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How to Get Rid of Moths

One of the most important ways of preventing moths from ruining your clothes and carpet is to know how to prevent them from spreading. Once these moth eggs have hatched, the larvae will start feeding on material by biting it. They will eventually eat through the fibres and will cause an expensive carpet to look like a pile of dried up carpet in no time. This is why it is so important that you stop moths from spreading.

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Another way on how to prevent moths from spreading is to wash any clothes that are beginning to show damage. Freezing clothes that have evidence of mothballs is another way to kill off any eggs. You can also place cedar in your wardrobes or hang a bag of different crushed herbs which the moths don’t like. Sticky traps are also available that are covered in moth pheromones. The adult moths are attracted to the trap, become stuck to it and then die. Why not treat yourself to a new wardrobe for a fresh new look and atmosphere. For Bespoke Fitted wardrobes, visit a site like https://lamco-design.co.uk/fitted-wardrobes/

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There are several ways on how to prevent moths from spreading. The best way of doing this is to use a vacuum. This will suck up any eggs and saliva on the fabric. This way, the larvae will be unable to hatch and will die. It is also important to remove moths from your carpet by cleaning it thoroughly on a regular basis. This will help kill the moths and the larvae that have already laid eggs in the carpet.



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