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The new businesses for 2019 that are triumphing

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New businesses for 2019– If you have an entrepreneurial spirit and have ever thought about setting up your own company, surely you have wondered at some time what it is that makes a business work or sink. There is no magic formula for this since there are many factors that influence, from the idea to the details of the implementation through the pure luck factor. But analyzing success stories can help us see what are the reasons for the success of the most successful companies. Therefore, today we present best new businesses for 2019 that are triumphing and reflect on what they have in common.

Examples of new businesses for 2019 that succeed

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Based in San Francisco, this company has had a meteoric growth: in just five years it has managed to be present in 128 cities in 45 different countries. Its business model is an alternative to taxis based on connecting passengers and drivers in exchange for a portion of the fares. Currently, it is expanding to offer all types of home deliveries.

Uber is not present in Spain for legal reasons, but we do have a transport company based on a similar concept of shared economy: BlaBlaCar, designed to share gas expenses on medium and long distance journeys.


Where Uber is an alternative to traditional taxis, AirBnB is the competition for hotels. Born in 2008 in a business incubator, today AirBnB offers more than one million properties in 34,000 cities in 190 countries. The company connects real estate owners with people interested in short-term rentals and offers the possibility of renting a full apartment, a room or even a shared bed.


Kickstarter is the largest crowdfunding website for creative projects. Its business model is based on offering visibility to the creators of projects to obtain financing; In return, the company keeps a part of the proceeds. Since its inception in 2008, Kickstarter has hosted more than 100,000 successful funded projects that have raised more than $ 2,240 million. Along with the rest of crowdfunding or crowdfunding platforms, Kickstarter has been a revolution in the business world.

What do new businesses that succeed have in common?

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When we analyze these three success stories, it is obvious that they are all based on using the internet to connect people with complementary needs to each other , making traditional intermediaries disappear.

The great advantage of this model is that the company does not need to invest in its own resources . Uber does not own cars, nor AirBnB properties, nor Kickstarter capital to invest in their projects. Passing this witness to the users themselves, companies can launch and grow in a much easier and faster way while offering advantages to their users.

Another characteristic common to this type of business is that they sometimes run up against  pre-existing legal barriers , as is the case with Uber: it is, therefore, an important factor to take into account when proposing a new model of business. deal.

The lesson learned from new business is that reducing intermediaries  to connect users is a bet of success. Think about how you can adapt your idea to this model and you will have many more opportunities to succeed.

Successful new businesses for 2019 ideas

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Digitization has facilitated the integration in the market of many companies that already worked in the online sector, but it has also been a business opportunity for others that have started directly on the network . Thus, online businesses have been opened in recent years that are triumphing , because one of the main characteristics of opening a company on the Internet is that expenses are reduced and the potential audience increases . Today we want to tell you about the online business models that are currently successful, a vision that will help you understand which sectors are the most sought after and apply it to your work life.

Successful new businesses for 2019: 5 online companies that are triumphing

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Although there are many sectors that can replicate their activity in the network, the truth is that there are some that are especially prone to succeed, either because of market trends at the moment or because of the ease of their activity, which allows them to manage a greater volume of business. These are 5 examples of businesses that succeed and are currently acquiring a lot of value:

Affiliate Marketing: In recent times there has been a proliferation of websites and blogs that recommend products, link to the company’s website and take a percentage of each sale they get. Its success is to do it in the most original way possible, although many of them are known pages that convince their users through recommendations. Those that activate discount coupons to exchange on the original website are also common and thus incentive the purchase by their visitors.

Online training: Specialization is an asset increasingly valued by companies, so many people want to recycle or increase their knowledge around a topic to have more options to choose the job of their life. In this way, there are businesses that are responsible for transmitting knowledge to their users in the form of interactive courses, ebooks and much more, without a doubt a business model that is gaining many followers and that can be very attractive for many companies.

Customized software: When a company automates a process it wants to do it in the most profitable way possible, for that reason an effective solution is to acquire a scalable software. Many businesses are dedicated to creating an option that serves as a solution for many companies, so that their operation can be extrapolated to each need. It is becoming an important asset for which to bet and its growth is exponential, thanks to the great demand of services of this type for companies.

Online advice: Many professionals are considering offering their services also through the network, so that they reach a much wider audience and reduce the cost of providing the service. Nutritionists, lawyers, specialists in different sectors … providing help through the Internet can improve the relationship with the client, since it allows the use of audiovisual support and reduces complications for both parties.

Drop shipping: The companies that are dedicated to this sector of activity sell specific products of a supplier without having stock, that is to say, that when a client buys in his store, he sends the order directly to the manufacturer. In this way, you save costs and just add the profit margin you want for each item. Over time a network of quality providers is created that improves the relationship with consumers.

The businesses that succeed are online. These are becoming increasingly relevant , because they reduce costs and time in the processes, in addition to expanding the target audience.

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