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10 plans for Valentine’s Day 2019!

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A top ten of romantic plans that you can prepare your partner for the valentine’s day! From a relaxing experience, going for a romantic dinner, an aphrodisiac gift, a balloon ride. And who knows, maybe you even marry Las Vegas style!

We give you a few ideas, then it’s up to you to make February 14 one of the most special valentine’s day of the year!

On some other occasion we have already given you some ideas of romantic plans to make in Madrid. We proposed the best plans, restaurants and gifts for this date .

If you are looking for something different, original, and of course, romantic valentine’s day 2019. The plans that we present below you will like:

Marry Las Vegas style, without leaving Madrid!

best Valentine's Day

This San Valentin  Madrid Xanadu becomes LAS VEGAS!  With the authentic chapel, the cadillac as a witness. The best reverend and the best scenario for all couples to seal your love in true Las Vegas style.

The weddings take place in Plaza Xanadu from 9 to 14 February. So that everything is authentic. You will marry with the clothes and elements perfect for the occasion. Black leather sucker, Elvis Presley wig, white veil, a bouquet of red roses …

The Reverend will be in charge of officiating the wedding in the best scenario. And seal your love with a wedding certificate that will be delivered at the end of it. What happens in Xanadu stays in Xanadu.

Getting married in the Las Vegas chapel is totally free , you just have to register directly in the Xanadu Plaza of the shopping center within the time of the event. But if you want to be the first to get married. Weddings on the first day (February 9) will be registered directly on the event website.

In addition, all couples who get married will receive as a wedding gift 2 movie tickets!  And the best? That among all the weddings celebrated in the Las Vegas chapel of Madrid Xanadu.  A honeymoon will be raffled to go to the authentic city of Las Vegas …

A romantic aperitif in a corner of France

A glass of Champagne, caviar, jazz, an intimate place and the person who makes you feel good by your side.

Surprise your partner before going to dinner, with an atypical aperitif in a corner of France in Madrid. Simply because like good French, we love romantic evenings.

A Haven of Peace in the center of Madrid

top Valentine's Day

More than 200 m spread over two floors and 4 treatment rooms (one of them double to go as a couple), house a censorial, innovative and creative experience for couples.

Every detail is designed to the fullest: Milk jugs filled with wild flowers, vintage tea cups, recycled wood bookcases, etc. A selection of 8 stimulating , soothing , comforting. And evocative treatments, make up the LUSH SPA menu to treat body and mind .

Following its “fresh and handmade” principle.  All spa treatments are carried out with products full of fresh ingredients, shortenings.  And oils to soothe, soften and stimulate.

The musical that excites the audience

The Lion King is an exceptional musical, the result of the union of renowned musical and theatrical talents worldwide. And the fusion of the most sophisticated disciplines of the African, Western. And Asian performing arts that has become a global cultural phenomenon applauded in the five continents.

With its surprising and colorful staging, the musical transports the viewer to African exoticism, with dazzling visual effects. And evocative music, constituting a new milestone in the world of entertainment. And a turning point in artistic design, and in general, in that of the musical genre that leaves no one indifferent.

The romantic dinner at Boho Bar

Valentine's Day 2019

Boho Bar, located in the heart of Madrid, in the neighborhood of Chueca (Colmenares 13), receives with open arms the month of Love.

Its bohemian, colorful and optimistic design  make Boho Bar an essential stop for all those who celebrate love. In one of his tables with swings you can enjoy a menu  San  Valentin , with starter, main, dessert and a drink .

From 9 to 14 February you can taste its most representative dishes, which fuse Mediterranean recipes with more exotic and traveled flavors. The perfect plan for a magical and special night.

A luxury route through Madrid with a Valentine’s menu

Mark French luxury automotive DS  Automobiles  presented in Madrid an exclusive plan for the valentine’s day of  St.  Valentine. A route through the most emblematic Madrid, discovering corners and secrets of the city aboard a legendary Tiburon, the DS 23, a journey of an hour. And a half where you will visit some of the most special monuments and corners of the city. And which will culminate with a special lunch or dinner at the Hotel AC Santo Mauro.

A chauffeur expert in tourism will unravel the secrets and curiosities of the city. And the monuments along which the route takes place. Involving the passengers of the history of the Villa de Madrid over the years and the most romantic anecdotes that have took place in them.

At the end, the couple will enjoy a unique menu of  San  Valentin  in the restaurant of the Hotel AC Santo Mauro in which you can taste, among other things, golden chocolates foie. And almond truffle  Steak  Tartare  and parmesan with flower Caper or Beef sirloin with coumberland sauce.   And roasted sweet potato puree and   broccoli cous  cous. All watered with Pazo de Santo Mauro ( Do Rias Baixas), Marques de Murrieta (DO Rioja) and Champagne  Bollinger  Special Cuvee .

An original valentine’s day

discover valentine's day

If you are one of those who do not like the corny and want to celebrate with your partner an original Valentine’s day , what you have to do is go to Escape Room .

Each experience is developed in a space set according to its theme and begins at the moment in which the team enters the room. The components must solve all kinds of enigmas, puzzles. And keys, following mysterious clues that will lead you to the exit. Of course, before they finish the  60 minutes they have to pass the test.

They have three fun games: The Pyramid, The Countdown and The Basement , all with the same methodology but with different stories and enigmas .

Make the feeling of feeling in the clouds come true!

Take a balloon ride through Madrid and its natural surroundings. And enjoy views and a spectacular experience with whoever you love the most. In addition, when landing, there will be a toast with cava and some appetizers for the occasion.

From the first flame that inflates the balloon, to the last breath of air that makes it land. The flight will be an experience that will remember all of life. Discovering the unexpected of the landscape, guided by the morning breezes, many meters high.

A magical night in Plataea

Every February 14, the lovers look for surprising, provocative and elegant plans … Do these adjectives sound familiar? Exactly, like the cuisine of Michelin star chef Ricard Camarena.

Therefore, we offer an excellent dinner accompanied by a genuine show inspired by the Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland is the best surprise of  St.  Valentine’s day.

In the purest American style, there will be a Kiss Cam  that will tour the faces of all those attending Platea on that special night so that, spontaneously. You can kiss the person who is in the camera with you at that moment … or declare yourself live!

Spend a romantic night

the Valentine's Day

One of the most important moments of February 14 Valentine’s day is the night … For this reason many hotels in Madrid have done everything possible so that we can spend a super romantic night with our partner.

You also try khashlama recipe with beef and potato.

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