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10 tips to prevent bullying in the class room

Do you think bullying is something far in your life? That your children may never suffer? You’re wrong. This problem is more common than you think and may go unnoticed, so follow these tips to prevent bullying.prevent bullying

The physical and psychological aggression for which children and adolescents live are increasing. Proof of this are the figures from the  Department of Education of the Federal District that indicate that 77% of the students of a primary and secondary school in Mexico City assume victim, aggressor or witness of mistreatment and intimidation towards their classmates.

To start steeping well on the subject, it is important to clarify that the word harassment can include, among other things, intimidate, frighten, exclude, annoy, inconvenience, provoke, challenge, hit or insult.

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If you talk to your child and tell them to bother you at your school, stay tuned and ask him or her to help you identify the type of harassment:

Direct: It is the most common form among children and adolescents; It translates into fights, physical aggression, and even beatings.prevent bullying

Indirect or psychological: It is characterized by claiming the social isolation of the victim, through the propagation of defamations, threats or criticisms that allude to physical traits or limitations, in addition to blackmail.

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In addition, the situation worsens when those affected hide the problem from the adults with whom they live, such as their parents or teachers. Follow these tips to prevent bullying :

  • Meet your friends and classmates. Ask him how is the relationship he has with them.
  • If you notice that your child has a trace of violence on his body, ask him privately what happened to him and make him feel confident so he can tell you what happened.
  • Do not ask your child to solve only the problem and much less with violence, because this, far from solving the problem, can cause more stress in children or adolescents.
  • Let him know that he has your support and that, in case of any offense, he will come with some academic authority.
  • When a case of bullying is detected, the parents of the child or adolescent must work together with the school to solve the problem immediately.
  • Be informed of the measures that are being taken in the institution to resolve the case and establish a deadline with the academic authorities to know the results.
  • Observe your child at home. If you have any changes in behavior or eating habits, it is important that you support them with professional help.
  • Keep discretion of what happens with the follow-up of the case, often family and friends can commit indiscretions that affect your child.
  • If the deadline you gave to the academic authorities is not met and you notice that your child does not feel calm, it is best to change it from school.
  • Many parents make the mistake of getting their children to continue their studies as long as they do not miss the school year, but it is best to give the child the peace and security he needs.prevent bullying

Throughout my work and the different pieces of training and workshops that I carry out in the country and abroad, I was able to develop short and strategic plans on how to prevent bullying in your school. This problem is undoubtedly a challenge for parents, teachers, and educators, as it can often escape from the eyes of even the most observant and seem like an impossible struggle to win.



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