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How to decorate a white kitchen: All the tricks

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The white kitchens are our clear choice. They adapt very well to any condition of space, and, as they reflect light, they have the property of making them appear larger than they really are.

Be that as it may, white kitchens are back on the attack. They were super fashionable in the 80’s last year. Later, I’m sure you noticed how the kitchens filled with colors to give them a more casual, more cheerful touch, but sometimes bordering on the charabanc.

Now, having a white kitchen is not easy either. Because of course, if you do not combine the colors and the complements as it is due, you can have the feeling that you are in a dental clinic. So, that, if you think, we will see in this post what advantages and disadvantages have a white kitchen, the keys to decorating, the accessories that should be taken into account and some other things.

By the way, can the kitchens decorated entirely in white be combined with decorative styles such as rustic, modern? We will also see some examples of kitchens decorated in white. And finally, some tricks to clean your kitchen and have it always like the first day. What? Do you accompany us on this journey that promises? Well come, let’s go there:

Advantages of white kitchens

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  • It gives a feeling of cleanliness and, of course, in a kitchen is fundamental.
  • Power light. White is the great “enhancer” of light. If you put white in your kitchen, it’s as if the window were twice as large.
  • Create a feeling of spaciousness. Indeed, white seems to broaden the stay.

It is easy to combine. If you have a white kitchen you will not find it difficult to decorate it with other complements, be it wood, iron or textile accessories. Even a simple vase can be the best of the accessories.

  • White enhances any decorative element.
  • The white can adapt to any decorative style.
  • It allows big decorative changes with few elements.
  • If you use too much white, you can transmit an image that is too cold.
  • The white in the kitchen attracts dirt and shows it to your eyes before other colors.

Disadvantages of white kitchens

  • If you use too much white, you can transmit an image that is too cold.
  • The white in the kitchen attracts dirt and shows it to your eyes before other colors.

Keys to decorate white kitchens

Well, you already have your kitchen completely white and we have already commented in the “inconveniences” section that if you use excessively white you can transmit an idea that is too cold. Well, what you have to do is look for accessories, whether colors or objects or combinations of elements so that your kitchen does not become a dental clinic.

The color palette

You already have the furniture on, so one way to give it something more life is to play with the colors. If you want a more relaxed atmosphere in your white kitchen and something classic, the colors should be soft. If what you are looking for is warmth, yours are the vibrant colors.

Elements that “break”

A good way to break the uniformity of your white kitchen is to place some elements that we have baptized, with your permission, “breakers”. What do we mean? Well, to an island, you know that square or rectangle in the center of the kitchen that serves as a table.

If there is no island, a table can also serve as long as you combine it well with chairs. If you have an American bar because your living room and kitchen are united, it is best to put some stools. Of those with tall legs and, if possible, wood.

The touch of lighting

It is true that white brings a lot of light, and not just to the kitchen, but to any room in the house. If you have a large window you have a treasure, but in case you do not have it, put a lamp in some corner of your kitchen so that it illuminates it. This lamp, as you have already imagined, will also fulfill the function that we have described in point number 2 that is, it will also serve as a “breaker” element.

Deceit the kitchen with a piece of furniture

Fool her within all this whiteness you can play with a piece of furniture that “surprises”. We are thinking for example of a cupboard, if it can be aged wood, much better. What do not you have a pantry like this? Well, you’ll have to find another solution. Maybe a desk or some other piece of furniture can serve as a pantry.

Give freedom to a wall

Give “freedom” to one of the walls. And we are going to explain a little to you since perhaps this term has surprised you. You can reserve one of them and paint it , or put a striking border or you can decorate it by imitating the stone if what you do is also the rustic atmosphere or tiling from top to bottom.

But, eye! Do not “mix” all these last five tips that we just gave you because otherwise you will not like your kitchen. Choose one of them and apply it to make your kitchen uniform, okay?

Combinations of white kitchens with decorative styles

And now, if you like, let’s see how to combine a white kitchen with different decorative styles. It is one of the advantages of white, which offers multiple possibilities, but with photos you will see it much better.

The Scandinavian style is very rational. Escape the ornate forms and in this kitchen you can appreciate it perfectly. Everything, absolutely everything is white, but thanks to the brick wall that you can see to the right of the image and the table with black legs it is possible to break with the dictatorship and monotony of the white. This kitchen is very lucky to have a lot, but a lot of light and offers a feeling of incredible spaciousness. As you can see, the floor is also white parquet that certainly offers a lot of warmth.

White kitchen with English style

If the Scandinavian style is very sober and rational, English is characterized by the profusion of forms and details. He loves curves and loads space with many accessories. And here you have a good sample. High shelves, objects everywhere, chandeliers, raised floors … And like good English style, there goes the wallpaper, this time in gray tones. For the rest, the combination of white and gray tones is very successful. He also uses wood painted white for the floor.

Mediterranean style loves light and loves joy. It is nothing other than the reflection of the inhabitants of Italy, of Greece, of Spain, of countries of North Africa. One of its axes is the white color, so evidently the white kitchens adapt perfectly to lovers of the Mediterranean style, which are also characterized by having windows practically bare or covering them with light curtains.

White kitchen with rustic style

This kitchen is really lovely. We are facing a white kitchen that has managed to recreate all the elements of the rustic style. This style, increasingly fashionable because of our desire to return to our origins and seek the peace and harmony that was breathed in the homes of our grandmothers in the countryside, is characterized by recreating ancient objects.

And in this kitchen, to faith that has been achieved. Spend a little time in observing all the elements that go back to the decades of 50 and 60 of the last century. You can take a look under the table. And here all the appliances have been sheltered behind rustic white cabinets.

There is no lack of detail. Neither the aged wood on the table, nor the carpet on the door (this type of textiles are basic in everything rustic) nor a white crockery. White wood for the floor. If we have to put a “but” but a “but” very small would be the coffee machine so modern that it is to the left of the photo, right next to the sink. You also have to look at the ceiling because it has recreated an aged wood because what would be the rustic style without a wooden roof?

White kitchen with vintage style

Vintage is also very fashionable. And by dint of being sincere, sometimes it overcomes the previous style, the rustic one. It is also about looking for objects that look old and this time is very well achieved thanks to the doors of the refrigerator, oven and dishwasher. We are facing a white kitchen very pleasant to the eye, where it has managed to combine the white with those pale green colors of the appliances.

The combination is also achieved thanks to the dark color of the table. On this occasion it was decided to respect the color of the wood on the floor. It has also opted for the white china on one of the walls while the other turns to pale green. As you see white is the predominant but does not tire to the eye.

White kitchen with minimalist style

What minimalism? Well elegance and refinement . Clean and straight lines. A simple design that always seeks the amplitude of spaces. You will hardly find recharged shapes and each piece of furniture has its function. Well, this, precisely all this, is what we can observe in this kitchen.

A kitchen that plays with white and gray, some gray, as for example in the extractor hood, which. It also breaks the white that small wooden island in the center of the kitchen with a very modern touch to this stay bank game. The ground is white and maybe someone can think it is a bit cold. Some objects, such as lamps or vases, also help to create contrasts.

White kitchen with Nordic style

Simple and regular forms and sobriety. They are the main characteristics of the Nordic style, very similar to the Scandinavian style. In fact, this white kitchen is very simple. Play with gray for combinations and highlights the island in the form of a wooden table and above a lamp, also very simple in gray.

White kitchen with retro style

The retro style is based on remembering the decades of the 60s and 70s of the 20th century and is focused on recreating a certain industrial style. Green, yellow and blue are his favorite colors and in this kitchen, although they are all timidly represented. As you can see the appliances reminiscent of past eras.

The wood is present, in the island of the center and the iron, in the stools. The retro style is also characterized by the total absence of textiles and observes the windows without any curtain. On the other hand, the combinations of colors and the location of the elements on the mantelpiece make this room a very beautiful kitchen.

White kitchen with red floor

We are no longer talking about a decorative style in particular but we would like to show you some combination of white kitchen. This has a red damask floor that is very elegant. Notice that only red is the one that breaks the white dictatorship this time. The refrigerator in red is a success as well as the stools. A very nice combination. Now, between the white and the two large windows that this kitchen has, the sensation of spaciousness is fantastic. The roof also has its detail because it recreates the aged wood of the rustic style.

White kitchen with black floor

And from red to black. Of a color, red, which you can think is for the most daring, the black that, let’s say, is the most classic. It is also a nice combination, but note that if it is not for this damask floor the kitchen would look like a dental clinic. There is no element that breaks with the white if we except the stoves, which are black.

How to clean a white kitchen

And after enjoying all these decorative styles we get the “brown”. Let’s take it with a little humor because we have to clean the kitchen. We want a very cool kitchen, but we have to stick with it. Let’s see if they serve you these tips that we give you below:

  • We already know that you do not have hours. That you are super bundled but you have to take a little hole to clean the kitchen every day.
  • It is best to use a microfiber cloth because it does not leave any lint. The cotton ones are very indicated. Do not use fiberglass cloths. It is proven that, with time, the furniture ends up scratching.
  • Liquid glycerin is an advisable product if you want your kitchen furniture to recover its shine. Apply some of this product and let it dry on its own. When dry, wipe with a dry cloth.
  • If your kitchen furniture has turned yellow you can apply a polish for cars. Now, you have to rub for a long time.

There are other homemade tricks that you can apply in your daily cleaning. For example, white vinegar and hot water. Make a mixture at fifty percent. It is great to eliminate microbes and also the grease from the kitchen.

  • You can also use a cloth moistened with milk.
  • Start cleaning up the cupboards, cupboards and shelves.
  • Then clean the counter top and all the counters. So, if you have fallen some dirt from the cupboards or cupboards you can clean them.

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