tea length dresses

How to wear tea length dresses

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When we talk about tea-length dresses, we refer to the dresses with elegant hems that are currently setting trends. Which are perfect for you to use if you have to go as a guest to the celebration of a wedding and for different special events.

The fashionable dress with tea length are idea for events that develop in warm climates, for example. To a celebration that takes place on the beach or in the garden in the summer. Compared to long dresses, they are dress options that you can find at lower prices.

Especially women of short stature who want to look with little higher. It is recommended to opt for this style of dress to look with a better feeling of height, in addition to allowing flaunting their legs.


tea length dresses

With many colors of dresses with tea length and always appear more colors in each season. So do not know why color of dress lean, for it now I leave you with some special tips that will be very helpful to choose the color of dress perfect for you.

To be the most beautiful guest in the celebration of a wedding that takes place on the beach in the summer, dare to wear a yellow dress.

The dresses of bright colors and dark colors you have to leave to use in a special celebration that takes place at night. Dressed in colors like black, blue, red, among other colors that will make you dazzle at night.


I immediately share with you a wide variety of models of dresses with elegant length that are currently fashionable. After analyzing each of the dress models that I leave in the image gallery. You will have a clearer idea so that you can choose the perfect dress you have been looking for.

How to wear long dresses in winter?

Long dresses, including summer soleros, can also be worn in winter: we show you some ways to wear them and not to die of cold.

On a shirt

If it is a sole or has few sleeves, you can wear under a shirt with long sleeves or a shirt. The contrast of fabrics and textures is used.

With a sweater on top

A big and fat sweater or not so much goes perfect on top of your long dress.

With jacket or camperita

A style more rocker and that goes very well for the night is to take it with a camperita to the waist, be of leather or type bomber.Save

With sneakers

A very relaxed look that gives you the freedom and comfort of putting on a great coat over you.

Boho chic

The long dress with boots and a woven or textured bag can become a hyper boho-chic look.Save

With pants underneath

It is the least usual way but it is very canchera: overlap it to a pair of trousers: it can be a jean, a leather type and even a straight one to wear.

With long coats

One way to wear them without suffering is with super long coats that keep you warm.

How to wear a long ankle-length dress

Today I show you a coral ankle length dress with side openings, which I think is ideal for these summer days. As well as versatile because it adapts to different styles. Another item that goes to my vacation suitcase!

I can combine it with flat sandals and a basket for a beach look, or take it with wedges like today, to go out day or night changing accessories. So I think it’s a great purchase. I confess that before I did not like the long ankle. I always took them to the ground because it was strange for me to see my shoe. But with the arrival of culottes pants, although they are even shorter, my vision has changed.

If your problem is that you have the fat brasses and you want to be fashionable. Then you do not have to worry because I will show you some models of evening dresses for fat arms that are fashionable and that will remain valid in the next seasons.

The main problems of the arms is that they are very thick or that present flaccidity, to hide these details you can choose dresses with transparent sleeves such as gauze. Or box, are also flattering models with sleeves to the elbow. To disguise rolls it is convenient to wear blouses  with three-quarter sleeves or long so that fat arms are not noticed.

The strapless dresses are said are not perfect for everyone. In fact to be able to use them you have to be very clear that they are difficult to use because of the constant misalignment of the bar that holds you over the bust and to be constantly alert to the traspies of a “slump” in the top of the dress.


tea length dresses

First, analyze your body and highlight those positive aspects, we all have them, the idea is to focus attention on those parts of our body beautiful. Secondly, opted for empire-cut dresses, that is, those that fit on the top with a broad drop at the bottom. And straight lines. Third, do not abuse the prints and opt for monochromatic models, preferably dark because they create an optical stylization effect. Finally, choose short dresses that help lengthen your figure.

When a party is celebrated at night, a wedding ceremony, a graduation, a gala or a day cocktail, many times we do not know or do not have to put on the fact that we are somewhat fatter. Since in many stores there are no sizes large, only small sizes, which is very sad. However, there is a variety of different types of models and designs of gorditas dresses that follow the fashion of the latest trends of the season.

When there are a few extra kilos it seems that the problem when choosing a dress is complicated. But we must know that there is a wide variety of  types of gorditas dresses that stylize. The dress is a beautiful piece and every woman is favored when she wears it!

It is always advisable to choose clothes that have sleeves. So that they do not observe those extra pounds in our arms. For this reason we recommend models with loose sleeves, such is the case of the “bat” style, which will allow us greater freedom of movement and highlight your beauty.

Contrary to what some people think, few kilos to more is not synonymous of lack of style, on the contrary. And more we saw the overweight women spreading elegance and personality in the streets.

These dresses are great because they are multipurpose. You can use them at work, in a business meeting, in an outing with friends or at a party. They have everything, since they are not excessively flashy. To tone them down, wear only shoes without heels and for a party, give them a chic touch with stilettos. And to go to the office, some are phenomenal in boots, it’s just a matter of trying …


Finding the perfect dress for that special event is not very easy as you imagine. Well, it is not when you have a body in shape, imagine how difficult it is when you have a body that does not fit the magazines that say it should be. And I’m not just talking about if you’re a chubby girl, if you have curves, it will not be easy for you to achieve it either. Because the only thing that is looked for is that one feels beautiful at the moment that we use it. But that is not easy when the options are very little.

When a night event is held, a promotion party, a wedding ceremony, a cocktail party or a gala event. And you will be attending with more people many of the time you do not have to put it as a simple fact of being upstairs of weight. Since several of the stores do not have dresses in large sizes , only in small sizes, which will be embarrassing. However, there is a diversity of different types of designs and models of elegant gorditas dresses that follow the latest fashion trends for this season.


If the event where you are going to attend is on the day, then it is best to wear a short dress. But it’s better for an event that takes place on the day you’re not so formal. And one way to do it is by showing your legs a little. If you are a chubby girl who does not like to show. Then you must wear stockings, but the important thing is that you enjoy a beautiful short dress.


All of us women want to feel like a queen at some point in life. Well, the long evening dresses are close to that. To feel that that cloth rose all your leg and have to hold the ring so you go upstairs makes you feel like the real royalty.


And for that so special day, you also have the right to look spectacular. It does not matter if you are chubby or thin. If you wear a long or short dress, you will be a beautiful bride. Well all the details that have the wedding dresses make them look very elegant.

You avoid dresses that are not special for you or that do not favor your style. For example, dresses with a tight style. Which will not manage to stylize your figure. But will plow you more striking areas you want to highlight. Put aside the dresses with mermaid style or straight cut.

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