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Looking for the Right Accommodation when you go to university

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Moving house is stressful whatever age you are – but when you are making your first move out of the family home and to an independent life, this can also feel quite daunting – but also exciting! Moving away from home is something that a lot of young people experience for the first time when they go to university. Being prepared for this is very important if you want to settle in and get the best from the experience…

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It is important to start looking into accommodation well in advance. This way you will have a good idea of the sort of things that you like and what to look for. For example, if you are looking for student accommodation Cheltenham then visit your perfect pad to get an idea of what is available. Some places like halls will have a much livelier atmosphere whereas others will be more quiet so look for the sort of thing that will make you happy.

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As well as the accommodation itself, get to know the local area and what is around it. What sort of area is it? What amenities and services are local to the area? Is it on a good public transport route for example? These are all things that will be important when you live there so try to visit and spend time in different areas to get an idea of what appeals to you and suits your needs.

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