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6 amazing ways to recycle your old shoes

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Old shoes tend to accumulate in our house. Boots, sandals, sports shoes, heels …  we do not know what to do with them anymore.

With the passage of time, fashions vary and we tire of them. For that reason, of ideal complement happen to be a really bulky hindrance that we do not know where to place.

Fortunately, as far as decoration and recycling are concerned, there are very original ways of giving them another use.

For that reason, we want to tell you which are the most original ideas that you can carry out to give that second life to both your heels and your boots. The results will be amazing. Be surprised with these ideas and use them soon in your home.

Recycle your old shoes

 your old shoes

It is very common to combine everyday and normal objects in spaces that go out of the ordinary. That happens with the boots that are used as bird feeders.

You can hook your shoes to a tree trunk in the garden and fill them with food so that the birds can stock up on the fruits and seeds you give them. On the other hand, with a boot you can make a hanging house combining wood and the structure of the footwear.


Another very simple and original way to use our old shoes is to turn them into pots for our garden. It does not matter if you have a small or large garden; the important thing is the decoration and the style of your own.

To get some original pots made from shoes or boots, you just have to add dirt inside and plant what you want. Whether medicinal, decorative or colorful flowers. In addition, you can combine different species to get a more beautiful effect.

Decorative elements

In the same way, old shoes can be used to make great artistic decorations. From adding eyes to form mouths to create a figure and decorate our wall.

  • You can also use them as a container to store the keys, for example. Everything depends on your creativity.

By this we mean to put on the legs of the stools a pair of boots and a cowboy. Thus, you will create the feeling that the chair has a pair of legs.

Heels as a subject books

Nothing more chic than using some old heels as it holds books.  It is very original and does not require any effort on your part. If you see that they are much destroyed, you can give them a coat of paint to improve their appearance.

Shoes or boots as lamps

Another way in which we can recycle our old shoes is to make lamps with them. You can use shoes or boots for this, and you will only need to create an opening so that the light comes out in a more beautiful and uniform way.

As you can see, these are some ideas that you can carry out to use your old shoes and give a special touch to your home. A fantastic way to recover these objects that always end up in the trash.

Recycle shoes

If you still have the certainty that you want to get rid of your old shoes, we tell you how to recycle them properly.  Sometimes we believe that we dispose of our objects well, and we err in the choice of container.

As you can see, there are some perfect ideas, simple and very original to make crafts.  Combine the tools, your knowledge and imagination to get items that will surprise everyone.

Best ways to make houses for your pet with recycled materials

What better gift for your pet than a new room in which to sleep or lie down for a while? With some recycled elements, you can create real palaces for the ‘kings’ of the house.

  • The houses for your pet can be very easy to make and really economical if you use recyclable materials.
  • Houses, in many countries called ‘scoops’, serve to protect your pet from soil moisture and weather conditions if they sleep outdoors.
  • Especially in times of cold and heat, it is great that pets have their own space to spend the night or just to take a nap during the day.
  • Carlos Martinez, dog trainer, recommends that pets have their own space, where they feel safe, while preventing them from appropriating their spaces.
  • In addition to having very nice designs, which will make your pet feel truly privileged to have such a home, there are also ecological options for dogs and cats.
  • Thus, you can take advantage of different elements for nothing expensive or that you have at home to create a space for your beloved animal.

In the following points, we will describe some ways to build beautiful houses for your pets. With them, in addition to feeling protected, animals will feel the love you have for them.

House for animals with old monitor

Thanks to the current technology, the large screens and the box behind them have been totally dilapidated. Do not throw them away!

You just have to remove all the components inside and add a cushion for the owner to lie down. Of course, you can add a blanket and decorate your exterior with paint.

Old suitcases and chests, ideal for making beds

  • This alternative is more for indoor animals, but without a doubt it works phenomenally.
  • It consists of reusing an old suitcase and placing the elements in it to form a bed.
  • You can add legs and, also, you have to make sure that the lid is always raised; otherwise, your pet could get scared or even hurt.
  • Also, inside of it, you can paste decorations with your name and photographs to decorate.

On the other hand there is the option of old chests or trunks. This, in turn, can be useful for dogs or cats that sleep outside.

House for pets with old tables

It usually happens that, in the basement or in another corner of the house, we leave that unattractive table that we never liked.

  • Similar to what we discussed with the trunk, you should only make an opening on one of its sides for the dog or cat to enter.
  • It is necessary to clarify, in any case, that this type of recycling is usually a little harder than the others; you will need some tools and also the help of someone with some strength to carry it out.
  • First, you have to disassemble the tables of the pallet to be able to cut it in half; these parts will be the walls of the house the next step will be to cut the side walls diagonally and then place the roof. Of course, the bottom wall will be lower than the one on the front, where you will draw and cut the door.

Making houses for your pet with recycled materials will be a decision that will leave you satisfied and your animal amazed.  Without a doubt, you will also feel very lucky.

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