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best iPhone 6 Review

iPhone 6 Review

Since the day of the official presentation of new smartphones from Apple has not passed a month, and the new generation of iPhone is already on sale. And the attention of buyers is provided simultaneously two models, significantly different diagonals of displays. This fundamentally contradicts the conservative views of Californian developers, but the market dictates its rules. Now Apple has become a truly worthy competitor for companies that have long mastered the big screens.

top iPhone 6 Review

Long before the official announcement of the iPhone 6, information leaks regularly appeared on the network, so users could imagine in advance how the new “apple” smartphone will look. Many hoped that the developers, based on the example of LG G3 and Google Nexus 5, will try not to increase the dimensions of the device, in spite of the impressive screen. However, in fact, Apple chose not to abandon the impressive sides that frame the display.

iPhone 6 Review
The assembly of the smartphone can still be safely evaluated for “five-plus.” At the moment, the iPhone 6 is the finest device of the line, because this time the thickness of the case is only 6.8 mm. The weight of the device is 129 grams, which in combination with the smooth contours along the sides makes it as easy to use as possible. Due to the increase in size, the lock key had to move from the upper end to the right side. Also changed the volume adjustment buttons, which now have an elongated shape.

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iPhone 6 is equipped with a screen with a diagonal of 4.7 inches. For many, it will be quite enough to watch movies and use Internet content. The rest is recommended to pay attention to the model 6 Plus, where the diagonal of the display is already 5.5 inches. In comparison with its predecessors, the screen resolution has increased significantly, and now it is 1344×750 pixels with a pixel density of 326PPI. Since the screen is very different in size, in practice this difference is almost invisible. The brightness of the screen can be adjusted to a maximum value of 550 cd / m2. The contrast ratio is 1500: 1, which is even more than claimed. By the way, for those who are not accustomed to the increased screen, the developers have provided the function.

iPhone 6 Review

The sixth generation of smartphones operates on the basis of a new processor Apple A8 with 64-rjazryadnoy architecture. The new chip allowed the device to surpass the 5S model by 25%, while the graphics increased by half. As before, Apple chose not to participate in the race for volume, so that the RAM in the gadget is still 1Gb (for comparison, the amount of RAM in most Android-smartphones has long been 2-3Gb). Despite this, with the power of the device is all right. Buyers can choose one of three options for iPhone 6, depending on the amount of internal memory: 16Gb, 64Gb, and 128Gb.

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The smartphone is running the new version of iOS 8. There are no revolutions in terms of design here (it’s for the best), but there are many useful features. To begin with, you should note a modified manager of running offers, also displaying frequently used contacts, which allows you to make calls and send messages faster. One of the main innovations was the application of HealthKit, collecting data on the user’s activity. Explicit changes have affected the voice assistant Siri, who among other things is trained to determine the data of songs playing nearby.

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Contrary to the hopes of fans about multi-megapixel sensors, the developers preferred to leave the resolution of the main camera 8MP. At the same time, the focusing system was significantly improved, reducing the chance of obtaining fuzzy pictures. Also, it was possible to record video at a speed of 60FPS. Slow-motion shooting can be done at 120 and 240 frames/second. Despite the fashion on selfish, the resolution of the front camera also remained unchanged – 1.2MP. This figure looks like a fat minus, considering that most analogs have long switched to wide-angle 8MPs. Another minor drawback is the camera module, clearly protruding above the surface of the case.

I Phone 6 Review 2018

In the whole world, thousands of potential buyers have already lined up in the hope of sooner acquiring a novelty from eminent developers. Nobody doubts that they will once again show record sales figures. iPhone 6 – direct proof that Apple takes into account the wishes of its fans. Ignoring the competitors, who for a long time have been working with Quad HD-displays and 40-megapixel cameras, “apple” smartphones still offer users a well-balanced set of technical characteristics.

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