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Basic tips for organizing the weekly clean house

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Weekly clean house– Any dwelling requires care, and, no matter how hard it is for you, you must devote some time to cleaning it at the end of each week. To this does not go all day, you need to plan the entire process, paying attention to those tasks that will really benefit, and not spending your energy on trifles. We hope that the recommendations received today can really make life easier for visitors.

Everyone dreams that they have a cozy and clean place in the house, but to do the cleaning is not the easiest and most not the most enjoyable Weekly clean house takes a lot of time and effort that could be spent more pleasant and useful. This article will tell you how to clean and properly clean so that you always clean and clean.

In order to do cleaning quickly, it is necessary to draw up and adhere to a plan in which there will be housework that needs to be done. A little tip: when Weekly clean house, always open the windows, this will ensure the flow of fresh air and you will be easier to breathe during cleaning.

Weekly clean houseweekly clean house

For a Weekly clean house it is better to allocate a certain day (I, for example, have a Sunday morning). The weekly cleaning includes all the same items as in the daily but plus:

  • Check the stocks of food and food, detergents, washing powder, etc. and make a shopping list.
  • Change the linens.
  • Collect the clothes that have accumulated in the room, hang in the cabinets.
  • Stroke things that have been washed for a week and put them to their places.
  • Wash the bed linen and towels (you can do it the day before the cleaning day, so it dries, and you can also pat them).
  • Wipe the dust off the furniture, vacuum or wash the floor.
  • Wipe the surfaces inside the microwave, cooker, toaster and so on.
  • Wipe the mirrors, glass, TV screen and computer with wet wipes.
  •  Clean the toilet, sink, and bathtub.
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Order in the cabinetsweekly clean house

Before cleaning carpets and floors, you must take care of the order in all storage systems, whether it’s a wardrobe or a sideboard with utensils. If you perform this procedure every week, your things will always be in their places.

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Washing windowsweekly clean house

Clean glass contributes to the fact that the house gets more natural light, because of what the whole interior seems brighter and more beautiful. At the same time, one should not limit oneself to erasing stains and fingerprints, it is better to clean the entire surface with a newspaper and a mixture of vinegar and water.

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Clean Blindsweekly clean house

If you look closely at the blinds closing the windows, you can see the fine dust settled on the plastic or fabric. Wipe them once a week, and you prevent the accumulation of dusty plaque so that once every six months you do not spend a few hours rubbing it. It is enough to use a rag and the same solution of vinegar with water.

Look under the furnitureweekly clean house

When you get rid of old furniture, in its place, as a rule, there is a thick layer of dirt, accumulated for years. To avoid such trouble, spend a few minutes during routine cleaning. If you do this regularly, the air in your home will always remain clean.

Clear mattressesweekly clean house

Despite the fact that our beds are covered with bedsheets and bedspreads, over time, a certain amount of pollution accumulates in all the bedding. It is necessary to thoroughly wipe the frames, and using an aqueous solution of vinegar and hydrogen peroxide to clean the surface of the mattresses, then your beds will always look almost new.

Do not forget about petsweekly clean house

Taking care of yourself, do not forget to pay attention to your pet by cleaning its sleeping place or cage, used utensils, toys, and then washing it yourself to prevent the appearance of fleas, ticks, and other undesirable visitors. For this, it is best to use special shampoos for animals.

Be sure to clean the guttersweekly clean house

We usually think that if the water sink is not clogged, then it’s clean. However, ideally, from time to time it is necessary to perform its preventive examination and cleaning, then there is never any clogging. Spend just a minute to first fall asleep in the sewer half a glass of soda, then a glass of vinegar and pour it all with plenty of water.

Pay attention to ventilationweekly clean house

To maintain the purity of air in our apartments are used special ventilation holes, but we remember about them quite rarely. But it’s not so difficult at least once a month to use a damp cloth or a vacuum cleaner to remove dirt from the air ducts, thereby making the atmosphere of your home even cleaner.

Take a few minutes to the dishwasherweekly clean house

The dishwasher cares about the cleanliness of our dishes, so do not forget that it, like any other household appliance, needs careful care. The best way to wash its outside is a mixture of lemon juice and soda. And inside experienced housewives recommend to pour a glass of vinegar and include a duty cycle in the absence of dishes.

Attention to details in weekly  house cleaningweekly clean house

When washing the floors, you need to remember about skirting, behind which small, almost invisible dust particles accumulate, which can be removed with a vacuum cleaner, passing around the perimeter of the apartment and looking in every corner. You can not ignore a centimeter, as this will negatively affect the whole house.

Cleanliness behind skirting boardsweekly clean house

At the end of cleaning, it is necessary to thoroughly rinse all used rags, and also to shake out the vacuum cleaner properly. By the way, combs and hair brushes are also obligatory for cleaning, so that a simple soap solution should be sufficient for washing.


As a rule, I spend the spring cleaning in the last days of the month, but you can choose another day. The general cleaning includes all the same items as in the Weekly clean house only. Wash the refrigerator, and discard stale dairy products, vegetables, and fruits, as well as products that have expired. Wipe the walls, the door, drawers, shelves. Disassemble the boxes and shelves, selecting the necessary things and throwing out the trash. Use a stain remover, clean off the stains of the armchair, sofa, carpet.  Go through the whole house and wipe off all the switches and sockets in the rooms. Go through the entire house and wipe all-all switches, sockets, cornices, top cabinets and so on. in the rooms. All those places where the rule does not reach the hands.

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