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How to open the Google Assistant: all possible ways

Google Assistant-The Assistant Google is about to celebrate her third birthday. And during his short life he has managed to become the best ally of millions of Android device users worldwide. Others, on the other hand, have not yet entered the vast world of Google AI. And they are missing all that this virtual assistant can do to help them.

If you are one of those who wanted to start taking full advantage of the Assistant, either through its customization routines. The voice commands “OK Google”. And all the other functions that Assistant hides, you must first know how to execute it. In this guide we review each and every one of the ways to invoke the Google Assistant on your mobile.

Do you use the Google Assistant?

 the Google Assistant

The simplicity offered by the Google assistant is one of the reasons that lead users to use it. But some are unaware that it is possible to optimize what can be done with this service through the use of routines. We indicate what they are for and how to create them.

This possibility offered in the Google assistant is used to use a single voice command to execute several compatible actions – to which the development of the Mountain View Company has access. Therefore, thanks to the routines. It is possible to increase the efficiency achieved with it. As well as increase the utility that has mentioned service that is included in all current Android phones.

All the ways to open the Google Assistant on your mobile with the voice

 Google Assistant

The most obvious, and in turn the easiest to run on any device. With the Google Assistant already activated and configured. It is enough to say aloud the phrase OK. Google so that the wizard window appears from the bottom of the screen, warning us that you are ready to answer our questions or execute any activity.

This way of opening the Assistant will also work even when the mobile is locked. And the screen is turned off, as long as the “Voice Match” option has been enabled when configuring the assistant. However, this option may disappear in the future due to privacy issues.

From the Home button

Unless you have a mobile updated to the Android 10 Q beta, and the new gesture system enabled. You can also call the Assistant through the “Home” button on the phone.

In this case, just press and hold on the central button, and wait for the Assistant to appear.

With the Assistant app

While it is not mandatory to have the Google Assistant application installed to use it, using this shortcut is one of the easiest ways to access the virtual assistant. Once downloaded and installed through the Play Store, just click on the icon. As if it were any other application, and wait for the wizard window to appear before making any query.

From your headphones

Whatever headphones you use with your mobile phone – wireless, wired, headband, sports … -, you can invoke the Google Assistant if you press and hold the headset operation button. The first time you do it. Of course you will have to activate the corresponding option to be able to execute commands without activating the phone screen.

In addition, if you have a headset with the Google Assistant already integrated. You can access exclusive functions of the Assistant such as reading notifications. Real-time translation and more.

Other ways to do it

Depending on the mobile you have, you may also be able to invoke the assistant in other ways not mentioned above. For example, if you have a Pixel 2, Pixel 3 or Pixel 3a – including XL models.  The Active Edge function allows you to open Assistant by pressing the sides of the phone.

How to create routines in the Google Assistant

To perform the steps that we are going to indicate, you must use the Google Home application. If you do not have this development. Then we leave the links for you to download and install on the iOS and Android operating systems.

Now you have to execute the previous development and access the Profile you have in it, what you get by using the icon in the lower right (represents a person in a circle). Find the Settings section and use it, and then, in the new screen that you will see in the terminal you are using, you must choose Assistant in the upper area.

Better control of the assistant in Google Maps

As you can see in the screenshots, the assistant is integrated by replacing the current microphone to perform searches, in the upper right corner.

In addition, when we press it, or when we say “OK, Google” the listening screen is limited to the lower strip where the destination data, estimated arrival time, etc. are. In no case does it overlap with navigation, so that we don’t lose sight of our route.

As you know, Google Maps has two interfaces, one that it uses during the day and the other at night, with darker colors. This will cause the background of the wizard zone to change between black and white depending on the interface that is activated.

When we execute a command, it will be carried out without leaving the application; we have already called someone, put music or sent a message. Currently, if we do any of these tasks, the application changes to the one we start using and the Google Maps window is minimized using the PIP option that Android has.

Finally, Google also announced Connect a platform so that manufacturers of smart home devices can incorporate Google Assistant more easily and, thus, contribute to the development of more and better objects and gadgets that interact with our houses.

Google Assistant on phones for everyone, everywhere Telephones are the main way people interact with Google Assistant in most markets around the world, and it is for good reason. Whether you are using an Android phone or an Android the Assistant takes advantage of the capabilities of our phones so you can get help while going from one place to another.

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