuku neighborhood, for example, is known for being the shopping area in Tokyo, where you can find everything. Harajuku, on the other hand, offers 2 completely opposite shopping experiences: Omotesando, the street of luxury, and Takeshita Dory, an area that targets a young and unique public. Anywhere, if you want to save money you always have the option of buying traditional souvenirs in the great stores of all 100 yen that are everywhere. Do not miss the Tokyo hotels , they are an experience and there are them for all tastes and budgets.


a little money

In Barcelona, ​​buying is part of the trip, since you can always discover something new almost everywhere – especially near the main tourist attractions of the city. But you do not need to go to the Shopping Line – the shopping paradise. The Sent Antonio Market is a charming market in a spectacular modernist location where you can find stalls where everything is sold: from food to clothing or books – and in many cases second-hand items. And what do you think of a quiet stroll through the trendy district of Garcia with its traditional shops and artisan products? If you want to escape from the hustle and bustle of the center, it is also a good place to look for hotels in Barcelona.

Winter fashion 2018 woman

the dress well with little money

Neither gray nor boring. The winter fashion 2018 defies all prejudices and encourages bright colors and metallic tones. The violet and the red will reign (in a fan that starts in the pink and ends in the embroidery), but we will also see a lot of orange, different browns and greens, and various camel and yellow options. To the autumnal color palette, the range of blue is added, from the dark indigo to the more washed celestial ones.

In pants, we will see the two extremes: leggings and leggings continue to stomp but disembark the loose and wide dress pants or oxford type. The bet is for the elegance, but without losing comfort. The sporty look is still full.

Winter accessories 2018 women

How to dress well with little money?

Scarves, gloves and boots are the basic accessories to combat the cold, but each year they are renewed to surprise us with the looks that distinguish each season.

A must of this winter are the decorated accessories: maxi tacos with studs, huge bags with feathers or pearls, booklets and backpacks with appliques and embroidery everywhere. They follow the glitter, the studs and the bright textures.

How to dress well with little money?

top little money

Today I want to talk about an issue that I have been asking a lot and that I also like and is how to do to dress very well without spending a lot of money. It can? Of course, it is just a matter of knowing some tips and tricks that I will teach you today in this post. Keep reading …

Invest well

Do not spend a lot of money on clothes, invest in purses and shoes. The reason? The clothes spoil very fast and goes out of fashion, inevitably you will buy clothes just because they provoke you on a certain date and then you will not like them anymore. Portfolios and shoes tend to last longer, are not so subject to trends (there is no fashion portfolio every season) and the quality of a good portfolio or a good pair of shoes are decisive to achieve a sophisticated outfit, when you buy a dresses, let’s put, 30 soles, very few people will realize the price because it can look very good. In short, if you want to dress well with little money, instead of buying 20 cheap dresses, buy yourself a good portfolio or pair of shoes.

Do not discard, fix or recycle

It has happened to me, that I bought a dress with a long one a couple of years ago, that at that moment I liked, for example, the long to the middle of the calf, but with time I did not feel comfortable with this type of dress and instead of throwing it in the trash or giving it away I take it to the seamstress to fit it where I want. And not only this happens with modifications as simple as a long, if you have a coat of jean that you find boring, customize it, put on patches that are super trendy, make a few tears and you will almost have a new garment. At this point it is important to have a good seamstress who knows your measurements and who does not charge very expensive and have patience and creativity.

Keep your clothes in good condition

Take care of your clothes, worry because they are clean, ironed, without hairs and neat. For this, it is essential that you have a flat iron at hand, a fifth hair roller and some scissors to cut the labels of the clothes. Just as it cost you money, you have to take care of your things and so not only will they last longer, but a sack pressed to one with wrinkles does make a difference.

Access your clothes

There is no look that a good necklace or pair of earrings can not lift. Again, the trick here is not that you have 20 bags, 40 skirts or 50 pants. No, with a couple or three of each you can handle yourself very well if you combine them with accessories that look sophisticated, modern, fun. A maxi necklace in golden tones, for example, lifts a look all black or all denim (jean). On the contrary, if we have few or almost no accessories, our small repertoire of fashionistas pieces will be noticeable.

You’ve probably heard this already several times and that is very true, the basic garments are the foundations of your look, on which you can create many styles with purses, shoes and accessories. Therefore, it is important to invest in good basic, not fashionable clothes of the moment, such as a pleated skirt or a crop top. Investing in basic will allow you to build many outfits.

The basics are:

  • A white blouse.
  • Black and white polo shirts.
  • Black coat or trench coat
  • Jean, according to the body shape.
  • Cocktail black dress
  • Black or navy blue blazer.


We are all excited about the offers, but you have to be very careful to be a victim of these and end up buying to buy. The key to take advantage of the offers is simple: do not buy something that you do not like and that you know you will use very little just because it is cheaper. In times of offers, buy the same thing you would buy if the price was not reduced, be as thorough as you are when that dress is at 100% of the price since the price does not make the quality of the dress.

Another tip that I give you is to know that there are offers and offers. That is, there are very minimal offers that range from 10% to 30% and if they are a discount, they should keep an eye on seasonal sales, there are many things they can buy even for the current season as the weather is very unpredictable as we already know.

Buy online

Although in Peru we are not yet a very adept country to buy online, I advise you to at least try it once and see how it goes. On the internet there are many bargains and very nice things. Be careful, yes, with the sizes, check the delivery time. If they charge you for an additional charge and as last advice, never save the data of your debit or credit cards.

Observe your life, what do you really need?

Once I saw some high-heeled shoes full of rhinestones and glitters, they were on offer and they were perfect for me; However, my mom told me, why are you going to buy them? And I thought and yes, it did not make any sense to spend money on some shoes to wear them on an occasion that had not yet arrived. I say this, because one can not buy something and then create the need, you can not buy a feather dress for when you are invited to the red carpet some day of your life. DO NOT.

First comes the need and then the purchase. You have to see what your life is like, what your priorities are. If you are a woman who spends many hours in the office, five days a week, it will be convenient to invest in good bags, dresses and wallets to go running to buy the latest off shoulder fashionable blouse. When you have a budget you can not afford to buy it just in case or buy it because you liked it at the time, you have to adjust to reality and that reality is not boring, it is one where we are intelligent and mature women who want to see us with style without sacrificing light, water or the internet.

Tips for dressing well with little money

dress well with little money

The classic never goes out of style

money Many times we buy clothes because it’s pretty and we end up using it two or three times because that fuchsia color is impossible to combine. To save money it is important to avoid buying clothes that we will not use, and for this reason it is important to invest in versatile clothes that you can wear on all occasions. Remember that the classic never goes out of fashion. There are certain elements that can not be missing in your wardrobe. Here is the list

A black dress

Buy a black dress instead of a printed one. A black dress is classic, elegant and never goes out of fashion, so you can use it for years. It is also very easy to combine since black goes with everything. The best thing is that you can use it for all casino, during the day or night. If you need a dress, do not hesitate to buy a black one, it will be one of the best investments you will make.

A pair of jeans

It is a classic of casual dress. You can combine this garment with any color and achieve an infinity of looks. If you want a relaxed appearance you can simply combine your jeans with a shirt and sports shoes. If you want a more formal and elegant look you can combine them with a chiffon blouse and heels. The jeans look good with absolutely everything and on any occasion.

A black blazer

It is a very versatile garment that can be combined with any thing and worn on any occasion. You can use it both to go to work and to go out at night, or combine it with a pair of jeans to go out with your friends. If you are thinking of buying a coat, do not hesitate to invest in a black blazer, you will use it for the rest of your life.

A smooth skirt

This garment can be used both in summer and winter (adding a pair of tights). If it is smooth, you can combine it with any type of blouse or shirt, both printed and plain. To be even more versatile it should be black, gray or blue: these colors combine with anything.

Classic shoes

It is always good to have a pair of classic shoes. The black stilettos go well with everything, both with party dress and jeans to achieve an elegant and casual look at the same time. If you want a pair of new shoes do not hesitate to opt for black heels.

Take advantage of the sales

money The sales campaigns are characterized by offering seasonal products at much lower prices than normal. In this way the stores manage to sell the merchandise faster to be able to replace it with the new collection. The periods of discounts vary according to each autonomous community or country depending on the working days and each holiday.

In general, the main sales take place after Christmas, close to January 7. The stores begin the expected ” winter sales” and offer discounts from 20-30% on their outerwear to renew their stock and present the lightest garments and bright colors typical of spring and summer.

In the month of July they begin the ” winter sales ” that usually present discounts and offers in summer clothes until mid-August (dates based on the northern hemisphere). That is to say that after each season the stores must get rid of the surplus merchandise and for that they offer better prices.

Thanks to the sales you can buy the clothes you like for a much lower price and use them in the future. In addition, there are some garments that can be worn all year round, in different seasons, such as a pair of jeans, a handbag or a pair of shoes.

Visit thrift stores and street markets

 This requires some time and patience. It can be difficult to find the right clothes in these stores, but you will pay a third of what you would pay for them in a normal store. Many times second-hand shops and street markets sell clothes in very good condition, almost without use.

Take advantage of your free time during the weekend to visit the thrift store or the flea market in your neighborhood and discover very elegant clothes for an incredibly low price. In these stores you can not only find clothes, but usually you will also find a wide variety of accessories. Vintage accessories can give a very elegant touch to your outfit.

In this type of stores you can also find designer clothes or well-known designers for a very reduced price. In this way you will wear expensive and elegant clothes that you have bought for a few dollars. Visiting these stores can be a very exciting activity, especially when you find the perfect item.

Finally, in times of crisis it is difficult to allocate money to buy clothes since it is not a basic need. There are other priorities that are obviously more important, such as paying the mortgage or buying food. However we do not want to stop looking good and look elegant. While it is evident that little money helps to buy branded and quality garments, this does not mean that because we do not have money we should dress badly. There are many economic options that can be taken into account when putting together an economic and stylish wardrobe.  The key is to learn to buy intelligently and have some basic notions about fashion to know how to combine and reuse different elements. If you want to learn to dress well, beautiful and cheap you should continue reading this post in which we present some tips that could be very useful.

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