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Nine leadership tips to generate good performance

The leadership is rarely an inborn quality in everyone, especially the time today. Effective leadership is a combination of many factors and qualities. When you see someone naturally that has charisma and inspiration, maybe you can’t see a huge amount of work behind it.

Today, to be a leader, you must know how to reconcile the aspirations of different stakeholders, managing the relationships between 5 elements …

  • Your personal skills;
  • The aspirations of the followers, collaborators;
  • The culture of the organization in which you act;
  • The expectations of all concerned;
  • The social community in which you operate.

Increasingly there is a growing demand to develop leadership in many contexts. Whether it’s sport, business or any type of association, many try to plant seeds for effective leadership. We often forget that the only source of good performance is people (the team). Technology, innovative processes and new methods of Workboard software are all good, but the reasons for the difference in performance between different teams or organizations are people and those who lead them.

Effective leadership produces good performance over time, while good leadership with bad performance does not make much sense. The good performance but they are completed the people who make up or not belong to a team or an organization: the real task of the leader is just to helping and equipping people to achieve high performance.

Here are nine behaviors ready to help you in your leadership development process …

All groups, teams or organizations need Objectives and key results – OKRS, a purpose, and a common goal that tracks the direction that everyone must follow. I can assure you that vision is of fundamental importance for effective leadership. If this vision is not communicated and transmitted to everyone, every decision and action can fail its purpose. The easiest way to communicate the vision is to live it and make it live. Your actions as leaders must embody the vision in your daily behaviors, since others will follow you only if you are credible. Your people are not stupid. They listen to what you say and then look at what you do.

Talk to your people every day

People work for people. Many believe it is enough to pay people to make them work or motivate them to do something. Paying people makes them go to work, but what they do when they get to work has to do with their motivation. The only way to have a relationship with others is to talk to them. Each day you set aside time to talk, get to know everyone, and be present in their lives, so that they follow you and work for you.

Thank your people

One of the most powerful ways to get people to support you, follow you and work hard for you is to show people that you appreciate what they do. Use your time to thank others in person. Take the time to look for people and thank them for what they have achieved.

Be clear and convincing

Too often, what is good is not explicit. Take the time to explain to everyone what you expect and what you consider a success, what you consider acceptable and what is not acceptable. Try to understand how much the person has understood and agreed with it on the task he has been entrusted with. If the person does not agree with the task, try to understand why, not thinking that he just doesn’t want to do it. Maybe he doesn’t feel ready, or he needs training or coaching.

Be consistent but admit your mistakes

If you have to support your vision then your behavior must be in line with that vision. Life is never simple. Sometimes as a leader you make judgment errors or act on the spur of the moment, overwhelmed by the frustrations of the day. Then you have two choices. You can insist on behaving this way and destroying the trust people have in you. Or you can accept that you made a mistake and apologize.

Discuss the failure in a low voice

You know what’s good and what’s wrong. When there is someone’s failure, don’t make a big deal out of it, but it shows that you know about it, you take care of it and you want to help. Get information from the person about what went wrong and why. Maybe you too could learn something. If things went well, then you have to thank, while, if there has been anyone’s great success, you have to celebrate it publicly.

Build your personal brand

To help your people succeed, you need to be human and pleasant, without falling into good doing. Sincerity and honesty are also fundamental. If you show a discrepancy between your words and your actions you will lose their respect. People are slow to change their negative beliefs. Be careful not to lose respect and rapport, when a simple apology can repair it.

Discuss the wrong behavior but not the person

Sometimes you will face issues of poor performance or bad behavior. For these reasons, you will need to talk to the person and you will feel disappointed and embittered by it. Keep in mind that you will need to discuss poor performance and the discussion must focus on what the person has done and his behavior. Make sure you pass the message that you don’t like behavior, not the person.

Rewards the person, not the behavior

The fastest way to destroy the feeling of “working together” is to give monetary rewards for specific behavior. You will be seen as a person who does not believe that their people can do their best without being corrupted. Imagine now that you have all wonderful people working for you and they amaze you with what they can do. It means that these people are above average and should also be paid or rewarded above the average.

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