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The 3 keys to good persuasion: How to convince others?

Good persuasion is a characteristic that allows us to influence others. For this, it is necessary to know how to listen, have charisma and credibility. Jason Nazar, who has given hundreds of talks on persuasion, explains in an article in Forbes how to use it for our benefit.good persuasion

Our brain is programmed to save time and energy in decision making and that is achieved by mechanisms known as heuristics.These heuristics (there are hundreds) are the basis on which our brain works and help us to live without statistically calculating or rationally analyzing each of the actions we do. For this reason, heuristics are a way of disguising the emotional, the subjective, of rational.

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Heuristics: our brain looks for shortcutsgood persuasion

Heuristics are the parents of prejudices, of our musical tastes, of our valuation of brands, of whom we entrust our secrets … The communication and marketing sciences, being aware of this and seeing the power of influence they had over the human being analyzed them and began to use them in their messages to persuade people to consume their products or messages.

This was called the principles of good persuasion. Understanding how the brain works are the best way to influence it. Is good persuasion the same as manipulation? They are different things. Persuasion is the search for influence in the behavior of the other person, making your intentions clear. The manipulation is the intention to influence but, yes, without showing your intentions. Persuade is fine. Manipulate is wrong.

The principles of the art of convincing or good  persuasiongood persuasion

We persuade when we want to see a movie and our partner another, when we present a project when we try to be attractive to other people, etc … In short, we almost always persuade that we are in contact with another person. To do it honestly and effectively it is important to learn social skills. Read more: Five tips to be a good student.

What are these principles of good persuasion based on the functioning of our brain? I present 3 of the keys to persuading using the mechanisms of the brain:

Scarcity good  persuasiongood  persuasion

Opportunities seem more valuable to us when their availability is limited. If we see that the amount of something is small, we like it more. Do you hear that child who only wants a toy because he can not have it? Well, when we grow up we do not change our attitude much. Hence, advertising gimmicks such as “limited editions”, “special offers of short duration” and a long etcetera.

 Authority good persuasiongood persuasion

Authority is a great tool to persuade. The human being obeys because it is profitable. If I obey I can save myself thinking what is the right option. I just have to follow the indications of the one who “knows”.

Precisely that they use in the experts when nordic models in a doctor’s coat telling you that this product is reliable. But not only the experts in something, but those who have a high status also serve as figures of authority. If Iniesta advises me to take those poles, it will be because they are good and tasty. Who knows more about ice cream than Iniesta?

Social test good persuasiongood persuasion

Our brain tries to make decisions based on the right thing. And many times to find out what is right, he resorts to observing what most people do. If you walk down the street and you suddenly surprised everyone running in the opposite direction, your brain will not weigh different options, imitate the rest of people.

It makes sense that we try to act like others to avoid making mistakes in things that others have already learned to do. That is why in the ads you will have heard things like “this product is being a success” or “the fashion record” or something similar … If you like others it will be because it is good.

Already from ancient Greece, Aristotle was concerned to find a proper definition of what we understood by rhetoric, defining it as “the art of discovering, in each case, in particular, the appropriate means for good persuasion.” This concern is maintained until today when the ability to convince has become a highly desired art when it comes to obtaining a good performance in our labor and social relations.


Currently, the ability to convince is strongly linked to the term good persuasion understood as a process aimed at modifying the behavior or beliefs of a person from the use of arguments or feelings. That is why having a high persuasive trait is considered one of the main factors to greatly increase the chances of convincing others of our arguments.

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