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7 luxury hotel in Ukraine for a perfect wedding

Choosing a place for a wedding banquet, you have to personally inspect a lot of restaurants and study their menu in details. But, after thinking about how many problems in the form of not only the festive banquet but also the accommodation of guests and the first wedding night, falls on the newlyweds, we decided that it would be better to hold a wedding in the hotel in Ukraine.

First, banquet halls in the hotel in Ukraine are often much larger than in the most spacious restaurants, and secondly, the issue of where to place guests for the night automatically disappears. It turns out that tired but happy guests and themselves newlyweds after or during a several-hour banquet can go up to their room to rest. So, Yvette has prepared a list of seven hotel in Ukraine, which are ideal for a wedding.

Deem Resort & SPA luxury hotel in Ukraine

luxury hotels in Ukraine

What could be more romantic than the wedding ceremony on the lake, and the very celebration – in a chic room with marble columns, high ceilings, crystal chandeliers and panoramic windows? This is the banquet hall we saw in the hotel Deem Resort & SPA in the Lvov region.

In the best traditions of the West-Ukrainian wedding, the Hall of the Grand Hall is ready to accept up to 250 guests or up to 400, if the bride and groom do not plan to sit at separate tables, but want to organize a buffet table. Read more: The 5 best travel sites in Mexico

Charm and luxury will not end outside the banquet hall, because the rooms are equipped in the same style. The suite will cost the newlyweds about 10 000 UH, and guests can be accommodated in more modest rooms for 3 000 US/day.

Alex of the boutique hotel in Ukraine

the luxury hotels in Ukraine

The combination of good service, luxurious interior with truly Ukrainian hospitality and cordiality is the Dnepropetrovsk boutique hotel Alex of the boutique hotel in Ukraine. In this 11-story building, there will certainly be enough space for a lavish feast, for dancing, and for accommodating all the guests, no matter how crowded the wedding may be. The average cost of the room is 6 000 UH per night. Despite the fact that the hotel is located in the central part of the city, it is hidden from prying eyes in a quiet street that does not interfere with the excellent panoramic view from the windows of the restaurant of the last floor. Read more: How to apply for a Tourist Visa for the USA

Gusting Door 1812

hotels in Ukraine for a perfect wedding

“Gusting Door 1812” is located in a building of the XIX century in a quiet historical suburb of Kiev. We recommend this place for those who want to hold a wedding classified as “secret” or “secluded”. You can rent at once the whole building with a number of rooms of 18 rooms (the cost varies from 1,000 to 10,000 US per day) and cover tables in a spacious courtyard or a local restaurant.

By the way, be ready for the fact that the wedding can drag on until the morning because not all guests will want to go to the rooms when you can visit the spa, play billiards and bowling and even fish.

Superior Golf & Spa Resort (Kharkov)

best hotels in Ukraine

Kharkov, dreaming of a wedding with chic, can realize their dream in an ideally adapted place for this. Superior Golf & Spa Resort is a five-star hotel where you can organize a wedding of the all-inclusive format.

Newlyweds can start wedding gatherings in the room, exchange vows at an exit ceremony, take pictures, treat guests in one of the rooms, place them in the rooms of the appropriate format and spend the wedding night in a three-level suite with a late romantic dinner or relax after a busy day in the spa. For a day of stay in the room will have to pay from 1800 to almost 6500 UH.

And on the second day of the wedding, you can go for a walk in a more light mode: play golf, enjoy the local scenery near the lakes with swans and visit the spa. In general, all the guests and the newly born family will have something to do and how to have a boring time.

Firmament Grand hotel in Ukraine

top hotels in Ukraine

In one of the most picturesque corners of Kiev, you can celebrate a royal wedding with a view of the Dniester. The Firmament Grand hotel in Ukraine is located 100 meters from the river station, so a festive feast can be diversified by a walk along the river and a themed photo session.

Returning to the organization of a festive banquet. In one of the spacious banquet halls of the hotel guests and newlyweds will dance and enjoy delicious food. Exquisite interior of the halls and elegant atmosphere will fill the hearts of lovers with an incredible joy that will remain in their memory for many years of married life to again gather in a world-famous hotel for a golden wedding.

By the way, one of the suites in the package “Just married” can accommodate newlyweds who have already managed to consolidate their lives with family ties, offering special services in the form of a comprehensive breakfast for two, bottles of French wine and fruits, a discount of 10% on spa treatments in Elixir Spa Deluxe and several other additional services a little more than for 8 000 UH.

“Memo” (Odessa)

a hotels in Ukraine

“Memo” – one of the most famous Odessa hotel for weddings, because it can not just shelter and delicious feed, but also dip into the world of dolphins.

Staying on the wedding night at the hotel, the couple receives not only champagne and fruit in the room but also a free visit to the sauna and sauna. “Memo” is the only hotel in Europe with dolphins, so it’s a sin not to take the opportunity to swim only with these friendly mammals.

Depending on the season, for the most festive banquet, you can choose an outdoor terrace or restaurant with a panoramic view. We think that for a wedding in a marine style, “Memo” will suit perfectly.

Panorama DE Lure (Odessa)

luxury hotels in Ukraine for a perfect wedding

Panorama DE Lure is another delightful Odessa hotel in Ukraine for a wedding. We could not include it in our list, because we read about him a lot of enthusiastic reviews. Those lucky ones who have already passed into the status of lawful husbands and wives, write that apart from the bright hall for the celebration, they were pleased with the gift from the hotel staff in the form of free daily living in a luxury suite for newlyweds (the usual cost of which reaches 5,000 UAH per day) , a delicious compliment with delivery to the room and a 30% discount on accommodation.

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