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perfect marriage decoration

Six aspects to keep in mind to achieve a perfect marriage decoration

The day of your marriage is a moment that you will keep as a treasure in your memory, and probably your closest friends and family will also remember it as a wonderful day of happiness. However, to make this day memorable, there are many details that you must plan ahead and try to surround yourself with the best professionals so that everything goes perfectly. And then it will be perfect marriage decoration.perfect marriage decoration

The first question you should ask yourself is what will be the style of the wedding and then you will think, and then in what place? At what time? What flowers to use? To answer these and many other questions, we have turned to important suppliers to know what to take into account when choosing the best decoration for your marriage.

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Marriage style a perfect marriage decorationperfect marriage decoration

As we already mentioned, the choice of style that the wedding will have is the first question you should ask yourself, especially if you are thinking of a different or unconventional event, since this could determine the choice of the location and its subsequent decoration.

If you are thinking of a rustic outdoor wedding or a reception in an elegant hotel in the city, both options will require different types of decoration, so we recommend you write down what you like and little by little you will reach your favorite theme.

Location for perfect marriage decorationperfect marriage decoration

The choice of where we want to make the perfect marriage decoration will give us the first clues how to decorate the space, the palette of colors, materials, and textures that we can use in each environment.

According to Dominga Eventos, if the election has been an event hall in the city, you are probably thinking of a more elegant, classic and glamorous event, so that neutral colors such as white, black, silver and gold may be the protagonists of this decoration , with some points of color in shades of purple, pink or red in essential elements such as centerpieces and other flower arrangements, giving priority to elements such as crystal chandeliers, silver tableware and soft and elegant lighting.

On the contrary, if we choose to celebrate our marriage together with nature or outdoors, the decoration code can be much lighter, casual and cheerful, and the colors we choose can be more fun and vibrant as yellow, orange, blue, among others. In this type of environment the white color should be prioritized, which will help to harmonize all the other saturated colors that we want to combine. In the same way, the decorations can have natural foliage and wooden elements to continue with the natural wave of the exterior landscape.

Harmony of environments for perfect marriage decorationperfect marriage decoration

It is important that you stay true to the style of marriage and continue with the same line of perfect marriage decoration in all environments. For example, if it is a marriage of classic and elegant style, roses will always be a good option, however, if the wedding has a fresher and more fun, hydrangeas will always be our best option, as they combine very well with others types of flowers.

Air decoration a perfect marriage decorationperfect marriage decoration

As the experts at Concepto Mandala tell us, air decoration is currently very important, which is the perfect marriage decoration that is made on the ceilings of the salons or in the tents, where different styles can be worked. Now the industrial style is fashionable, marriages in sheds that intervene with boho style decoration, which is a lot of colors combined with white tablecloths and lace details.

Lighting for perfect marriage decorationperfect marriage decoration

This aspect is very important in the setting of the spaces, probably the ceremony is extended until late at night and it is necessary to keep the places illuminated. Now there are several alternatives that can help you to style and maintain the elegance of the environments.

Good options are the pots and cubes illuminated with LEDs offered by the company Maceto, which come in different colors and can be placed in the gardens or entrances of the halls, they will give a modern and original touch to the perfect marriage decoration.

Entertainment spaces for perfect marriage decorationperfect marriage decoration

Marriage is a moment of celebration and so must the environments. According to the company Luxes Design every day more couples are looking for more than anything to have fun in their event and for this it is necessary to create the party atmosphere, and that is where we experts give a unique touch to the space so that the people are motivated We help to decorate both the area of the track, the bar area and the smoking or outdoor area, with themes such as black and white, fluor, led party, sensation, etc.

Likewise, we can also include small interactive details for the guests, such as the technological photo printers offered by the PrintBox company, or put a scrapbook so that the guests can write a message for the bride and groom. These details make a perfect marriage decoration, unique and different.

As you saw, there are many alternatives to make your perfect marriage decoration memorable, get advice from the best experts and take advantage of the full potential of the location you choose. Every little detail in the perfect marriage decoration will make your celebration something more special. Now to dream!

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