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Motorcycle tires-The tires are responsible for our safety, which makes them one of the most important elements of the motorcycle. Since they join us to the ground. Depending on what we are going to use our motorcycle for. We have to consider adherence rigorously in order to choose the best tire for our vehicle. And be clear on how to choose the right motorcycle tires.


the motorcycle tires

The basic thing is to check the condition of the tires. Since they have an expiration date and can get damaged even if they are not used.  Since it is possible that the rubber dries causing stretch marks. If the wheels are worn. Or on are in their optimal state. Or if the drawing is not adequate, we should consider retiring our tires so as not to jeopardize our safety.

Tires for city motorcycles

City bikes, also called scooters, are the most comfortable and manageable for driving on paved roads. In order to choose the best tire for this type of vehicles we must first know its limitations. Since if we force the 15CV it will not provide a significant thrust due to the mechanics of the engine. And it will also consume more fuel. Therefore, the ideal is to circulate according to the speed limit and taking into account other users.

The low wheels are ideal for longer journeys as well as for higher speeds. Always within the limits – although they have little load capacity. And leave us more unprotected against elements such as wind.

The high wheels, meanwhile, are synonymous with stability, agility and ease of driving. They transmit a feeling of lightness when the motorcycle is staying and also have a good load capacity.

 Motorcycle tires

To choose this type of tires, it is clear that we must first take into account our motorcycle model, as well as our weight or the use that we are going to give the vehicle, the terrain through which we will circulate and even the time the year in which it.

If we ride on soft ground, we must look at the studs since its half-moon arrangement provides a better grip on surfaces where it is difficult to control the motorcycle.

Types of motorcycle wheels and tires

If, on the other hand, we are thinking of driving on hard terrain.

Finally, for mixed terrain we must choose tires that adapt to temperature changes since the terrain conditions could vary if, for example, dry and wet sections are interspersed in the terrain.

Tires for sports motorcycles

Sports bikes are looking for a great grip on the road and a high performance rubber, consisting essentially of soft elements that need a lower temperature to function properly, but that will shorten the life of the tire.

They are tires with more or less drawing and sometimes have stripes of different harnesses; the central tread is usually harder and stronger than the sides that promote adhesion, although in case of rains they will not be especially effective.


right motorcycle tires

Motorcycle tires for dry

Tires for dry terrain will depend exclusively on the type of motorcycle we use and of course the terrain.

If we are thinking of entering the circuit or in competition, we recommend “slick” tires , composed of materials that will improve the vehicle’s performance on the track as well as the duration of the wheels. There are two types, soft, that work better at low temperatures and provide a firmer. Or harder, grip that will lengthen the life of the tire but sacrifice performance. This type of “slick” tires must have heaters to get to the track at an optimum temperature. And should not be used on the road under penalty of sanction.

Motorcycle tires for rain

For this type of terrain we must take into account especially the drawing of the tread of band since it is the one in charge of evacuating the water. And we must choose the ones that adhere more to the surface by which we roll, that when being wet. Or slippery increases the danger of losing control over the vehicle causing us to run the risk of suffering what we call “Aquaplaning”. Or the formation of a very slippery film between the motorcycle and the ground.

Mixed motorcycle tires

The mixed tires are constituted by a special rubber that allows an adhesion to factors such as humidity, is resistant to heat up to 40º and cold to -20º, making them an alternative to winter tires.

Motorcycle blog Faster Bike Services

In this way, mixed tires save the cost of changing them twice a year and have lower fuel consumption than winter tires. In addition they are not scandalous and are responsible for removing any waste of water and allow braking over short distances.


Trusted motorcycle workshop in Madrid

We at Faster Bike Services know the importance of the age of the tires and help you define the expiration of the tires. We work with all types and models of motorcycles to ensure the quality of service and the peace of mind of knowing your vehicle in expert hands.

Main brands of motorcycle tires

There are numerous brands of reliable tires in Spain being the best known Michelin, Continental , Bridgestone or Dunlop.

  • Best motorcycle tires
  • Check your workshop or dealer for the tires that best suit your needs.
  • The importance of wheels for motorcycle safety

As we mentioned earlier, the wheels are an essential safety element in our motorcycle, since they are the ones that connect us to the ground and allow our vehicle to grip it. That is why it is important to keep them in an optimal state as regards not only the drawing but also the tire pressure, since it is one of the factors that most influences our safety, be sure to check the wheel pressure periodically .

  • Motorcycle safety tires
  • Composition of a motorcycle tire
  • A tire is composed of 4 parts each with a defined mission.

The tread is the one in direct contact with the ground. The rubber provides adequate grip to the vehicle on all types of terrain according to its design. It can be soft, giving a greater grip but a faster wear, or harder, with less grip but more endurance.

The flanks of the tire are engraved on the flank, which also supports lateral forces during driving and prevents deformations by counteracting oscillations.

The housing provides resistance and, like the flank, prevents deformation.

Finally the heel achieves the rigidity that the motorcycle needs to counteract the acceleration and braking forces, subsequently transmitted to the chassis.

Average duration of a motorcycle tire

Generally a quality tire must be changed every 40,000 kilometers while the cheapest ones should be replaced every 5,000 km for the rear tires and 10,000 km for the front tires. However, there are other signs that indicate when they should be changed before reaching this mileage, such as improper pressure, abnormal wheel operation or abnormalities in their design and shape.

How to know if the motorcycle tire is worn

We know that we must renew the tires when there is approximately 1.6 mm of drawing, that is, when we see the wear indicator. Following the drawings to the center of the tire. We will see a bump inside the grooves, the wear indicator. It is a rubber block of 1.6 mm thick that is in the grooves of the tire.  And that indicates the legal limit of wear of the same.

What are motorcycle tires and what are they for?

If the motorcycle were a person, the tires would be equivalent to their shoes, that is, the point at which ground and motorcycle meet. If so, the rubber would be the sole of the shoe. And the tires the footwear itself. It is a frame that adds strength and stability to the rubber. The tires are distributed evenly with respect to the axis of the tire adding symmetry in the number of sections to balance their weight.

It is important to inform us about the type of tires that we must acquire since they vary depending on the type of motorcycle as well as our tires and the use we are going to make with them.


The tires of a motorcycle can be expensive but it is better to invest in safety and quality to remain calm at the time of driving. The price of assembly in the workshop may vary depending on the type of tire.  Since it is not the same to change the wheels of a scooter than those of a 4 × 4 motorcycle.

Second-hand motorcycle tires

Buying second-hand or retreaded motorcycle tires constitutes a danger to the health of the motorcycle and that of the driver, since each car is assembled with a specific factory wheel. When changing it, there are different types that fit the tastes of each driver as well as their budget. But they must always have a purchase guarantee and of course, be a new wheel not worn.

Buy motorcycle tires online

If you buy tires on sale or on sale, make sure they are certified and that they comply with all safety regulations. It is best to buy them in a workshop or through an official distributor.

Safety and motorcycles

Now that we have reviewed the different types of tires, it is time for some final safety recommendations. Our vehicle has to have ABS and SRC brake system being the first totally necessary now even on scooters. The new EURO 4 new regulation stipulates that all motorcycles, including 25cc, must integrate an ABS or combined brake system.

Finally, as for the equipment, it is mandatory to wear gloves, and it is advisable to wear a jacket with protections on the back and elbows. It is also preferable to wear pants with protection on the knees to avoid injuries in case of fall.

However, choosing the right wheels for our motorcycle should not be a problem, although remember that in case of doubt. You can always consult your trusted workshop. Take the road being cautious with safety regulations. And other drivers and above all enjoy the freedom and pleasure of riding a motorcycle.

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