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There is no doubt that a landing page – and the ways to capture leads, raised in the online strategies of Inbound Marketing – are two of the most important elements in online business. Without them, marketers would have many more limitations to convert website visitors into potential customers – and generate reconversions too. This is because landing pages allow us to direct visitors to the site.

Underestimated or unknown by a large number of marketers in Latin America, the Landing Page in Spanish Landing Page is a fundamental tool that must be taken into account in any online strategy.

Landing pages are those pages to which A person arrives after clicking a button in a newsletter, an ad, or text located on a web page. Well used and optimized after an A / B test can add new subscribers and increase sales exponentially.

One of the main objectives of a landing page is to convert a visitor into a lead and then into a client, user, fan, etc. If you are not familiar with the elements that make up a landing page, this infographic can help you.

How do you create a landing page that converts? We must concentrate on the content, design, and SEO, test it and then, test a little more!

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  • As it is true that there are some essential data to build landing pages that convert, I will share those that, in my personal / work experience, have generated better results.
  • When we create the content of a landing page, we must always take into account the person we are targeting. Who is the recipient of my landing page?
  • People do not read, they scan the texts. Making keyword lists or punctuations are fundamental. The message arrives directly and generates conversions.
  • We must keep the design of our landing page as simple as possible. We do not want distractions that confuse our visitors.
  • We must always make sure that our landing page loads fast. Nobody likes to wait and your sales depend on this.
  • Boring buttons do not work. We need to create clear and striking Call To Action (or calls to action).
  • When a visitor arrives at a landing page he must know exactly what he has to do. If it is “Buy now”, “Register today!” Or “I want to be part!”. The message must be very clear and what are the steps to follow to do so.
  • If our landing page has a form, we must make sure that it is as easy as possible to complete it. No distractions or strange orders. (Do not ask for their type and blood factor, with your email you already have a lot of information!)
  • Last and fundamental: Optimize your landing page, perform A / B tests.


As I mentioned earlier, constant optimization plays a key role in improving the performance of your landing page. There are many tools available in the market that allow you to do your tests a / b very easily. But as the saying goes “No matter the horse but the rider”, I recommend you focus on how you execute each test and what elements and variations you can incorporate in your design and not so much in the tool. It is true that some are easier to use and with better features to offer. I think everyone will find the tool that best suits their style. I have my favorites.

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SO, HOW DO I DO MY A / B TESTS?landing page

Last week Google announced the incorporation in Google Analytics of “Content Experiments”, a feature that replaces the old name ” Google website optimizer ” (in one of the last Up Date of Google Website Optimizer they integrated it directly from Google Analytics and they call Content Experiment ) and it brings with it a simplified interface to test your content very easily (it only requires that you already have Google Analytics installed on your site).

YouTube Preview Imagelanding page

On the other hand, a few months ago, a tool called Lander came onto the market. It has the peculiarity of allowing us to create a fast landing page (in 3 steps) without needing help from designers or programmers. The application has templates (templates) adaptable to the needs of each and provides the option to integrate all social networks and CRM systems.

About the ability to generate a / b testing and then obtain reports of them, Lander has the characteristic of allowing up to 3 versions of the same landing page. Also, it has the alternative of adding other analytical tools to obtain complete reports. This infographic explains the step by step.

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