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How many days to rest from training and how to do

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Today from Vitónica we move this question to you, how many days a week do you rest from your training? Surely you know people who even injured or simply because they think it’s ideal, train every day of the week.

Are you really doing the right thing? We always tend to think that more means better, but there are times when, although we believe that we do it well, it is not like that. Today we tell you how many days to rest from training and how to do it.

Training 6 days a week without hardly resting can be translated precisely in the opposite objective to the one we are looking for, constant fatigue, muscular fatigue, demotivation and even stop seeing a progression in our training. That is a total “crush” known as overtraining.

Many of the people that we usually train in the gym quite regularly sometimes assault us with questions such as: if I only train 4 days a week I will not reach my goal, I have to take advantage of training the 6 …

Following a proper routine and being disciplined with it is essential to achieve our goals, but the body also needs to rest and recover from the muscular work to which we submit, in addition to periodizing in the middle and long Pazo. From here, how should you rest? Read more:8 tips to have a healthier lifestyle

How many days do a week you rest?how many days

Many of you will tell me that elite athletes train 6 days a week resting only one day, and in fact, it is a fact, but neither we are elite athletes or follow those training patterns.

Focusing on normal people, like us, and not superheroes, we can say that in the fitness world the ideal thing to bring a good training pattern would be to train 3-4 days a week, with a day of absolute rest and a couple of days of recovery or active rest. Keep reading http://ezhealthinsurance.org/five-exercises-effective-losing-weight/

What is active rest?how many days

When we talk about having a couple of days a week of active rest, we are talking about doing activities in a light way that will help us in the recovery of our body.

That is, complement our training on rest days, with exercise that is not high intensity, for example, moderate cardio to help us pump blood, burn calories and ultimately a good recovery.

What happens if we leave the gym for vacations?how many days

We have been training for 11 months, more or less, continuously and finally come the long-awaited vacation. On the one hand total joy, but of course, suddenly we are attacked by the idea of goodbye gym, goodbye diet and goodbye to everything I have achieved these months.

Tranquility guys, we can spend 2 weeks of vacation quietly without being obsessed with losing our muscle tone. The constant work of a year is not lost in 15 days.

Moreover, many elite athletes take these “light periods” in their training as usual, training intensely for 3 weeks to the rest for one or even generic routines with 4-6 weeks of training and 2 of light period, occurring something similar with the phases of transition , which is known, as we have said before, how to periodize (among other guidelines). Continue reading New hidden yoga sequence about eight things


How many days a week, take advantage of your days of rest and vacations to change the routine of the gym, do not be afraid to perform a week of smoother training, you can do a thousand varieties of sports and work your body in another way, the obsessions are not good at any level.

In addition, you will be able to evade your body and your mind, and probably return to your regular workouts with charged batteries and one hundred percent of your possibilities. Remember that taking a break from time to time … it’s also healthy!



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