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Music for Caring

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Have you been thinking about a career in care? It’s a broad ranging profession with a chance to work with many different types of people and that’s what makes it popular. If you’re busy looking for the perfect vacancy, enjoy these songs on your job hunt:

Handle With Care – The Traveling Wilburys

When caring for vulnerable adults or children, empathy, kindness, patience and understanding are crucial skills. Everybody deserves to be ‘handled with care’ as the title of this song suggests. When you’re looking for Care Jobs Gloucester, visit a site like https://takefivehealthcare.co.uk/candidates/job-search/care-assistant-jobs-gloucestershire/

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Who Cares As Long As You Care For Me – Judy Garland

Caring attracts people from all walks of life and a diverse workforce is needed to represent the diversity of the communities they care for.

Why Should I Care? – Diana Krall

There are many great reasons to get into care. There is immense job satisfaction, knowing you’ve made a positive difference to someone’s life. There are also opportunities for flexible working so carers can work around their existing family commitments. There are many different settings where care is required so a carer could find themselves working in a care home, a hospital, a hospice, a retirement village or independent living facilities.

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I Care 4 U – Aaliyah

There are many different people that need care and these include children, young adults with learning disabilities, seniors with dementia and those who may have limited mobility following surgery, for example. If you have a compassionate nature, then a career in care could be right for you.

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