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healthy eyes

4 exercises for the healthy eyes

There are several exercises for the healthy eyes that can help you enjoy greater well-being. Do you usually have red eyes? Do you sometimes hurt? Do you notice a slight tension in them? People who work in front of a computer are much more likely to suffer this.

For this reason, if we do not want to damage our eyesight and enjoy good eye health, we must exercise our eyes. These are simple exercises, which we can do anywhere and which, included in our routine, will provide us with multiple benefits.

Exercises for the healthy eyeshealthy eyes

Today we are just going to treat 4 exercises for the healthy eyes that will be very helpful. Although there are only 4 of them, in many of them you will discover variants to make these eye exercises much more complete. Read more Best habits of exercise in the morning every day

Blink! healthy eyes

If you are a person who works in front of the computer one of the exercises for the healthy eyes is very necessary to blink. Given this, you may say, but I do blink! Yes, it is true, you do it, but not with the appropriate frequency.

Being in front of the computer working requires great concentration. This causes us to spend quite long periods without blinking, something that we would not do in other circumstances. What can we do about it?

It flashes very fast: if you are in an active work pause, try flashing very fast. This will lubricate your eye naturally. So you will not have to use any eye drops.

Blink slowly: this exercise allows to relax the tension in the eyes. Close them and keep them like that for a few seconds. Then, open them and do the same again.

The pressure in the eyeshealthy eyes

Do you remember when you were small you pressed the healthy eyes and you saw some sparkles as if they were small stars? Well, a slight similar pressure can do a lot of good. This helps to release eye strain and relaxes the eyesight after an intense workday where our eyesight has done a great job.

How can we carry out these exercises? Next, we will expose two ways of doing this with which our eyes will feel a great relief and the tension in them will lighten noticeably.

Pressing the palms over the eyes: With light pressure, we will place the palms over the eyes. It is recommended that we warm them before rubbing them and that we last with them up to 2 minutes.

Press with your fingers: As when we were small, we will put our fingers over our eyes and press lightly for a few seconds. Then we rest and we do it again.

Move your eyeshealthy eyes

The movement is also another of the exercises for the health of the healthy eyes very effective. Although the eyes are always in movement, we must do it in a certain way if we want to achieve specific results. Continue reading 7 Way healthy eating habits for university students

This frees up eye strain and relaxes the eyesight.

From top to bottom: This is the first movement and consists of directing the view first up and then down. You will find that it still costs a bit, so do this exercise slowly.

From one side to the other: The second exercise is similar but performing the movement first to the right side and then to the left.

It is very possible that while doing these exercises you notice some pressure. As if you were moving the healthy eyes in a forced way. This is very positive. You will be releasing tension and when you finish the exercises you will feel a great well-being in the eyes.

Focus near and farhealthy eyes

The last of the exercises for the healthy eyes to work with the focus. This can help a lot those people who suffer from myopia or hyperopia, so we also recommend them in these cases even if the eyes do not suffer especially at work.

Focus from afar: for this, we have to direct our gaze towards an object, person or thing that is in the distance. Then, we go again to direct our gaze to where it was at the beginning.

Enforcer closely: in this case our view will be looking at everything around us without focusing on anything, but let’s force ourselves to focus on looking at something close. A speck of dust, a small ant, a skin on our nail.

All these exercises help to release eye strain, strengthen eyesight and allow you to rest in the way you sometimes need for the healthy eyes.

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