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Five best places to buy fresh pasta

As in football, when we talk about fresh pasta, we all have the post. Each one is sure that he buys gnocchi and cannelloni in the best house in Buenos Aires. Even, everyone knows some local neighborhood that has insurmountable specialties. But beyond these precious and unique places, only a few brands managed to cross the difficult neighborhood barrier; and with two, three or more branches, they made their way through the city. There we went, to try what they do, and to discover if they are as good as they seem. Here, our verdict.


Fresh pasta does not matter how many places there are in Belgrano; Master attracts neighbors of several blocks around that every Sunday form queues of up to 30 people. Despite its huge variety of products, it has a high level of detail. From small things (they sell grated or fine grated cheese, at the customer’s choice), to special flavors (we tried the corn and bacon crepes, and we liked them). The attention is careful, with employees who smile, cannelloni on demand and always offer something more. Prices: the wide egg noodles are $ 20 per kilo and the vegetable ravioli with chicken (the ones that come out more) $ 8 per box. In any case, the best comes from the side of cannelloni and the like, with tasty fillings and sauces that, without excelling, support the trance. Against it, some desserts do not meet the expectation (tiramisu, the chocolate mousse); but its main deficit is that going to buy is an exhausting experience. So many people and options overwhelm the most casual buyer who just wants to have a good Sunday lunch. Read more: How to prepare 10 tips from Donato de Santis for cooking pasta

 LA JUVENILfresh pasta

You have to take off your hat. Few franchises manage to reach the 20 branches and still maintain prestige. Yes, it is not the same small and quiet local Villa Crespo, that of Avenida Cabildo, with much more supply, and always full of customers, chaos, and noise. Beyond this, the proposal is similar in all cases. And, despite its necessary industrialization, La Juvenil does not disappoint. It is not the best fresh pasta house in Buenos Aires, but it is a safe place. The best comes from the side of the noodles. His specialty is homemade with cream and grated cheese ($ 20 per kilo). The ravioli of the house, chicken, ham, and variety of cheeses ($ 9 the plate) were somewhat salty, and its mass was the thickest, to the detriment of the filling. While smaller branches compete with neighborhood ones, that of Cabildo 1833 plays as equals with Master in terms of product portfolio. One of its strengths: the variety of sauces that it exhibits (with traditional names such as mushrooms, scarparo, parisenne and several more).

MAZZEOfresh pasta

The story tells that a former La Juvenil decided to start his own business and Mazzeo was born in Recoleta. Several years later, the first branch of the brand appears, in Belgrano, to which we went. After trying several different houses, it is easy to identify Mazzeo with La Juvenil. It has an idea of similar product: it points to the classic, like homemade capelletis, chicken, ham, and provolone ($ 42 per kilo), one of the specialties of the house according to the seller. The dough seemed thick, and the stuffing something salty, but we understand that it is a kind of taste very Buenos Aires. The homemade egg noodles have a medium-wide ribbon shape, very correct and super fast cooking, but less special than the noodles we get in other places. Let’s be clear: Mazzeo is not bad, but he does not compete in the same league as the rest; he plays it close to home, without too much preamble or exaggerated tails. If you want a fresh pasta and you live there just, it will come true. Read more: 12 amazing cooking tricks with mayonnaise

The classic of classics, a world apart from the rest. The branch of Corrientes 4793 is a good example of what it offers: a clean aesthetic, professional but pragmatic service (no turns or offers of extras), and a tail that moves quickly and evenly. How do you compete with the other houses? With product quality. The ravioli really look homemade, very thin dough (so if you do not take care of it, you will pass the cooking point) and tasty filling. Those of chicken and vegetables ($ 8 the box) are the most requested, but the district also comes much replay meat or cheese, knitches (sic) and varenikes, in addition to classic lasagna ($ 34 per kilo). Among the many ribbons, those of cream and egg are very good, although the finest ones do not disappoint; everything looks and tastes homemade. His bolognese was something sweet, Maybe because of the desire to hide the canned tomato. One against they do not have a card.

MILENAfresh pasta

Tango name, with branches in Devoto (which we went), Recoleta and Boulogne. If Multipath liked us for its honesty and Master for its diversity, Milena has to say that it unites both worlds. And it does wonders. It has a wide variety of products, but because of how the place is set up, pasta is the main attraction. You just enter and you see all styles of noodles in front of the door. La Milena with cream and egg ($ 17.90 per kilo) is impeccable, and the same aromatic mushroom pappardelle. Milena ravioli ($ 8.90 a box), a specialty of the house, filled with chicken, sesame, spinach, mushrooms, and parmesan are the style of Multipath: well home, able to deceive any guest. And the abundance of gnocchi deserves many 29 to be tested. They also tempt the noodles with the ferrite (ideal for the homemade Milena sauce, the richest of those that we tried in all the premises, with large cuts of tomato and onion), and the trilogy crepes/ cannelloni/lasagna. Weak points? The cakes are not much (the same happens in the other houses of the competition), and the porteñísimo Vithel Tonné loses compared to Master. But they are details; In general, Milena deserves the first place.

 SORSIfresh pasta

We are talking about fresh pasta, where the fillings are very rich, but no more than that. For a higher level, you must schedule Sorsi, a small company dedicated to luxury pasta, a provider of many Buenos Aires restaurants, which also sells directly to the public (free delivery, frozen boxes arrive, and each box of 15 units reaches two or three people). The owner was able to discuss his fillings and masses with Pedro Picciau (the maximum boss of the famous Italpast), and offers buffalo ravioli at $ 20 a box, lamb at $ 21, eggplant (fantastic and light) at $ 18, deer at $ 27, pink salmon (real salmon, not a pâté) at $ 24, boar at $ 25 and pumpkin classics ($ 16). The dough is perfect, it keeps the dente and supports the cooking; the fillings are a delight. It may sound like a goat, but it is not: Sorsi is one step ahead. As a sauce, it reaches a caldito; the raviolo will yield their flavor. Ideal to make the canchero with your in-laws or friends.

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