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How to look after your alloys

Car designers are very aware of one way that they can make a road vehicle really stand out from the crowd. One of the quickest ways is to place alloy wheels on the car. Alloys can be a stunning addition to a road car, but they do require a considerable amount of attention, detail and, above all else, care. So if you get into serious trouble with them, this Cheltenham Alloy Repair company apexwheels.co.uk/services/smart-alloy-repair/is on hand to fix any issues you may have. So, what can you do in the meantime to look after them?

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The wheels are the boots of a car. When you consider the state of your boots after you’ve been out somewhere, it’s no surprise that the wheel will look the same. Mud, grit, rock salt and the edges of kerbs lie in wait to scuff, scratch and stain the alloys. All of this will dull the appearance of them considerably. Therefore if you wash nothing else on the car, make sure you wash the wheels at least once a week.

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There is a lot to be said for waxing a car. Once the vehicle is washed and a wax coat applied, it helps to repel and rebound water and foreign objects. Alloy wheels are no different; in fact, there are specialist waxes that you can get for them that will extend their lifetime by quite a bit.

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