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A favorite garden with your own hands: ideas and design

Very often at the sight of beautifully decorated gardens in which everything harmoniously merges into one composition, dacha dwellers doubt their abilities, not daring to transform their own plot. We suggest that you consider ready-made designs, made by yourself, to help you find the source of inspiration. If you want to radically change your favorite garden under everyone’s power. Even with a little land at your disposal, you can create a masterpiece of landscape design from it.

A favorite garden with your own hands: options for creating a small areafavorite garden

Surprisingly, even on 4 hundred parts you can put an abundance of plants and garden accessories, and combine them in such a way that everything looks harmonious and neat. keep reading Take advantage of your garden organize and decorate your outdoor spaces

The charm of rural lifefavorite garden

The secret of the garden in a natural style is the symmetrical arrangement of all elements. This technique, like the “visual axis” visually makes the palisade much more spacious. The raised spiral-shaped flower bed of stones, in which the spicy herbs feel cozy, is admiring. The open gazebo, on one side grapes, and on the other side framed by a semicircular flower bed – serves as an additional living room. keep reading¬†How to plant parsley, mint, and rosemary at home

In the back of the garden was a nook with berry bushes: blueberries, strawberries, raspberries and even sugar peas. In a small area, there was a place for high beds, decorated with fences, a greenhouse, and a lot of accessories.

My favorite garden by the rulesfavorite garden

Decorating a specific garden in the form of a narrow rectangle is a rather difficult task. However, guided by the principles of Feng Shui, it is possible not only to visually correct the palisade but also to create harmony and perfection in it. Read also: 8 Tips for you to have an absolutely modern kitchen

First, you need to make a plan of the site, and then, using a compass, a pencil, and a bagua grid, divide it into 9 equal parts, reflecting the spheres of life of all members of the family. The next stage is the most important – it is necessary to think about the design in such a way that angular and rounded forms complement each other and create a single composition.

In the center of the garden is best to arrange a rectangular pond with concrete walls, and in the corners to place four bowls in boxes. Next, to an outdoor resting place, around flowerbed with a ball of concrete surrounded by clinging roses, bells and a cat will be appropriate. A far zone is an ideal place for a garden of spicy herbs, and a magnificent gazebo-bench made of metal rods, located in one of its corners – the opportunity to be alone with oneself.

Modern techniques of landscape design allow creating extraordinary gardens, even on seemingly unsuitable for vegetation plots.

Romantic palisade in the shadefavorite garden

Correctly selected vegetation allows you to transform shady homestead territory into the wonderful world of flowering herbs, bushes, and flowers.

The breakdown of the square into several color zones is an effective way to express and diversify the garden. For example, a monochromatic white flower bed of the same color as the grassy perennials with green-white leaves will become a likeness of a forest glade. A lily-of-the-valley lobster, crooks, hosts, and varieties of Volzhanka, adjacent to each other, form a blue-pink-violet monochrome flower garden. Another way to decorate a sunless palisade is to hang pots and canvases on the terrace and other buildings.

Garden on a slope or in a deepeningfavorite garden

First, you need to pave the steps leading up the mountain or into the depression. Best if they are in the center of the territory. Then, on either side of the staircase, smash the flower beds, which look like pieces of a pie in appearance, and delineate them with boxwood curbs.

Further design depends on your imagination. As an option on one half of the plot it is possible to build a gazebo with openwork light walls, and from the opposite one, you can arrange a rest zone closed from neighbors by a fan-shaped partition.

Pragmatic and practical owners of country houses prefer to see on their plots vegetation, which will effectively emphasize all the charms of the garden that summer that winter.

The variety of coniferous cultures allows beautifully to combine groups of varieties with different shades and forms. Some species, such as spruce, thuya western, juniper, can be used to delineate a plot or create a hedge. They will not only visually expand the territory but will also become an excellent background for mix orders and monochrome flower beds.

The most suitable company for tall conifers is grass. And for dwarf subspecies, like a mountain pine – miscanthus, Hanafis, fescue. In the mixed border, a spiny spruce can be combined with flying, for example, begonia or cineraria.


Making your favorite garden depends only on you and your imagination. Do not be afraid to experiment, create your own masterpieces, based on the examples given, and soon the site will turn into an attractive harmonious composition. Owners of the country or favorite garden plots are happy people. After all, even on a small piece of land you can work for glory, and relax a friendly company. And here there is room for creativity. You can decorate your site with simple hand-made articles made by yourself. After all, they create that unique comfort and an easy romantic mood. Also, if you do not already have good garden equipment and equipment.


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